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Chapter 420: Attack
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Indeed, Chu Feng felt somewhat guilty. Somehow he had become the Heaven’s Chosen out of the blue, and it didn’t feel reasonable. It could not be said for sure when issues may arise.

However, when the man from the Fang Zhang Immortal Island came with an invitation, he did not cower or act like a fraud. He was completely engrossed within the role of the Heaven’s Chosen as he conversed with the envoy.

He wanted to suss out the foreign immortal island’s background, strength, and foundations.

Yet, in the end, everything went off without a hitch. The envoy from Fang Zhang Immortal Island had nothing to hide and candidly informed him there was indeed a great master upon the island, who far exceeded evolvers from the outside world.

This was because their legacy had existed since ancient times and had never been severed, unlike the outside world where evolution only occurred after an upheaval.

At the same time, Chu Feng found out that regardless of whether it was the Himalayas or places like Fang Zhang and Ying Zhou, the dwellings of the remnant races were all classified as secret realms. These places were similar to folded spaces and had manifested after the upheavals.

It wasn’t easy for survivors to come out of these secretive places, as they must withstand trials of the Earth’s domains. A single negligence could lead to death.

Chu Feng was fairly shocked when he heard this.

“Relatively speaking, it’s still slightly easier compared to people from the outer realms entering the Earth through star passages,” said the envoy.

Even though this was the case, Chu Feng was bewildered. Why would the Earth’s will and domains restrict native beings? Those from the remnant races ought to be considered as descendants of Earth’s ancient experts.

In comparison, these beings should have purer bloodlines. And precisely because of this, they considered themselves as the orthodox lineage.

In the end, he could only concur with the envoy’s viewpoint. It had nothing to do with bloodlines and only space. The secret realms and folded spaces were all rejected and could be classified as subsidiary areas.

Therefore, if those from the remnant races wanted to enter the Earth’s main area, they must experience a trial of life and death.

Chu Feng had learned quite a lot after the series of discussions. Before he bid farewell to the envoy, he informed him that he would consider going to the Fang Zhang Immortal Island once he had handled some of his own affairs.

Before leaving, the envoy once again praised the little princess upon the island of her natural beauty and divine grace, urging Chu Feng to set off for Fang Zhang soon.

“Shall I go visit and chat with the other divine sons and goddesses? Mn, I should digest what I have just acquired first,” murmured Chu Feng.

He started on his journey with the bronze sword on his back. While walking, he took out that secret tome on domains and roughly skimmed over it.

The secret tome was made out of special metals, every page was cast of a thin sheet of metal, and engraved upon it were many densely packed symbols, making it look like a heavenly book.

Now that he had a profound foundation, these symbols were no longer obscure to him, and he was able to recognize many of them. Those he did not recognize would need to be inscribed upon magnets, and he would slowly derive their meanings. This was an incredibly time-consuming process.

The path of domains was inherently difficult, otherwise, there wouldn’t be so few people setting foot on this path. Indeed, it required much time and effort yet was hard to be accomplished.

Chu Feng was quite talented in this field. He depended on self-studying entirely and achieved a certain level of proficiency. If it was not for this, he would have already given up.

“What a good book!”

He was greatly satisfied. As expected of a family overseen by a saint, their collection was absolutely incredible. This high-level article was fairly profound, involving many complicated domain symbols.

Chu Feng was convinced that if he were to thoroughly understand this book, he would surely be considered as an accomplished person in the field of domains!

In the end, he simply dived into a nearby mountain ridge. There, he immersed himself in studies and analyzed the book meticulously.

He wanted to enhance his own domain attainments before going to Mount Huang to unravel its mysteries and gather mutant fruits. There grew a great odd tree, laden with brilliant fruits. It was truly enticing.

He had been eyeing that odd tree for a long time!

Chu Feng was completely wrapped in his attentive studying, earnestly analyzing the book, and only exited after studying tiresomely for half a month.

“The domain pattern I just comprehended feels like the one on Mount Huang. I could give it a try there,” Chu Feng muttered to himself.

