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Chapter 2767: This time, it's going to be great!

It was an incomparably wonderful system beep.

Long Fei's heart sank as he listened carefully.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Gui Shou King' for obtaining 38,000 experience, 100000 true spiritual value, and 0 Universal Value."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Big Butcher'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Gui Shou King's Fang'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'King Gui Shou's Soul'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Gui Shou's Spirit'."

… ….


"Congratulations player 'Long Fei' for defeating 'Boss Gui Shou' to obtain a special reward from the system. Reward: Luck Spray."


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up. The current level is Elementalist!"


"Congratulations player Long Fei for levelling up and obtaining the system's random reward. Do you want to start the process?"

"Yes sir!" Long Fei did not hesitate.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining the summoning hero 'Ice Archer' — Aich!"

At this moment.

In Long Fei's mind, a big chested Sister Yu Rou appeared. Holding a ice bow in her hand, with a cold expression, the idea connected to Long Fei's sea of consciousness.

As long as Long Fei moved, he could immediately summon Aich out.

This is not a card item.

He was also not a virtual gaming character, but a real one.

It's Aich!

The living.

It was a big chest, it was cold, it was a peerless beauty, it was a living person that made people unable to control their primal impulses.



Long Fei swallowed his saliva once, as he stared at Aich who was inside the System Interface, and muttered: "System, you want me to create a harem so strong that it will explode … "Pah, a team of game characters?"


"A living person."

"Yes... "Cough cough …" Long Fei's blood started to boil, he was unable to control his own reaction.

But now?

He was a real person.

A real person who can do anything for you.

Person: Aich

Loyalty: 1 star

Rebellion Index: 4 Stars (Rebellion disappears)

Damage index: 5 stars

Growth index: Seven Stars

Hero Description: Can only be summoned once a day.

Description 2: Loyalty is increased by affability level.

Description 3: The player's daily behavior and character may affect the player's loyalty.

… ….

A series of descriptions.

Looking at these stats, Long Fei could only think of one question, "When can I slap it?"


Looking at these stats, he began to understand a bit.

He could not go too far or else he would betray his master and the System would reclaim him immediately.

However …

It could raise one's affability level. Once it reached a certain level, then... Long Fei laughed lewdly, "I forcefully turned you into ashes, I won't … "Damn, then am I still a man?"

"Wait until I find a time, who the f * ck cares about my affability level. I'll slap it first!"

He couldn't tolerate it!

Long Fei believed that no man could endure this.

He did not care about the limitations of the system, he just wanted to get it right away. He had to find a time to deal with Aich anyway.

The only problem was that the environment here wasn't good, otherwise … Long Fei wished that he could do it now.

"Huff …"

Long Fei took a deep breath, trying his best to calm the evil fire in his heart.

And then …

He then looked at the reward given by the system.

Item: Lucky Spray

Attributes: Special

Description: Injure it out once, Luck will last for 3 minutes, and players will be blessed to varying degrees within 3 minutes. Love wife, martial arts training, money, gambling … All sorts of things.

Description 2: Disposable items.

"Another powerful spray." Long Fei was secretly happy, "Now I have another trump card."

Thinking about the unlucky spray just now, Long Fei almost laughed out loud.

A deep pit appeared out of nowhere.

An inexplicably solid rock came crashing down.

The Big Butcher fell down and directly smashed Gui Shou to death.

How tragic was this?

It could be said that Long Fei had never seen such a tragic BOSS before.

From this, one could see how awesome the system's reward for this special spray was.

"Big Butcher..."

Weapon: Big Butcher

Weight: 18,000 jin

Length: 13 meters

Width: 4 meters

Chain Length: 180 meters

Wrist strength: 3000

… ….

The incomparably domineering Big Butcher, was simply a killing machine, but … To use it required 3,000 wrist strength, which was a bit too much.

At least.

Long Fei still couldn't use it.

Carrying the Big Butcher on his shoulder, he stood majestically on the stage, exuding a majestic aura.

It could scare the opponent to the point of peeing.

Fearful of the BUFF.

"This time, it felt really good!" Long Fei seemed to be floating in the air. The system had changed a lot after the update, but not only had the rewards changed, there were also various types of items.

Especially the reward of 'Aich', it made Long Fei exceptionally excited.

With Aich, how far could the fox girl go?

Would Miss Misfortune be far away?

Would the widow be far away?

Then …

Long Fei could not think any further. He was worried that he might lose control of himself, so he pulled Aich out immediately.


"How could this be?"

In the distance.

Leng Feng walked slowly to Long Fei's side with a stupefied expression. Seeing that the deep pit had quieted down, he was puzzled, how could this be?


Gui Shou immediately died!

Gui Shou who was around also escaped like mad.

Clearly, they had sensed that their Boss had died.

Long Fei regained his composure and said faintly, "I think it's because too many sins were created in my previous life. My luck isn't very good in this life."

Leng Feng:... Uh...

He was speechless.

What kind of bad luck was this?

However... Leng Feng looked at Long Fei and asked: "What did you spit at his feet earlier?"

From then on, Gui Shou became unlucky.

Would it have a direct relationship with Long Fei?

Long Fei said: "No, I ran over to see if I can deal with him. I did not expect that when I got near, I was almost frozen, so I ran back quickly."

He wouldn't admit that he had sprayed a Boss to its death.

Leng Feng thought for a few seconds, then muttered in his heart: "That's right, Universal Realm isn't even able to spit out a few mouthfuls of air before he dies."


"Let's find them to meet up with." Long Fei warned her. He did not want Leng Feng to think any further, the Unlucky Spray did not exist in this world.

This thing was a BUG!

Can't be discovered.

Leng Feng's expression recovered its coldness, and said: "Let's go!"

… ….


"He actually survived!"

Several hundred kilometers away.

Taoist suddenly stopped, a happy expression between his eyebrows.

He had brought Red-haire Witch away, but a strand of his soul remembrance was still by Gui Shou's side. He had sensed it the moment Gui Shou had died.

He was secretly shocked.

A person from the Ninth-level of Warrior was actually able to win against a Gui Shou King who was hard to deal with even in the mixed realm!

It was a miracle.

"Interesting. I haven't seen such an interesting boy in a long time." The old Daoist laughed to himself.

Red-haire Witch asked: Senior Brother, what are you daydreaming about? In front of us is the ghosts cave. "

The old Daoist man's gaze tightened …

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