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Chapter 481: Unrivaled Throughout the World
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Chu Feng was like a phantom. The picture scroll had taken its initial form, but his body had been nearly destroyed, and he was miserable.

His flesh was in bad condition. His chest, back, and abdomen were covered in bloody holes, some of which light could peek through. Any more wound and he could be used as a sieve. The people watching were terrified.

The space between his eyebrows was also injured with a horrifying crack extending all the way from his forehead to his abdomen, making it look like he was about to be cut open. The description bone-deep wounds didn’t even begin to cover it—even his intestines were close to falling out.

Chu Feng had never been like this after even decisive battles. Not even being chased down by the machine race and the Xilin race was this miserable.

Were it not for his perfectly straight spine and his torch-like gaze, a ragged person such as himself would be mistaken for a corpse and carelessly thrown away.

Although he was heavily injured, his will was extremely spirited!

This was because he had achieved initial success. He had this joyous feeling of immense gain as his exceptional piece of writing had been written in ink.

Surrounding him were one hundred brightly-colored stars. Some were a gaudy golden color, some were scarlet like blood, others were pitch-black as the abyss… All had a grand aura and held living creatures within. Under their gaze, everyone people were stifled and trembled!

If this kind of world-shaking picture scroll were displayed, he reckoned it could really frighten a lot of people.

They had already become one with him—each was part of the other.

A majestic picture scroll had been painted with his vitality serving as paper and his spirit serving as paint!

If he were to fight his enemies, there was no doubt that its destructive power would be terrifying. This was a peerless picture scroll!

“It’s still a little bit lacking,” said Chu Feng inwardly. Even though he was heavily injured, he still wanted to splash ink and sketch further.


This was truly setting himself on fire. He ignited his vital blood energy and used his spirit as paint to compose. In an instant, more densely-packed stars appeared.

The one hundred strongest stars revolved around him and could absolutely suppress the world!

However, he did not want to stop here and leave behind open suspense. He drew the form of a boundless universe which served as a panoramic view for the future.

Of course, the focus was he himself, condensed into this picture scroll and standing straight in the center!

At this moment, Chu Feng could persist no longer and fell onto the altar. His entire body was covered in blood and dotted with wounds. He was on the edge of falling apart.

He could no longer bear it. In the end, although it was only a vague outline and had not been drawn in detail, the hidden backlash had already brought him close to death.

Oh crap!

Chu Feng felt his blood dry up and his body was no longer obeying his commands. Even his spirit had gone stiff and this was an omen of death. Did this mean that his attempt to create his peerless picture scroll was in vain?

A feeling of powerlessness came over him as he sank into the realm of death.

Chu Feng activated his breathing technique, using his spirit to breathe. He did not want to let his soul go rigid. If he were to stop, then he would truly be dead.

On the verge of annihilation, Chu Feng completely understood evolvers of this realm and why the gifted died more easily.

It was because every single self-confident person wanted to go further and draw an exceptional picture scroll. They wanted more; they wanted to reach the end of the road…

Thus, ninety percent of ambitious and exuberant people would die like moths flying to a flame!

The more talented they were, the more unwilling they were to be outdone, and the more they wanted to reach extreme heights. They would leap into the other shore painting within their heart, and as a result… they were simply courting death!

Chu Feng was half awake and half dazed. His body was a bit cold and that wisp of spirit was about to be extinguished as well. He was approaching the netherworld step by step and setting foot in the place of the dead.

Finally, it was as though Chu Feng had died. He couldn’t move, and even the flame of his spirit could no longer be seen. Everything was dark.

He finally regained consciousness after a long period of time.

Chu Feng thought it was like he had experienced an entire epoch. While he was unconscious, it was as if he was separated from the confinement of his physical body and then reincarnated!

There was really a kind of illusion and spatial displacement. Time was like a song, and it was as if he had slept for many years before awakening in a cemetery.

He still couldn’t move, and his body was cold, no different from a corpse. However, his spirit was finally recovering.

At this time, Chu Feng realized that he had uncovered yet another mystery of the breathing technique. Only after he entered the carefree realm and stepped into the dark and dangerous place of death did he feel it.

The breathing technique remained activated while his body was practically dead and his heart extinguished. This caused his muddled soul and shell of flesh to maintain a kind of mysterious rhythm like a dead person breathing.

Finally, like a corpse, he struggled to emerge from the ancient tomb and return to the world.

At that time, although he wasn’t fully awake, he still had this type of perception.

