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"Wei Suo, you killed me! "Don't even think about getting anything from me. You'll get anything from me!"

Wei Suo took Wang Wuyi and Su Shen Xue into his hands. Wang Wu Yi and Su Shen Xue both used all their strength and roared out.

If the two of them received fatal injuries in normal times, they would at least be able to commit suicide, but not only were their heart veins severed by Wei Suo, their consciousness was also severely damaged by Wei Suo's divine light. Their consciousness was scattered and they could not even control their true essence, they were basically fish on Wei Suo's blade.

Wei Suo didn't waste any time with the two and directly pointed his finger at them. The two of them didn't even have time making a sound as layers upon layers of restrictions covered their bodies. He took out the Blood Essence Stone and dripped out two drops of medicinal liquid, ensuring that the two of them wouldn't die.

He had the Gongde Sect's Divine Light of Provoke in his hands. If he wanted to know more, he wouldn't be afraid of Su Shen Xue and Wang Wu Yi not opening their mouths. As long as he had more time, not only would Su Shen Xue, Wang Wu Yi, and the head of the Jade Seal Sect be able to recover, but he would also be prepared to use divine light to heal Sir Wan Feng.

After capturing Wang Wuyi and Su Shen Xue, Wei Suo stood in mid air and spoke to the surrounding cultivators, "All the sects that have come to negotiate with me, come here to see me!"

Wei Suo didn't give a specific time limit, but all of the cultivators that heard this voice were extremely clear in their hearts that a new era had begun. According to the ancient records, ever since Dong Ru had disappeared, many supreme elders had competed against each other in the cultivation world. There was no other existence that could suppress all the other supreme elders by itself, but now, such an existence had appeared once again. How could all those sects that were talking to Wei Suo dare to be negligent in the slightest? Although Wei Suo did not specify a specific time, all those sects would definitely rush over to meet him at the fastest speed possible.

"He will temporarily stay at the Heavenly Emperor Mountain Gate."

"What is he trying to do by summoning all the sects who have come to negotiate with him?"

Countless flames shot up into the sky, and the news spread in all directions. The Cloud Spirit Continent shook, the Profound Sky Continent shook, the Terminator Continent shook, the Jade Height Continent, and the Flaming Fire Continent trembled. Everyone was shocked.

However, Wei Suo didn't stop. After making such a sound, he immediately turned around and walked towards the entrance of the Emperor Heavenly Dao Mountain.

Along the way, he broke through all of the restrictions inside the sect. All of the storage rooms were opened, and all of the things inside were taken by him.

"The patriarch of the Saint Ruler Sect requests an audience with God Lord Wei!"

"The Sect Leader of the Pill Yuan Sect requests an audience with the God of Wei!"

Two masses of Divine Profound aura quickly appeared. The Saint Ruler and God Lord Yu Du did not leave the Cloud Spirit Continent, and instead waited for the results of the battle not far away from the gates of the Emperor Star Sword Sect. That was why they were the first ones to arrive.

Although the two of them had been shocked to the point of numbness by Wei Suo's sacred art, after this battle, Wei Suo hadn't suffered any injuries. The ten Divine Profound experts had suffered a crushing defeat, but their faces were still filled with shock and disbelief.

"The two of you, help me guard that position. Although the Golden Claw can allow him to escape into the void, he can't travel through the void. He's still there."

At this moment, Wei Suo had already entered a secret location within the way of the emperor. He didn't show himself, but sent out a Sole-Kind Heart Sword, aiming for the spot where the golden gourd disappeared.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "Ah!" Although the Heaven Saint Master was hidden in the void, he was still able to clearly see what was happening outside with the unique might of the gourd. As soon as he saw the Saint Ruler and God Lord Yu Tao guarding his position, he immediately became anxious and frightened as he cried out repeatedly, but there was nothing he could do about it.

"Grand Heavenly Palace seeks an audience with God Lord Wei!"

"The Merit Sect requests to meet the God of Wei!"

"The Immortal Seeking Sect requests an audience with God Lord Wei!"


Not long after the Saint Ruler and God Lord Yu Tidemark appeared, streaks of light shot over with shocking speed. One sect after another continued to arrive. And this time, almost all of the sects that came were the grand elder and the grand master.

"The Golden Stone Sect requests an audience with the God of Wei!"

"Liu-Li Palace requests to meet with the God of Wei!"

"The Heavenly Jade Sect requests an audience with God Lord Wei!"


In less than an hour, there were already fifty to sixty sects gathered in front of the Emperor Heavenly Dao Mountain Sect, and they were all waiting extremely respectfully outside of the shattered entrance. Amongst these sects, there were even quite a few that had not made enemies with Wei Suo before, and had not expressed that they wanted to negotiate with him.

At this moment, Wei Suo appeared in the middle of the sky and spoke, "Whoever has the means to deal with the Golden Gourd in the sky, if they can force the Zhankai Spiritual Ripple out of the void, or if they can't force it out, they can at least place restrictions on this place. Once he comes out, they can at least severely injure him, or even track him down, I will definitely pay a price that would satisfy them."

"Ahhhh!" Zhantai Linglan was on the verge of going crazy as he and all the other cultivators understood Wei Suo's intention. Even if Wei Suo couldn't kill him now, he would still trap him to death here.