As fast as lightning and radiating energy, Chu Feng’s kidneys overflowed with power to form a pair of dazzling wings. Traveling through the sky, he left Zhejiang and was approaching Anhui. Such a speed was absolutely shocking.

Mount Huang was within the borders of Anhui, and Chu Feng arrived within moments.

Back then, he had brought those from the corporations as well as people from the North Pole Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave here. After they had exited from Mount Qinling, they had traveled to the Mount Zhongnan and then to Mount Huang. Here they had discovered the odd tree, yet it was futile even though they exhausted all their means.

Back then, many had perished, and because of this, the corporations and those from the North Pole regarded him as a god of calamity.

“Here I am again!”

Chu Feng gazed ahead at Mount Huang, towering imposingly with its silver hanging waterfalls. Energy particles pervaded thickly throughout the mountain.

It was said that no other mountain felt worthwhile after visiting the five peaks, and the five peaks no longer felt impressive after returning from Mount Huang. This place was known as the number one wondrous mountain under the heavens.

Originally known as Mount Yi, its name was changed to Mount Huang following legends that Emperor Huang had once concocted pills of immortality here.

Chu Feng pondered over this. Perhaps the many different kinds of mutant fruits upon Mount Huang were accountable for these legends regarding pill refinement.

On the mountain, there were odd rock formations everywhere, which could be considered a part of its wonderful scenery. There were also large stretches of ancient pines, verdant and glistening within the sea of clouds like an immortal realm.

Throughout the whole journey, Chu Feng surveyed the mountain’s topography and features. He then ascended one of the peaks along a safe path.

Last time, many had died solely from ascending this peak. However, this time, he was very successful.

The odd tree was still there. It resembled a date tree, but its trunk was as thick as a water tank. The tree, with its cracked and aged bark, was rooted on the precipitous cliff.

Its dense green leaves gave off a brilliant jade glow, and the trunk forked to form many branches. The whole tree gave off the vibe of an old dragon leaning atop the cliff.

It did indeed resemble a date tree, but there weren’t a lot of fruits.

A dozen or more fruits glowed like small lanterns, each as big as a clenched fist. They were golden in color and incredibly lustrous.

They were shaped like dates but differed in size and color. They were utterly dazzling and surrounded by a twinkling golden glow.

Chu Feng was amazed. Although the dates were also glowing the last time he came, it wasn’t filled with allure and overflowing with vitality as they were now. They were positively overflowing with vitality.

“The situation isn’t quite right.”

Chu Feng surveyed the situation for a good while. After disabling the domain, he discovered that it wasn’t as simple as he imagined it would be. The domains here were stronger than he had expected.

That was because he had already activated his Fiery Eyes and observed the situation under the ground. The golden radiance was simply too glaring, and the energy saturation here was terrifying.

And this wasn’t even the main peak! Such a bizarre tree existed on a mere side peak, laden with unobtainable fruits.

“Perhaps there is something else hidden here?” Chu Feng was suspicious. Then he tried his best to tear down this place’s domain.


Under the ground, golden energy bubbled and rushed up immediately like flowing lava. It swept through everything in its way as it advanced towards Chu Feng.

He turned and fled as quick as lightning. With a set of dazzling wings upon his back, he had traveled more than 500 meters within the blink of an eye. Yet behind him, the golden rays surged as before amidst the rolling heat.


Once again, he escaped rapidly and covered several kilometers.

“There is a well below the ground containing rich levels of extreme yang essence flames. What could be in there?” questioned Chu Feng. Here, there were more extreme yang essence flames than in the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace back in Mount Zhijin.

He turned back and saw that the date tree was still there, perfectly fine while all of the extreme yang essence flames had receded.

“Rather than calling it a well, it would be better to call it a furnace!” Chu Feng’s eyes glimmered with a golden spark as he stared once again, amazed.

He wasn’t convinced Emperor Huang had once concocted pills here, but he did believe ancient evolvers did frequent this place to refine pills. Could there be a furnace containing extreme yang essence flames here?

Over the next couple of days, Chu Feng researched the area. Occasionally, he would draw out the extreme yang essence flames, which bubbled out like lava. He raised quite the ruckus there.