Then, his body began to warm up. He was no longer ice cold and his spirit was like the sun emitting golden light. It was very much different from before, now ardent and blazing.

This was extremely similar to how legends described ghosts coming back to life!

“So this is how the breathing technique that Yellow Ox gave me works!”

He did not know the profound meaning behind it, but now he had a much greater understanding. He had opened up a layer of bewildering mist and, from now on, his power would rise dramatically!

This breathing technique was quite ancient. It explained Yin and Yang, black and white, light and dark… It began from the opponent’s perspective, then penetrated deeply and expanded.

It had been through the precipitation and baptism of time, proving its exceptional nature.

“No wonder this breathing technique has to be activated every morning and night. It’s not like the others that just need to be executed once a day.” Chu Feng suddenly understood it.

Next, he was shocked to find that smooth palms had become dim and withered. It wasn’t just his hands—his entire body was like this.

Following the execution of the breathing technique, his body had dried up. It was as though a large sun had appeared, making his body hotter and hotter as it truly came back to life and returned to the human world. However, the cost was a bit terrifying.

Although his body had previously been injured and ragged, it was full of vitality as though it had been cast from divine ceramic gold.

Now, however, he was abnormally shriveled and no longer plump. Every inch of him was dried up. He was like the mountains and rivers that had once been full of life but had suddenly transformed into a desert. He was lacking an aura of life.

Chu Feng finally understood why Yaoyao had prepared eight quasi-divine beast eggs for him. They contained huge volumes of life source and were nourishing holy objects.

Now he had an incomparable thirst and really needed them.

Unfortunately, the remaining five eggs were in the folded space at Mount Longhu. At that time he didn’t dare bring them with him out of fear that they would be destroyed while crossing the boundary. After all, they were divine eggs!

After a long time, he recovered, and the flame of his spirit flickered once more. It had been honed through practice, and even though it had shrunk, it was now purer!

However, his body urgently needed to be replenished. Even his long hair had wilted like the weeds after autumn. This was a classic case of internal dissipation of energy, and the deficit was severe.

Chu Feng got up. All around him were a hundred grand and brightly-colored stars with frightening auras. The distant cosmos in the background was boundless, its depths unfathomable.

This had been written with his blood, vital breath, and spirit. It had truly become one with him!

Even though his body was dried up, Chu Feng could still feel his own formidable strength. His body was in a deficiency, but it was still hard to conceal his frightening power.

Within this exceptional and majestic picture scroll, he stood towering over the center with all the celestial bodies revolving around him!

He had a thought: was he meant to transcend the hundred stars?

It seemed he should forget about it for now. He couldn’t rush indiscriminately into action again in the short-term. He had really been courting death just now. He needed to advance in regular order, step by step.

Chu Feng wanted to experiment with his powers. He thought that his peerless picture scroll also contained energy forms, and it was time to try them out!

His body swayed for a moment when he put it to use. He was indeed too weak, but after the energy forms appeared, he instantly went rigid and no longer staggered.

“This…” He was speechless.

Other people had things like green lotuses, Bodhi leaves, plantain, a reed crossing the river… and what was his energy form!?

A bunch of stones as big as millstones!

Upon careful inspection, they were absolutely not millstones. They were all perfectly round, simple and looked just like boulders.

Chu Feng had a constipated expression on his face and stood rigidly in place.

When others attacked, it was truly a deluge of heavenly flowers with fallen petals flying around—it was magnificent, bright and colorful. They took the form of were all kinds of energy flowers that made the world auspicious, peaceful, and beautiful when set off.

Yet when it came to him, how could it be this… weird!?

He was a total mess and completely flabbergasted!

However, he quickly came to himself.

This was… the shrunken version of the one hundred strongest stars? Could they have dimmed, and transformed into large stones after returning to the truth!?

Chu Feng opened and closed his mouth but said nothing. Afterwards, he stroked his chin and finally gave a hollow laugh. This was really weird!

After inspection, he became peaceful and quite full of confidence!

This was because he thought this thing could easily smash those “flowers and plants”. It wouldn’t be the typical tyranny and wildness, but rather like bullying. When the time came, he reckoned it would frighten many people!

Chu Feng immediately became calm and collected, then began laughing mischievously.

He reckoned everyone would be dumbstruck when his energy form came into being.

Also, normal people would never have guessed that these were the top one hundred stars. He felt that none of them would be able to see the truth.

In the distance, the four Dragon Locking Pillars were ringing. Chu Feng tore them down and put them away in the spatial bottle.

