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Yale and Lina appeared together in the Storage Space.
"You need to improve this space."
Although they appeared in the area of Aiwai's house, Lina could clearly see that the rest of the dimension was far too incomplete.
"I know, but I haven't mastered all the elemental Laws like you."
Yale laughed while speaking because at that moment it wasn't that he hadn't mastered all, he had yet to master even one elemental law.
"You say that, but you still used all the elemental Essences in your last attack."
Yale just laughed again in reply because he didn't want to explain the effects of Celestial Knowledge, which was the main reason for his previous victory.
Of course, Lina knew that Yale relied on some type of special skill to create that attack and that it should be related to the change of color in Yale's eyes and hair, but she couldn't guess exactly what that skill was.
Before any of them spoke again, both were thrown to the ground when Aiwai jumped towards them with teary eyes. She had suffered a lot while seeing their battle.
"You two are stupid. Don't do that again, Wyba and I were worried to death for you!"
Aiwai was hugging both of them at the same time, and although it wouldn't be difficult to Yale or Lina to escape from her, they felt that it was better to accept Aiwai's feelings.
From the ground, Yale managed to see that Wyba was crying near them. She also wanted to hug Yale and Lina, but she had been so worried for them before, that after seeing Yale and Lina inside the Storage Space, she couldn't stop crying from the happiness of seeing that they were really safe, so she couldn't even move.
"Don't fight again. I love both of you, and I don't want to injure each other."
Wyba complained about Lina's training a lot, but she truly saw her as part of her family, so she hated seeing that Lina and Yale constantly harmed each other in that battle.
"So cute! I can't say no to her!"
The same thought appeared in the minds of Yale and Lina before they spoke simultaneously.
"We won't do it again, we promise. Please don't be sad!"
The tears stopped flowing from Wyba's face when she heard that.
She tilted her head to one side while speaking.
Yale and Lina spoke again at the same time. They would rather battle against an Essence God at that moment than continue seeing Wyba crying due to their actions.
Aiwai, who was still hugging them, started to laugh seeing their synchronization. She knew very well that Wyba's cuteness had a hugely destructive effect on everyone who saw her, and the effects when she was crying were even more devastating.
Yale and Lina could battle to the point of provoking a calamity to the world, but they were really powerless against a crying Wyba.
Aiwai stood up freeing Yale and Lina after they made their promise to Wyba because Aiwai firmly believed that they wouldn't dare to break that promise.
Lina and Yale stood up in that order because since Yale had forgotten to hide his wings, Lina's body fell on one of them.

"Your wings are soft and comfortable as those of your sisters. Thanks to them I didn't hit the ground directly."
Lina had touched the wings of Wyba and Aiwai before, so she was confident in the comparison.
"It is a pity that you are male, you aren't cute at all. If you were a girl, I would have another cute fluffy sister to hug once you changed to your half-beast form..."
Lina really enjoyed hugging Wyba and Aiwai in their half-beast forms since their hair and wings were extremely pleasing to touch, but there was no way she would hug a man.
"I am glad of not being cute, and I don't have any plans to be hugged by you, so I feel that the situation is pretty good."
Yale felt that he already had enough with his family hugging him out of nothing.
"Lina, don't say so, Yale is cute even being a boy. In his kid form, he seems Wyba's twin."
Yale sent a deadly glare to Aiwai because that was something like a dark story for him, and he wasn't planning to do it again.
"Speaking of cuteness, you two in your wolf forms are really the best. I feel that to recover from my tiredness I need to sleep a while in that fur."
Yale quickly switched the topic while hiding his wings. He decided to avoid his half-beast form as much as he could to prevent anyone from remembering that topic.
"Don't try to change the topic!"
Aiwai realized of Yale's intentions. She was planning to force the situation to see again the kid form of Yale hoping that Lina would be curious about it.
"Big sister, don't be like this. Big brother should be too tired, why don't you let him rest like always? Would big sister also going to fight with big brother?"
Hearing Aiwai's shout, Wyba started to cry again as she felt that Aiwai also wanted to fight against Yale.
"No! I will never harm Yale! He is my beloved little brother; I can't harm him. Alright, Yale, You can rest as much as you need, that battle should have been exhausting."
Aiwai laughed at how Yale and Lina were unable to go against Wyba when she cried, but she was exactly in the same position at that moment.
Yale praised Wyba in his mind although she didn't say it on purpose of helping Yale, she just didn't understand the situation correctly.
He knew that Wyba was still sad for the battle and wasn't hearing the conversation properly or she would probably have been happy of following Aiwai's plan.
Aiwai changed to her beast form and lied down to let Yale rest on her fur as much as he wanted. Aiwai wanted to see Yale in his kid form, but she also liked when Yale relied upon her to rest.
Lina knew that Wyba and Aiwai had beast forms, but that was the first time that she had seen Aiwai's beat form since she never changed in front of Lina before. Wyba used to change a lot, but Aiwai felt more comfortable in her half-beast form.
"Lina, with your permission, I will take a rest. I am mentally exhausted."
Without waiting for a reply, Yale lied down on Aiwai's wolf fur and Wyba changed to her wolf form before jumping into Yale's arms.
"What a beautiful scene..."
Lina saw how Yale had already closed his eyes and was resting peacefully with the two wolves. She had observed Yale before the war, but she never saw him like that.
"What are you doing?"
Aiwai spoke when she saw that Lina turned back and started to walk away.
"I don't want to disturb your family time, so I will go somewhere else. Don't worry; I won't try to exit forcefully from this dimension."
Lina had forgotten about the matter of her cover being blown off by how the things happened after entering into the Storage Space, but after seeing that relaxing scene she remembered about it, which increased her uneasiness, and she also felt that she didn't belong there.
"You should also be exhausted, come here to rest. I don't mind about your personality at all, you saved my life, and you are also part of my family."
Aiwai and Wyba had indeed seen that scene, but they didn't mind at all.
Lina didn't know how to reply as she never expected to hear that from Aiwai. However, Yale was already resting there, so she didn't plan to go.
"I told you that they wouldn't hate you because discovering another side of you. Just obey Aiwai and come to rest; this is the best for mental tiredness. I know that you don't want to rest near me since I am a man and not related to you in any way, but you can just go to the other side, and you won't even notice my presence at all. I am not your family, but Aiwai and Wyba are."
Lina heard Yale's Spiritual Sense message and decided to go resting to the other side of Aiwai. Aiwai's wolf body was big, so it wasn't a problem to two people resting on the same side without touching, but Lina didn't plan to take risks.
"This is really good."
Lina had hugged Wyba while sleeping, but she never experienced resting on a Time freezing Wolf before. Moreover, she felt that if that were any other Time Freezing Wolf, she wouldn't feel so comfortable.
Lina only felt regret that she couldn't hug Wyba while being there because Wyba chose Yale very quickly, which made her felt like if she had lost. However, she thought that Wyba just wanted to be with Yale because he hadn't seen him for more time and that it wasn't because Wyba didn't love her enough.

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