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Yale sensed Aiwai's danger from their soul connection and rushed towards there while shouting.
Aiwai and Eini weren't too far from the house as they were just strolling, so Yale managed to reach their place very quickly.
The World God stopped for a second after hearing the words, but he continued moving his hands towards the two girls.
After all, he didn't believe that there was a single person in that world who he couldn't beat to death.
However, his hands failed to reach the two girls because someone caught them first and pulled them back.
After doing that, Yale stepped ahead without hiding his killing intent.
"You little ant. You are just an Essence God, but you dared to interfere with your matters... I will destroy your soul and kill all the males of your family... as for the females, I will make them my servants to please me every night. Kneel down and beg for mercy, and I will just destroy your soul and take your sisters as my concubines."
In the past, that method never failed to that World God. Everyone was scared to death, and some even promised to reincarnate into a female to save their life.
That World God loved seeing the desperation faces of the ants who dared to offend him before killing them mercilessly anyway.
"You don't have the ability to do that."
Yale's voice was cold, but he wasn't bluffing at all.
After all, there was no way that a mere World God could face the Battle God and even less Yale's mother.
"Of course, I can. Listen well. My grandfather is a Tier 1 World God! If it weren't because he doesn't have a Fake Origin Path, he would have become an Origin God long ago. You all are ants in front of him!"
That World God and all his family just practiced the Magus Path and the Warrior Path simultaneously because they didn't have any Fake Origin Path.
A Fake Origin Path wasn't something easy to obtain unless one had a relationship with an origin God which usually was very difficult.
Those like Terug who managed to acquire one from the start were the lucky ones, but that wasn't too usual.
It was after one was a World God that an Origin God could bestow a Fake Origin Path to them if they managed to catch the Origin God's attention.
However, despite being extremely old, the grandfather of that World God never managed to obtain the favor of any Origin God. In fact, they disliked his personality, and it was already a blessing that they didn't go to kill him.
"If we are going to compare grandfathers, I will win, so stop the nonsense."
Everyone in Yale's group, except Ange, had at least a Fake Origin Path. It showed how different were their backgrounds.
"Who can be the grandfather of an incompetent person like you? Useless boasting, now die and wait for all your beloved ones to die too!"
The World God suddenly attacked with his whole strength.
He had never met someone with a greater background than himself, so his ego was highly boasted.
His ego grew more when he learned that there wasn't anyone of a higher level than him in the world.

He had already decided to become a tyrant, and everyone should be under his orders or die.
That was how his father and grandfather raised him. His father was a Tier 2 World God and together with his grandfather had long ago betrayed the universe to side with the invaders.
However, the World God in front of Yale knew nothing about it because he was still weak for the learning about it.
Nevertheless, given his personality, they never doubted that he would agree to betray the universe.
"My grandfather is the Battle God."
Yale decided that regardless of the danger of announcing his background, it was better than having brainless World Gods think that he didn't have any background.
That wasn't for his own safety, but for the safety of those traveling with him.
Showing his power could act as a deterrent, but those with backgrounds could still think of using schemes against them.
While speaking Yale was also using the Essence Slayer Sword to attack the World God in front of him.
The killing intent in Yale's heart activated the pure energy, which turned into something even more fearsome than when he battled against Terug.
Not only Yale's desire to kill the other party mattered, the fact that Yale had improved his path also made him far more compatible with the pure energy.
The World God's sword was cut off as if it was made of butter when collided with the Essence Slayer Sword.
The World God was scared at that moment, but he couldn't move, so he could only activate a secret technique to send an emergency message to his grandfather.
There weren't any words in that emergency message. It was just a way to show that he was in danger.
His family was in the same solar system, so it wasn't difficult to send some words to them, but he couldn't do it instantaneously.
Yale's sword reached his neck at the same time that the message reached the World God's grandfather, but he didn't have any time to think about it because another sword cut his neck at the same time that destroyed his soul.
In that World God's family mansion, there was a single person alive, and it wasn't from his family.
While Yale's sword was cutting his neck, the World God noticed that his soul was being destroyed, and he swore that his family would take revenge for him because when one of his family died, the last moments would be sent to the strongest alive member of the family.
However, just after he thought of that, he received the last moments of his grandfather.
He couldn't believe that he would receive that because it showed that everyone stronger than him in his family died.
Moreover, the more shocking of it was that the person who killed his grandfather was identical to the one in front of him.
Of course, the one who exterminated the family of traitors was Alter Yale.
The World God in front of Yale never had the chance to tell about it to someone else because his soul disappeared after being cursed by the Essence Slayer Sword.
Moreover, although usually, the bodies of immortals disappear after death, the corpse of that World God remained.
The bodies of World Gods were good materials to make weapons, armors, and other things, so there were methods to leave a corpse behind, but Yale didn't do it consciously, it had been an effect of the Essence Slayer Sword combined with the pure light.
Everyone in the market looked with shock at the scene in front of their eyes.
A Tier 5 World God, the strongest being of their world, had been slain by an Essence God without any effort.
Moreover, they heard Yale's words about the Battle God, and they felt fear when looking at Yale.
Yale's power was scary, but the Battle God was so strong that even Origin Gods weren't his match.
At first, a lot of people thought that Terug was exaggerating by treating Yale's group so well, but at that moment, they could only praise Terug for being wise to be the first in siding with Yale.
Yale walked towards the body of the mand who lost his head for the World God's attack before he reached the scene.
The soul of the man was still intact, and he was an Essence God, so his life wasn't truly in danger, but he was in that state for trying to protect Yale's sisters, so Yale felt grateful to him.
That seller was the same as the one who guided Yale in his first time in the market and received help from Yale to improve in his training, so he could barely be considered his student, although he was far from being a true disciple.
The pure light shot from Yale's body and reached the headless seller.
The body of the sold was instantly healed, and a powerful surge of energy appeared from his body.
After receiving Yale's teaching that man noticed that he trained far faster than before, and at that moment, he was just a step away to becoming a World God.
However, he would have needed to spend several years in seclusion to achieve the breakthrough.
That man was extremely grateful to Yale, so he decided to risk in speak for his sisters, but he was powerless against a World God.
However, thanks to his actions, the pure energy made his advance to World God immediately.
He was the weakest type of World God, but even the weakest World God was still far more powerful than an ordinary Essence God.
The people in the market was even more shocked than before.
If it had been only healing the head, it was alright because it wasn't that difficult to do but helping an Essence God to become a World God in an instant was something that no one would have believed if they hadn't seen it themselves.
At that moment, they remembered the great increase of strength that Terug had and the time was not too long after meeting Yale, so they didn't need to think a lot to understand that Yale was the reason for that increase of strength.
Deep veneration appeared on the hearts of those who realized about it.

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