Chu Feng realized that he was standing on top of the altar, facing everyone.

As soon as his face appeared, the group of people was instantly scared. The enemies beneath the altar were indescribably shocked. Had he been replaced by another person? No, that was indeed Chu Feng.

But how had he become so thin? He was nearly skin and bones—his skin color was dull, and his originally waist-long silky hair was now like shriveled-up weeds.

“Heh heh, your vain attempt to create an exceptional picture scroll failed and you almost perished. What an awesome loss!” The saint child in pangolin armor smiled. His sharp snow-white teeth were fairly terrifying.

Chen Rong was pleasantly surprised. This thorn in her side was simply courting disaster. With one glance, she could see that he had run into problems while using his blood energy and spirit to draw his picture scroll!

“He was careless, and as a result, he nearly paid with his life.” She smiled happily. All of them had gone through this stage before and thus understood the details.

At this level, who wouldn’t want to leave their name in history while creating their picture scroll? Who would be willing to resign themselves to the mundane? They all wanted to paint an exceptional picture scroll. However, this was actually an enormous trap that had swallowed up numerous talented people’s lives.

The more ambitious and exuberant they were, the more easily they would meet an untimely death!

On the Origin Beast platform, the people were all sighing. They thought that Chu Feng had run into a major problem while using his blood energy and spirit to draw an exceptional picture scroll.

However, at this time, Chu Feng spoke, “Everyone, the time for hunting has come. If you want to place an order, you’d better hurry!”

“Ha ha…” Zhu Wuque burst out laughing and said, “He’s finished! First, he said he wanted to challenge us to a fight to the death, then he instantly escaped and ran here. Now, he’s up to his old tricks again! He wants to scare us stiff, but in reality, he’s prepared to break the siege!”

“Red-feathered chickadee, in a moment you’ll kneel down and sing ‘vanquished’! This I guarantee you!” Chu Feng was incredibly cool as he spoke to the outside world. “Does anyone want to buy a recording of his fabulous singing voice? Yes, naturally it will come with a picture.”

Many people on the Origin Beast platform were speechless. Was he really this confident? Why did they feel he was like a dying duck reluctant to admit its mistake?

This was because his current status was just like that in the records. It was eighty to ninety percent likely that he had failed in forming the painting the scroll. Even if he succeeded, it was likely he had sustained lethal damage.

The predecessors had abundant experience and already summarized these symptoms.

For a moment, many people on the Origin Beast platform were quite sympathetic towards him because they originally thought of him as a rising star. Now, his pressure was too great with all the enemies surrounding him and he had finally met with a mishap.

As a result, even saints were paying close attention in the outer-realm!

Even such existences couldn’t see through Chu Feng’s confidence; they could only see that he was in a fragile state of health. From a different perspective, this also illustrated that Chu Feng had been successful in creating a majestic picture scroll.

At this moment, the ancestors of Lie Shan, Li Feng, Zhu Wuque, Yuwen Feng, and the others were following this matter from the starry skies. These characters weren’t quasi-saints but actual saints!

Some of them were not far from Earth, while others were watching via the Origin Beast platform.

During this period of time, some saints exposed indifferent smiles from the corner of their mouths. In truth, they had made an error of judgement this time!

“Brother, you’re in no shape for this, just forget about it.” Many of the people on the Origin Beast platform were leaving comments.

Chu Feng wanted to see the orders, but what he saw were all negative remarks.

“I… am already unrivaled throughout the world! My operation of killing divine sons and hunting saintesses has officially begun!” he said directly.

Afterwards, he took the suppressed silver turtle out from the spatial bottle and refined a cup of true blood, containing the divine substance of a quasi-divine beast.

He drank it in one gulp, and a bit of red appeared on his withered complexion.

Afterwards, Chu Feng flew directly toward the altar!

“Heh heh, you’re acting so recklessly. I’ll show you my Nanchi Golden Lotus Divine Flame energy form! It’s been prepared just for you and will send you to your death!” Zhu Wuque laughed heartily.

“Silver Bodhi, every leaf a scripture. In a thousand turns, the silver flowers are like snow. One flower, one world!” Yuan Kun was like a diamond ape with glaring eyes as he shouted and activated his energy form.

Chen Rong sneered; her face was incomparably gloomy and cold. She lifted her hand and deployed her strongest technique. A scene of plum flowers emerged amidst a flurry of fallen petals.

Everyone attacked at this moment; they wanted to kill blast Chu Feng to death!

Nevertheless, he exposed an eccentric smile as he revealed his own energy form.

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