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After being without words for a while, Lina finally spoke.
"Yale, what happened? Why did the tribulation disappear when you gave the order?"
Shiba and Eini also wanted to ask for the same thing, but Lina was faster than them in asking for it.
"It is a bit difficult to explain with details, but in short, it is impossible for a tribulation to happen in front of my eyes unless I allow it."
The pure energy was the one with that capability, and although Yale couldn't control it at will, his body was full of that pure energy and forced the tribulation to obey him.
Yale obtained some understanding about the pure energy when he synchronized memories with his incarnation, but he felt that speaking about it in the outer space was a bad idea.
After all, the aura of the canceled tribulation managed to appear before Yale forced it to disappear and probably that a lot of experts on near worlds noticed it.
Although Yale didn't want to keep that matter as a secret from Lina, Shiba, and Eini, he didn't want that other managed to hear it, so he decided to wait until they could enter into the Storage Space.
Yale felt a bit sorry for Ange, Aiwai, and Wyba because he wasn't able to open the storage space when that pure energy appeared on his body; Yale already had difficulties to ask Lina, Shiba, and Eini to move near him to obtain the benefits.
Since he was under the influence of pure energy, it wasn't a problem making the tribulation disappear, but he tried to open the Storage Space several times without succeeding.
After the breakthroughs ended, the pure energy remained in Yale's body, and its supply seemed endless, but he wasn't able to control it, and less use it to provoke breakthroughs on others.
However, Yale felt that it would have been bad for Wyba and Aiwai achieving a breakthrough so easily given their inexperience compared to the ones who obtained.
Of the three traveling with Yale, Eini was the one with the weakest mind, but she was still far better than Aiwai, let alone Wyba who was still extremely immature.
There shouldn't have been a problem with Ange, but she couldn't practice anymore since the time she was frozen in time.
The side effects didn't affect her life but destroyed all her chances to turn stronger.
That was the price paid for preventing her mind from breaking in that prison, and Yale didn't believe that even with the pure energy that problem could be solved.
While Yale delayed the explanation to the others, one of the incarnations of the Mysterious Expert was observing them from a nearby world.
The Mysterious Expert had incarnations spread around the whole universe, so there wasn't an incarnation especially following Yale's group.
Moreover, based on the Mysterious Expert's knowledge, there wasn't any reason for it to interfere at that moment.
"This surpassed all my expectations, but it is very beneficial for the plan, so I can consider it a blessing."
The Mysterious Expert wasn't the only one who noticed about what happened to Yale.

In another universe which was of the same level as the one Yale was at, a great battle was happening in an enormous battlefield.
The most remarkable part was that although one of the sides only had two persons while the other side had an uncountable number of people in their ranks, the two individuals seemed to have the overwhelming advantage.
More than a hundred experts rushed towards a silver-haired man who was wearing a white coat.
He was one of the two people facing a whole army and didn't seem to care for the charge of those experts.
"Mmm... Your strength isn't bad. If I only consider raw power, you are all superior to the Battle God, but in speed and skill you are far behind him."
All the experts charging towards that man died instantaneously not leaving even their bodies behind.
"I already told you to call your superiors if you really want to deal with us. Otherwise, you all will die!"
The rest of the army didn't dare to advance while they were frightened by the gaze of the man golden eyes.
"Uh... Someone has become the owner of one of the ownerless lower universes I left behind."
There was shock on the man's face, and a thousand experts rushed towards him, but they died before being able to do nothing to that man.
"Really? Is someone we know?"
A beautiful woman landed beside the silver-haired man.
While the silver-haired man only attacked those that neared to him without moving at all, with enough speed for no one noticing what he did, the woman had been flying through all the battlefield killing any enemy who left their safe area.
"Well, although you haven't spent a lot of time with him, you know him. After all, he is your son."
The woman was shocked when she heard those words.
"Really? He... Yale is the name he is using now if I remember well. Is really Yale who obtained the ownership of one of those lower universes?"
She was already very shocked when she learned that her son had become a Timeless Sovereign and overcame his curse, but the fact that he obtained the ownership of a lower universe was far more shocking.
As long as one created a universe, it wasn't difficult claiming the ownership. In fact, it was more difficult not claiming it.
However, obtaining the ownership of a lower universe created by someone else was extremely difficult to the point that she didn't know a single person who managed to do it in the past.
There were just two conditions to obtain the ownership, but despite that, there were only two conditions they were extremely difficult to fulfill, especially the first one.
Moreover, the second condition should be fulfilled after cleating the first one, or it would be useless, so it was impossible to clear the second one while waiting to clear the first one.
The first condition was simple to explain but almost impossible to fulfill.
The person who wanted to obtain the ownership of the universe needed to have more than fifty percent of the intelligent beings of the universe worshiping him.
It was only while that condition was fulfilled that the person could fulfill the second condition by doing something that was impossible based on the universe's rules.
If one was to wait too much and the percentage of intelligent being having worship for such person were to lower under the mark, it would be useless despite having fulfilled the condition before.
The pure energy that Yale obtained was the materialization of the faith of the people of the universe on him.
Of course, only those who worshipped him would send him that kind of energy, so owning a universe where no one worshipped you wouldn't provoke that pure energy to appear.
Yale fulfilled the second condition when his incarnation manipulated the time to punish that young master, but at that moment there was a bit less than the fifty percent worshipping him, so nothing happened.
However, after that a lot of people started to have even more confidence in that Ancient Master Liye was a descended god and the news flew very quickly.
In fact, his disciple, as the one who was protected in the young master incident, created an organization who pursued those who were anti-Liye.
It wasn't that they didn't believe in Liye, but that they hated everyone and everything related to Ancient Master Liye and were outcasts of the universe, pursued by the Supreme Master's faction for insulting Liye.
Yale's disciple was weak, but his reputation an enormous since he received the protection of Ancient master Liye before.
His organization killed a lot of those anti-Liye, and even himself died on the battle to protect his master's reputation. In fact, he passed to the story as a hero.
After the incident of the young master, he changed his mindset, and in all the remaining lives of the trials, he obtained extremely good results that were just a bit worse compared with those of Yale.
After the incident and the continued work of the organization created by his student, the percentage of intelligent being venerating Ancient Master Liye surpassed the mark, and at that moment, Yale's incarnation created a planet, which was something that should have been impossible, clearing both conditions.
The Supreme Master and Liye's disciples already spread the word about Liye for a long time, and it was deeply rooted in the universe. The acts of Yale's disciple were only the last effort that let Yale became the owner of that lower universe.
Even the Supreme Master and Swordmad felt profound respect when they saw the world filled with light, and the image was transmitted to everyone in the universe deepening their veneration even more, which provoked that the faith energy reached Yale's real body.
Of course, if someone killed those opposing to him to reach the mark, it wouldn't work as the universe wouldn't accept such a person, but Yale didn't order anyone to do that, and even the young master was only punished by Yale, not murdered.
"Yes, that is his current name, you really provoked disaster with the true name you gave him even before he was born. Returning to the topic, Yale's strength is too weak right now, so he can't control that universe properly, but it will be extremely useful for him later on."

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