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Yale left an incarnation in the inn taking care of his disciple and left the world following the contents of the envelope left by the Battle God.
Given the information obtained there, they would need to face a long trip and departed immediately without telling anyone else about it.
The incarnation left by Yale was weaker than his real body but was still enough to be the most powerful existence in the world, so it didn't matter too much as it would still serve to protect his disciple's body while he was in the life and Death Trials.
As for the room in the inn, no one dared to ask for it, and soon the owner announced that the inn was closed and, in its place, a church would be constructed.
The owner was quite sharp at business and didn't doubt on using Yale's fame to make money by turning the inn into the main place to pray to Yale.
Yale's incarnation noticed it, but he didn't mind as long no one disturbed him.
The upper floor with the rooms remained untouched and turned into a forbidden area, but the area downstairs changed completely in a short amount of time.
With the donations of all the people who wanted to rely on Yale, the owner managed to make the reformations quickly, and the whole city turned the most important touristic point on the world.
For the first time, roads protected by barriers were created between the cities, and the world became unified.
The quality of life of those living in the world also improved as their fear diminished under Yale's protection.
Yale's real body learned about that from his incarnation, but he didn't mind at all.
He planned to leave that incarnation in that world after his disciple finished the Life and Death Trials, but that wasn't to protect those living there, but to control the solar system where his world was situated.
Yale didn't want to leave an incarnation on his world because everyone would end up relying on him and that would have been bad for their future, and Yale knew very well that he wouldn't reject helping them, so he avoided leaving an incarnation there.
However, there wasn't any problem if he left an incarnation in a world filled with cowards because since Yale didn't like them, he wouldn't help them unless it was a situation where the world was about to be destroyed.
In fact, even if he influenced their futures, Yale didn't care as the cowards didn't have a good future ahead anyway.
As for his disciple, they didn't have an overly close relationship, and Yale hoped that his disciple would continue turning strong without needing to rely on others.
Yale already taught his disciple a lot given the disciple's level, so using that knowledge was the disciple's job. A teacher could show the way, but the one who must walk on it was the disciple.
The disciple didn't know about anything happening in the real world as he was immersed in the Life and Death Trials.
Although it was quite hard for him to advance, he was enduring it quite well.

He almost failed once because of falling in love with a woman who was extremely similar to his dead wife, but the fact that the woman was killed by some bandits helped him to become detached of that world after his revenge.
He had already noticed that although the restrictions were different in all worlds, he couldn't reach immortality no matter how much he tried to do it.
In some worlds, he wouldn't be able to train at all, while in others his path would be blocked at some point.
He also noticed that sometimes he would take the place of someone who should have died while other times he would be a newborn.
Of course, he also noticed the advantages and downsides of both.
When the took the place of others, he was already grown up and could live on his own, but he needed to carry the past of the person he took over.
On the other hand, being a newborn had a clean past, but he would need to wait years before being able to act independently, and the family in which he was born also mattered a lot.
There were some patterns that he noticed on the way, like the fact that when the language of the world was one, he didn't know, he always appeared as a newborn, but when he knew it, it seemed random.
Regardless of how he appeared int he life, except in the case he fell in love, he managed to surpass the trials well when he was born as a human man. However, he had suffered quite a bit when he was born as a beast which was the cub a slaved beast, so he was also doomed to serve as a slave beast for his whole life.
In the end, he died in that life by killing himself due to the orders of his masters. Fortunately, since he was forced to obey it didn't count as truly killing himself.
There were other shameful lives, but he swore that he wouldn't tell about them to anyone else or otherwise he would die of shame.
Yale's disciple had just died in one of his shameful lives and opened his eyes in the next one.
He noticed that he was on a carriage and that despite the pain on his body, he could move and quickly noticed that he was in one of the lucky lives where his body wasn't too much different from his real one.
In fact, although it was easier for him to live well in those lives, those were also the most dangerous, and he knew it, but after a streak of lives being so different from his real body, he was quite happy that time.
"Are you awake? For a moment we thought that you died in that ambush. You paid a lot to us to ride this carriage, so it would have been shameful if you died in front of us."
Yale's disciple was already used to that situation and feigned having lost his memories due to the injuries to obtain a summary of his identity.
"Wait, can you tell me again the name of the city we are going to?"
He felt that was something wrong with the name of the city.
"Maybe hearing that name triggered some of your memories? We are going to Liye City, the biggest city in this world. It was named after the name of the ancestral teacher, Master Liye. That city was where he started to turn famous, and after his death, his master and all of his disciples decided to change the name of the city to honor him. Of course, those are all legends that happened who knows how many years ago."
Yale's disciple thought that it might be a coincidence, but at the same time remembered Yale's words about coincidences and thought that maybe he reached a world that his master had also visited.
"How did Master Liye die?"
The man in the carriage didn't find strange that the other party showed curiosity about that topic since Master Liye was practically revered as a deity in that world.
"From old age. Sadly, despite his vast knowledge, Master Liye was completely unable to train. Although legends said that he lived more than a mortal should have lived thanks to his vast knowledge, a mortal is still a mortal. However, a mortal who even immortals wanted to acknowledge as a master is definitely someone worthy of respect. There are rumors saying that he was a god who descended to the mortal plane to teach us."
Hering that explanation Yale's disciple was completely sure.
"That was my master. I am sure about it. Moreover, those rumors are far too accurate despite the fact that those facing the trials can't speak about that."
He knew that it was impossible to tell others that he came from another universe and that he was just facing a trial, which meant that his master managed to obtain that fame with his actions and not by relying on his identity.
Yale's disciple felt even more awe for his master. Although Master Liye was famous in his universe, in that world he had just appeared, the scale of Master Liye's actions was far more shocking.
After speaking with that man for some more time, they crossed the gates of the Liye City after the guards checked everything and everyone on the carriage.
Yale's disciple discovered that he went to the city to join the Master Liye Academy, so he was already setting his mindset to fit the role of a student in a prestigious academy.
Inside the city, the carriage advanced, but a shadow was left behind, and a person materialized in a nearby alley.
"My guess was correct. It seems that I won this bet."
The shadow smiled before looking at the sky.
"This world has changed a lot since I was here, but I can still feel the nostalgy."
The shadow was an incarnation hiding his presence to avoid being noticed. An incarnation that hid inside the soul of the one facing the Death and Life Trials.
"All the worlds he visited had been worlds I visited, although the order has been different. Now I can use this chance to find my old master in this world."
Yale had hidden a second incarnation inside his disciple's soul betting that he would visit that world.

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