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If Chaotic Battle had been killed by a powerful skill, he would have been at a loss for words. However, Chaotic Heavenly Battle did not even use a single skill at this moment, turning the entire battlefield upside down. This could not help but incite the flames of war to rage.

Looking at the eyes of the chaotic battle that seemed to want to eat someone, Chaotian ignored them and started playing with the equipment that dropped from the chaotic battle. He then laughed: "Not bad, not bad!" … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … ….

As expected of the leader of a guild!

"This Dark Gold equipment is considered top quality!"


Hearing Chaotic Heavenly's almost provocative words, Chaotic Battle's expression turned extremely gloomy. He could only snort coldly to express his dissatisfaction.

"Next match, it's time for us to choose our opponents!"

After slaughtering the world and stopping the chaotic battle, his expression slightly darkened as he looked at Lin Fan and asked.


Chaotic Sky smiled slightly as he narrowed his eyes and coldly said.

"Extermination Spike, you go!"

Killer Under Heaven looked towards the Void Stinger and shouted in a low voice. He was very clear on the strength of the Void Stinger, especially its solo charge, which was slightly stronger than the black arrow.

At this moment, there were only three people on the stage. He already had no other choice but to choose Bai Chen, after all, compared to Lin Fan and Heaven Breaker, Bai Chen was the toughest bone to chew.

Bai Chen also understood this principle. He wasn't the least bit surprised by the choice of him. He walked out of the arena, looked at Exterminate the Spider and shouted, "Come!"


Exterminate the Spike let out a cold snort, and its body suddenly moved. It immediately disappeared from where it was and rushed straight towards Bai Chen.

Bai Chen's eyes swept across the field, but he didn't find the figure of the Extinguishing Stinger. He could only remain on full alert.

However, Bai Chen wasn't too worried. At this moment, his HP was definitely over 10,000 points, and even normal BOSSes couldn't get close to him. In addition, his Silver Behemoth pet was already Level 35.

With this Silver Behemoth's help, dealing with the Ambush wouldn't be too difficult.

Suddenly, Bai Chen felt a sharp pain in his spine. His facial expression changed slightly, and he immediately pulled out his sword to slash behind him. However, the Wiping Spike dodged the attack, and at this moment, it looked at Bai Chen with a gloomy expression, sneering slightly.

With a wave of his hand, the Extinguisher released its pet, a snow-white fox. The instant this fox appeared, Lin Fan and the others' faces darkened.

Nine Tailed Fox. That's right, this fox was actually a Nine Tailed Fox. It was not inferior to the Behemoth's powerful magical beast. To think that there was actually a Nine Tailed Fox in Extinguisher's hands.

However, at that moment, the Nine-tailed Fox could tell with a glance that it wasn't as powerful as the real Nine-tailed Fox. It only had seven tails, so it didn't evolve to the level of a Nine Tailed Fox.

"Howl." When the Nine-Tailed Fox appeared, it immediately waved its tail, and a bolt of lightning shot straight towards Bai Chen. It actually directly destroyed Bai Chen's five hundred damage points. It could be seen how terrifying the Nine-Tailed Fox was.

"This fox is such a powerful demon attack!"

Seeing Bai Chen being slightly pushed back by a magical attack, everyone's expressions couldn't help but change. This nine-tailed fox actually had such a powerful magical attack. This magic attack was even stronger than an ordinary mage's.


Silver Behemoth furiously roared and his body directly exploded forward. He also rapidly rushed towards the Death Thrust and threw a punch toward it.

The Stinger of Extermination immediately turned around and dodged Silver Behemoth's attack. After that, its body abruptly moved and charged straight at Bai Chen. It slashed its throat at Bai Chen.

"724" damage value directly emerged from Bai Chen's head, but Bai Chen didn't feel much fear. He directly chopped down at the Wiping Stinger, cutting off more than 300 HP from Wiping Stinger. However, Wiping Stinger fled very quickly, turned around, and jumped behind Bai Chen. He viciously smashed Bai Chen's neck with his dagger, and once again chopped down with a Backstab, reducing Bai Chen's HP by a lot.

"Roar ~ ~" The Nine-Tailed Fox also roared again and again as it shot out a fireball at Bai Chen. It even bombarded Bai Chen's body and forced him back a step.


At this moment, he couldn't be bothered to pay attention to the constant jumping of the Annihilation Stinger and directly rushed towards the Nine-tailed Fox. In Bai Chen's eyes, the Nine Tailed Fox was much more dangerous than the Annihilation.

Silver Behemoths also turned his spear head and explosively shot towards the nine-tailed fox, his fist ferociously bombarding towards the nine-tailed fox. He didn't expect that the nine-tailed fox would suddenly roll its tail and directly form a shield in front of him, expending more than half of its strength before hitting the nine-tailed fox.

Even so, the Nine-Tailed Fox couldn't withstand the enormous strength of Silver Behemoth and was directly sent flying by a punch.