On this day, he was studying the secret tome on domains and preparing to explore Mount Huang once again, when a sense of danger welled up from his heart.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

As fast as lightning, five shadows appeared in succession. Within a second, they had traveled from several kilometers away to directly in front of Chu Feng’s eyes. They were incredibly violent and fierce.

The group brandished their secret treasures and immediately began to attack without speaking a single word.

There was no longer a need for them to cover themselves up since they had already been discovered. They attacked with their most powerful moves right off the bat.

These five experts each had ten severed shackles and was an incredibly frightening lineup. This was especially true because each had their own astonishing secret treasure.

One of them held a long blade, which made an ear-piercing hiss when it was swung. The sound was able to impact one’s consciousness.


Without another word, Chu Feng took out the bronze sword he was carrying on his back. Immediately, he struck, his sword smashing into the demonic blade and erupting in a blinding light.


The blade snapped, cleaved through by the bronze sword. With unrelenting momentum, Chu Feng promptly cut him down where he stood amidst a spray of fresh blood.

Such a blow could only be attributed to Chu Feng’s terrifying combat power. With his sharp blade, he had murdered a great expert in a straightforward manner. It was truly brutal and gave the other four people a significant fright.

A faint golden luster flashed on the ground as a hemp rope raced toward Chu Feng like a golden snake. This caused his face to change color.

The soul binding cord was an extremely troublesome object. Generally speaking, it could suppress all evolvers within the shackled realm.

Under regular circumstances, it was enough to seize Chu Feng with such a rope.


The moment Chu Feng retreated, the sword in his hands suddenly began to charge up. His arms grew dazzlingly brilliant as he imbued energy into the sword before launching an all-out attack.


Chu Feng’s slash struck the soul binding cord, issuing a sound of colliding metal. In the end, the rope was no match for the bronze sword and broke apart.

Last time, when Han Wenze and Huang Weiyue came to seize Chu Feng, they had used a soul binding cord like this too. Back then, he had severed the rope by pouring essence flames onto it.

This time, Chu Feng was a lot more direct. With a slash of his sword, he chopped and broke the rope into pieces!

A cold gleam flashed through Chu Feng’s eyes. These people had come prepared, each with their own secret weapons. A single negligence and he would be captured and killed.

“Clang, clang, clang…”

He brandished his sword and fought against the remaining four people. One by one, he destroyed their secret weapons—with a pop, one of their heads flew off amidst a spray of fresh blood.

Chi! Chi!

With another streak of the sword, another was slashed through at the waist.


The third person was pierced through the forehead by Chu Feng’s sword and met a violent death.

The battle was truly intense— with a final “pop”, Chu Feng beheaded the last person with a wave of his bronze sword and sent his head rolling across the ground.

Chu Feng wore an uncertain expression. Not only had someone dispatched five experts, but each of them was at the level of ten severed shackles. More importantly, they also held secret weapons!

One had to know that he was supposedly the Heaven’s Chosen and many wanted to rope him in. Yet today, someone had actually attempted to murder him. This, in turn, made his expression grave.

If his bronze sword and the diamond chakram containing essence flames wasn’t on hand, it would have been incredibly difficult to deal with the soul binding cord, and he would have been seized.

It was evident that these people didn’t know he had secret weapons on him capable of dealing with the soul binding cord.

“These are people from Penglai Immortal Island.” Chu Feng’s expression grew forlorn. That was because, from their bodies, he could identify a fishy, salty smell. But because this was in fact very mild, he deduced that these people had only crossed the East Sea and hadn’t actually touched the sea water. How strong could a scent be left from the sea breeze?

Ordinary evolvers wouldn’t be able to detect the scent at all—it could only be said that Chu Feng’s divine instincts were too strong!

“Was this incited by that young Master Chen, the master of that unicorn? You are courting death!” His expression was cold and icy.

Previously, Chu Feng had been apprehensive of Penglai. Now, he had learned that it was difficult for them to leave, just like the outer realm entities within the folded spaces.

At present, if their real great experts couldn’t get out, then he had nothing to be afraid of!

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