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"What's going on? Why is there such a strong wind, and why is there such a dazzling multicolored light?"

When Wei Suo activated his heavenly tribulation, not only did he feel a shockingly great origin energy fluctuation over a distance of 8000 to 9000 miles away, but even beyond that, strange phenomena began to occur in the heavens.

The intense Essence Qi was flowing in a gale, and the clouds in the sky were having a strange glow.

"Did something happen to Tianqiong?" Thinking back to Wei Suo's earlier report about the collapse of the sky vault, many cultivators started to look for problems in the sky vault, and the moment they left the sky vault, many people found out that there was a problem with the direction of the heavenly tribulation. More and more sects and rogue cultivators rushed to the Wei Ling Calamity site to see what the situation was.

At the same time, Wei Suo focused his mind and released a large amount of energy. He placed the Great Heavenly Fate Bottle above his head and continued to receive the impact of the heavenly fire.

"Pah!" Every time a wisp of Heaven Flame struck the bottle, it would emit an explosive sound. The Heaven Flame dispersed, but the bottle remained unharmed.

However, Wei Suo only dared to let the Heaven Flames of the Heaven's Pride hit the Great Heaven's Creation Bottle. He didn't dare to let the Great Heaven's Creation Bottles clash against the power, which was something that was difficult to break, but the other crucial point was, if the Great Heaven Creation Bottles were to collide with the power, it would be very difficult to control. If he wasn't careful, he would be sent flying somewhere.

In a situation like this where the outside world was covered in boundless heavenly fire, with one's spiritual sense being distorted and one's position not clear, it would be difficult to find him once he was sent flying.

"It seems as though out of all the major powers who have gone through the tribulation, none of them have been as relaxed as I am now."

However, the entire sky seemed to have been set ablaze and pressed down on them. In addition to the continued endless descent of the heavenly fire, the sky was already filled with extremely thick clouds, which were pressing down on the ground less than a thousand meters above their heads. Moreover, these clouds, which were as thick as mud, were all blazing clouds of fire. However, every single ancient hall in this huge valley was like a fourth or fifth stage Mysterious God expert; even a True Immortal would be able to withstand the heavenly tribulation. Whether it was the heavenly fire or the fiery cloud, both would be able to withstand it.

Sure enough, after half an incense stick of time had passed, not a single Heaven Flame was able to pose any threat to Wei Suo. In the sky, the color of the fire cloud changed, and in addition to slowly turning golden, thunder rumbled non-stop. Suddenly, with a kacha sound, a golden light broke through the clouds.

Immediately, countless rays of golden and white light broke through the clouds, charging down like countless giant pythons and dragons.

"The thunder is starting!"

At this moment, Wei Suo's relaxed mood was completely gone. According to the records he had plundered, the power of this Nine Heavens Berserk Thunder was far greater than the initial heavenly fire. Furthermore, it had to be maintained for an entire incense stick worth of time.

"Crash!" "Boom!"

Just as he made contact with the Nine Heavens Berserk Thunder, Wei Suo saw a black godly light, which was like a demonic blade, randomly sweeping through the air. It was shattered by the lightning.

A moment later, the green light that was like a banana leaf flashing randomly in the air was also shattered by the lightning.


Not far from Wei Suo, the ancient hall that emitted a dark green brilliance and formed a dark green pillar of light that shot into the sky seemed to be on the verge of collapsing as faint cracking sounds could be heard.

The originally tranquil valley below them began to shake from the thunderous roars and the thunderous roars.

"Does he need to be so powerful?"

This time, Wei Suo could no longer sit still. In order to ease the tension in his heart, he let out a loud shout and took out a wooden piece and a piece of cloth made of gold and silver, pushing it towards the dark green pillar of light. The three of you do not need to do anything, just help me lock onto this Great Heavenly Fate bottle, and just don't get knocked flying! " At the same time, Wei Suo called out to Wang Wuyi, Su Shen Xue, and the head of the Jade Seal Sect.

From the looks of the current situation, it was impossible to not break all of the restrictions in this round, and Wei Suo could not be bothered with other places. However, he had to find a way to protect himself in the several dozen miles around him, otherwise, he would be struck into a mess the moment the Nine Heavens Berserk Thunder came down.

As for the Great Heavenly Fortune Bottle, he definitely had to split his concentration. He was just afraid that he wouldn't be able to take care of it all by himself, so he had Wang Wuyi and the others do nothing but keep an eye on it for him.

When Wei Suo's piece of mahogany and golden silver remnant cloth appeared, it was directly above the dark green pillar of light. Strands of lightning the size of buckets struck it, but it was unable to break through the mahogany object, and as the silver and gold fragments flickered, a large amount of lightning in a radius of several hundred meters was absorbed into the area, followed by a lightning taiji diagram, which resisted the wild lightning descending from the sky.