At this moment, Bai Chen also rushed to the Nine-tailed Fox's side under the attack of the Annihilation Stinger, and viciously chopped down at the tail of the Nine-tailed Fox.

"Caw!" A shrill cry rang out, and the tail of the Nine-tailed Fox was cut in half by Bai Chen's blade. It had suffered over a thousand damage.

"Fly Dagger." At this moment, seeing the Nine-Tailed Fox take such a huge damage, Exterminate the Spike couldn't help but become slightly angry. It rushed up and threw a Flying Dagger at Bai Chen's throat, once again striking Bai Chen's HP.

"Ao!" The Nine-Tailed Fox, whose tail was cut off by Bai Chen, also let out an angry hiss. It avoided Silver Behemoth's fist and directly attacked Bai Chen with a wind blade. Once again, Bai Chen was forced to take another step back.


A glint of light flashed across the dagger in his hand, and the dagger pierced towards Bai Chen.

"1201!" Huge damage values suddenly emerged from Bai Chen's head, instantly causing Bai Chen's body to shudder. At this moment, Bai Chen's health was only half of his health under the attacks of the Annihilation Spike and the Nine-Tailed Fox. Of course, the Nine-Tailed Fox wasn't much better off.


Bai Chen raised the sword in his hand and swung it at the Annihilator, forcing the Annihilator to retreat. After that, he chopped down on the Nine-Tailed Fox, leaving behind only a sliver of HP.


Silver Behemoth bellowed and the same punch landed on the Nine-Tailed Fox. He immediately punched it, causing it to retreat with a miserable shriek.

"Shadow Annihilation!"

When Exterminate the Spike saw this scene, it couldn't help but let out a furious bellow. Its body abruptly moved and shot out explosively. The dagger in its hand once again aimed at Bai Chen's throat and ruthlessly struck out at Bai Chen's 2000 damage value.


Bai Chen roared in rage. He didn't care about the Death Thrust at his side as he viciously swung his blade at the nine-tailed fox. Under Bai Chen's attack, the fox immediately cried out and died.

After the pet died, Bai Chen couldn't summon it again for 5 hours. With this buffering time, as long as Bai Chen was steady and steady, he would still have a good chance of winning.

When he saw that the Nine-Tailed Fox was dead, Exterminate the Spider's expression turned cold. He frowned slightly and entered stealth once again. He stealthily headed towards Bai Chen and used a Slit Throat once again, dealing 500 damage to Bai Chen's HP.

The Void Assassin that appeared out of nowhere was immediately discovered by Silver Behemoth. With a fierce roar, he threw a punch at the weapon, pushing it several steps backwards.

"Weird, where's Bai Chen's mount?"

"Why didn't he summon it?!"

Even now, Lin Fan still hadn't seen Bai Chen summon his mount. He couldn't help but ask.

If Bai Chen still had a mount, this battle would have been much easier.

"Yesterday's war was cut down by the world, and now he has become an infantry soldier!"

Chaotian couldn't help but laugh bitterly when he heard this. He looked at Lin Fan and said, "Even Bai Chen's dark golden spear has exploded. Although the blade he's using is not bad, its attack power isn't that high!"

Hearing this, Lin Fan's expression turned cold. He didn't expect that yesterday's battle would be so intense that even Bai Chen's weapon would explode.

"However, we didn't lose anything yesterday. We dropped a piece of Golden Artifact!"

Chaotian laughed, a trace of laughter flashed across his eyes. He pointed at his leather armor and said, "Stab that bastard and explode!"


Hearing this, Lin Fan couldn't help but bitterly smile. No wonder Bai Chen's attack was much lower than before, so the weapon was destroyed.

At this moment, the battle in the field had entered a white-hot stage. The Assassin's movement and speed allowed the assassin to continuously travel in the middle of the field, avoiding Silver Behemoth's attack. Moreover, he even used the time to directly attack Bai Chen.

Although Bai Chen's defense was high and his blood was thick, he was clearly lacking in speed. It was very difficult for him to effectively hit and exterminate Bai Chen, and due to his fear of Silver Behemoth's huge attack power, he constantly dodged the berserk attacks. At the same time, he was secretly waiting for those powerful skills to cool down.

Bai Chen was aware of his plan as well, but because his mount had been destroyed, he couldn't use its speed. He simply couldn't catch up to it, and if Bai Chen had a mount, he wouldn't need to be afraid of the weapon.

However, Lin Fan and the others understood that Bai Chen would find it very difficult to win. Even if Bai Chen had Silver Behemoth's help, he wouldn't be able to do anything about it. After all, the speed of its extermination was not something that this Level 35 Silver Behemoth could compare to.

However, at this moment, the Level 35 Silver Behemoth was still much weaker.

The Extinguisher was completely capable of dodging its attacks.


It was obvious that his skill had completed its cooldown. With a loud shout, the Exterminate the Spike was like a whirlwind as it flew towards Bai Chen, his dagger stabbing viciously towards Bai Chen. Following that, a series of powerful skills landed on Bai Chen's body, causing him to fall to the ground.

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