"Help me to investigate the whereabouts of this monster. Once there is news of it, spread out immediately." This is an alien Heavenly Demon that can devour Aurous Core cultivators to cultivate. It is extremely harmful to the cultivation world as it is our common enemy. " At the same time, he condensed his true essence, taking on the form of a four-armed elder. He placed a large hat on the head of the four-armed elder.

In any case, besides Ling Tian, no one else knew the difference between the Desolate Clan and the Otherworldly Sky Demons. To say that they were the Foreign Sky Demons would cause panic in many sects, so that all the sects would be wary of them.

"What? Otherworldly Demonic Beast?"

"There's actually an alien Heavenly Demon that has descended?"

"Heavens, every time a foreign heavenly demon descends, it will cause a bloody wind and a rain of blood!"

As expected, the moment Wei Suo said this, all the cultivators went into an uproar and started panicking.

"Whoever has a way to break through this Great Heavenly Fate Bottle, I will definitely pay a price they will be satisfied with!" At this moment, the sects were still continuously rushing over to pay their respects to Wei Suo, and Wei Suo didn't have any intention of stopping as he spoke again.

"Who can give me the True Sun Immortal Grass and the similar True Sun Immortal Grass? The medicine that can help the Immortal Body recover its Yang energy …"

Wei Suo didn't stop for a moment. He then took out all the items he needed to save the flower and help the green-robed old man form the demon beast, and got the sects that came to pay him a visit to help him purchase the water attributed beast cores.

Huang Tiandao's strength was even greater than that of the Cult of Heavenly Transformation. Wei Suo had obtained countless spirit stones from the storehouse in order to purchase water-attribute demonic cores and water-attribute spiritual medicines. He simply couldn't spend all of them in a short period of time.

This was a principle that Wei Suo, who came from a small business background in Ling Yue City, had long understood. Wei Suo did not want to take advantage of these sects that had come to negotiate with him, but instead wanted to give him benefits.

"Dao Friend Wei, I'm here!" If it wasn't for your fight, we wouldn't even know when we would have been able to hide. "

A huge ball of divine profound energy suddenly descended. It was the Extreme Yin Divine Monarch and a group of people from the Small Extreme Realm that rushed over to the gates of the Heavenly Emperor Dao.

"My dear friend Ji Hao, your little Extreme World Mountain gate has been destroyed!" Wei Suo personally stepped forward to welcome him. If he hadn't had the support of Ancestor Yin, the Extreme Yin Divine Lord, and the Little Extreme World's support, he probably wouldn't have been able to last until now.

"The Netherworld Sect requests an audience with God Lord Wei!"

"Divine Phoenix Palace requests an audience with the Grand Xia!"

"The Jade Seal Sect requests an audience with the Venerable God Lord!"


Following the appearance of the many sects that had travelled here from afar, the people from the Underworld Sect and the other sects also reappeared, many of them were old antiques that had escaped during the battle. Now that they reappeared, they were all on their knees, begging Wei Suo to open up a net and let them go.

"I have already given you a chance. On account of the fact that you were forced by the school head to spare your lives, but the death penalty is unavoidable. It's hard to escape the consequences of your crimes." Towards these sects, Wei Suo didn't need to be polite. He immediately had the Extreme World God send his disciples to follow these sect disciples to the gates of these sects, taking everything out and forming a list for him to choose from.

"If the various sects have any magic tools to resist the divine retribution, they can also trade with me. I will definitely give you a satisfactory condition." Then, Wei Suo said this.

Right now, Wei Suo was looking for a magic tool to defend against the heavenly tribulation, but no one was surprised. After all, the vast majority of the Divine Profound experts, when they reached the third or fourth stage and felt that there was hope of breaking through to the True Immortal Realm, would start preparing magic treasures and magic tools to protect themselves from the heavenly tribulation. No one would have thought that Wei Suo would face heavenly tribulation upon breaking through to the fifth level of the Divine Profound Realm. It wasn't until he broke through to the True Immortal Realm.

Right now, it could be said that Wei Suo was completely facing all the sects and powers on these continents.

"The lifespan of the Sky Sovereign is coming to an end. Not only is the Sky Vault of the Profound Sky Continent about to collapse, the Sky Vault of all the continents are about to collapse." After stating all of his requirements, Wei Suo hesitated slightly before opening his mouth again. This time around, a huge collective gasp sounded out from the surroundings of the Imperial Sky City. Everyone's shock had even completely exceeded the shock of Wei Suo's battle just now.

"What?! The sky is about to collapse?!" Everyone felt their hearts go numb as they were completely astonished. They knew what this sentence meant.

"God Lord Wei, is this news true?" Some people even forgot that their question had offended Wei Suo's dignity. They could not help but cry out.

"This is the exact record I have seen, and it is true. All sects can prepare themselves, but all transactions must be conducted equally. If there is anyone who wants to bully others and forcibly trades with us, then that is my enemy! " Wei Suo spoke once again. His voice was deafening, causing everyone's hearts to tremble. Just now, he had hesitated to speak of this news, but after a moment of hesitation, he decided to speak of it. Because if one was prepared, it would at least be able to save the lives of many cultivators. And now, he already had the power to determine the order in the world of cultivation. He wasn't afraid that the large sects would become even more aggressive in robbing lower level cultivators.

"He's defining the order of the world of cultivation and intimidating all the major sects. He's telling everyone to follow the rules!" At the same time that many people were thoroughly astonished, they also understood Wei Suo's intentions. Almost all of the low level cultivators felt gratitude towards Wei Suo. They knew that doing so would be equivalent to saving their lives.

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