With the help of Wei Suo and his two magic tools, the pressure on the ancient hall, which emitted a dark green brilliance, was immediately lifted. It seemed that the hall wouldn't collapse for a while.

"Pfft!" However, Wei Suo did not have the time to be proud of himself. In less than half a cup of tea's time, the peach wood shaped object first quivered. It could not hold on any longer and burst into sparks. Two or three breaths later, the sound of silk ripping was also heard from the piece of cloth.

Although the magic tools and treasures that Wei Suo had taken out were specially designed to defend against heavenly tribulation, heavenly tribulation was called heavenly tribulation because of its terrifying and painful might.

"These two artifacts can only last for this long?" I'll push again! "

At this time, it could be said that Wei Suo was truly beginning to understand the terror of heavenly tribulation, but at this time, he could only grit his teeth and endure. The only thing that could comfort him was the fact that the Nine Heavens Berserker Thunder was so powerful, and the great elder of the Wasteland Race was definitely scared half to death by now. With a shout, a golden-colored tile magic tool flew out from his hand, colliding against a lightning bolt that was aimed at the dark green pillar of light.

"Has the sky already worn it?"

At least 16,000 miles away from Wei Suo, Zhangsun Xiaoru, Zhangsun Jing, and the others were completely frozen. They looked like fossils as the dazzling lightning shone on their bodies, turning them snow-white and golden at the same time.

In front of them was a boundless lightning sea. Countless pillars of lightning and lightning were striking down from the sky as hard as they could.

Not to mention defending themselves, even from a distance, they still felt waves of fear when they saw this scene.

… ….

"Dammit, it was even more useful!"

In the endless sea of lightning, Wei Suo gloomily cried out. The magic tool that had just been activated, a golden circular mirror, was once again blown into pieces.

The endless amount of lightning pressure was too much of a psychological pressure. Wei Suo couldn't tell how much time had passed, and he didn't know how long it had been since he had destroyed ten magic tools in a row.

"Don't be like this! You couldn't take the praise just now? "

The moment Wei Suo's shout disappeared, the golden tile magic tool that had blocked countless lightning bolts for a long time also exploded into pieces, turning into countless golden rays of light.

"Wang Wuyi, how long has it been since the lightning descended?"

However, until now, Wei Suo had nothing to be afraid of. While continuing to draw out a umbrellshaped magic tool, he immediately asked Wang Wuyi and the rest beside him.

"Half an incense stick of time has already passed." Wang Wuyi and the rest, however, did not have any thoughts of being afraid as they quickly replied to Wei Suo.

"This Nine Heavens Berserk Thunder has only just passed halfway? "This won't do, looks like I can only protect the surroundings of this light barrier."

Wei Suo immediately began to rapidly calculate in his mind. He had collected a total of one hundred and sixty-seven magic treasures and artifacts specifically designed to defend against heavenly tribulation. He had originally prepared twenty-one artifacts intended to defend against the first level of heavenly fire, but he hadn't used a single one. The next best magic tools and artifacts to defend against the Nine Heavens Berserk Thunder were the twenty-five that had been used up. Although more than half of the Nine Heavens Berserk Thunder was already gone, there were still a few more powerful attacks left. If there was even more left, the success rate would be even greater.

Moreover, right now, Wei Suo had already used all of his strength to activate all sorts of strong powers like the Missing Moon and the Immortal Domain. In this kind of situation where the elemental energy outside was extremely chaotic and the various types of Nine Heavenly Lightning Flames were fierce, the power of his elemental energy was very weak.

In this kind of heavenly tribulation, powerful techniques seemed to be less useful than a powerful magic shield or a magical treasure's embryo.


Wei Suo's eyes flashed with a fierce light. He reached out his hand and lifted up a golden lotus throne carved with an Empyrean from all four directions, sending it into the sky.

"Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!"

It was just three or four lightning strikes, but the golden lotus seat that had been used by Wei Suo to block the dark green pillar of light was also shattered into streams of golden liquid. Not only was it destroyed, it was also melted.

"Well, at least it's a little useful!"

Seeing this, Wei Suo was not alarmed. Instead, he was happy. He took out a huge golden platform and pointed it at the top to block.

Just now, the golden lotus throne was a somewhat dilapidated Four Divine Kings. It was something that belonged to the past, the Heavenly Sovereign. He tried using these things as magic shields. Although he had only persisted for a short period of time, they were still somewhat useful.

Facing this heavenly tribulation was clearly an exceptionally arduous battle of attrition, so he was willing to risk running out of all the other treasures and magic tools he had on hand first to keep some of the magic treasures and magic tools he had on hand in case he needed to use them later on.

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