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Chapter 411: Annihilated With an Indifferent Smile
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The nearby knights were extremely miserable. Some had their heads directly dissolved, while the bodies of others exploded. Everywhere around this place, there were human-shaped torches akin to the dancing flames to hell.

A large number of glowing scriptures surrounded the Prince of Great Qi and illuminated him with a galaxy of characters. The dazzling sanctified scriptures transformed peril into calm despite not possessing energy and preserved his life.

However, his legs were still engulfed by the flames which began to extend up along his legs; the situation was horrible. Qi Yu began to chant sutras in order to bolster the sacred scriptures.

At the same time, he was circulating the supreme secret chapter of device control in hopes of seizing the energy pagoda!

All of this happened within the time it took for a spark to fly off a flint. It was so fast that the spectators had no time to react to the changes.

Like an erupting volcano, a whole group of evolvers was burnt to ashes within moments.

The knight Yang Heng was like a wounded beast. His eyes turned a bloody red and green veins popped up on his face as he pounced for the kill.

Mu Qing’s beautiful countenance was, at first, full of smiles. However, heaven had turned to hell within the blink of an eye. Her expression froze at first and afterwards turned mad as she charged forth while screaming.

Chu Feng’s expression was extremely interesting. It changed time and again—he first felt alarmed and sad, later on, astonished, and in the end, he was shaken and delighted.

The shocking changes almost made it difficult for his heart to bear, because his hand was in the air and already ready to wave down.

He had grasped the ultimate breathing technique which allowed his spirit and body to merge into one, granting him superior reflexes. Otherwise, he might have accidentally given the kill order.

At the last moment, he held back his hand and didn’t swing it down. He had almost carpeted the whole area with nuclear weaponry.


At this moment, he no longer kept himself concealed and erupted with full strength. His pores were all gushing with essence energy like a human-shaped space battleship as he tore through the skies with violent speed.

He ran frantically because he was worried Lin Naoi would encounter danger. At the same time, he condensed his energy and launched a long-range attack!

With a swoosh, a lightning rune condensed on his left palm to form an electric lance which he shot out immediately.

Lightning screamed through the air as a dazzling beam of light shot through the air and struck Yang Heng.

Although the latter was quick to react and had indeed performed a sideways evasive maneuver, his left shoulder was still pierced through and erupted into a bloody hole.

But his body only suffered a temporary obstruction and was still moving forward. He wanted nothing more than to tear Lin Naoi apart immediately. There were no other enemies in his mind right now except that lady in white.

Yang Heng viewed her as a demoness despite her city-toppling beauty. His heart was bleeding at their loss. It was an entire legion of elite knights who possessed boundless potential. They were also the pillars that would help the Imperial Prince of Great Qi become a saint. In the end, nearly all of them were wiped out.

The source of this calamity was this woman. She possessed a transcendent elegance and gentle temperament, not unlike a fairy. But she had, with a single thought, completely annihilated the Great Qi Dynasty’s army.


A beam of white sword radiance shot out. This was the metallic qi nurtured within Chu Feng’s lungs. It transformed into a resplendent beam which sped towards Yang Heng to obstruct him.

Chu Feng felt a great urgency because he was still a certain distance away and could only launch long-range attacks.

At the same time, he shot out the scarlet flying knife. It spiraled out like a scarlet flood dragon formed from lava and dashed forth to hack at Mu Qing.

Yang Heng and Mu Qing were both targeting Lin Naoi and were frantically attacking her. They wanted to immediately end her life.

“You natives should all die!”

Yang Heng grasped his brilliant silver sword and defended against Chu Feng’s metallic sword intent. He drew out a white sword intent which slashed apart the mountainous terrain and destroyed the woods.

Mu Qing’s hair was disheveled. She defended against the flying knife amidst screams as she pressed towards Lin Naoi.

During this process, Chu Feng had held onto the diamond chakram. He had finally pulled close at lightning speed.

Lin Naoi wasn’t hurried at all during this time and was quite calm. Additionally, she had already noticed him approaching. Her white robes were particularly eye-catching amidst the flames. They hadn’t caught fire and still looked outstandingly clean.

At this moment, she possessed a stunning kind of beauty as she performed a shocking feat. She had single-handedly annihilated an entire army belonging to an evolver’s dynasty. Her every movement possessed an ephemeral beauty.

Qi Yu was trying to seize the energy pagoda and reverse the situation.

But he was disappointed to find that the energy tower was only drawn towards him for a short distance before it turned around swiftly and moved towards Lin Naoi.

“A super energy pagoda!” he cried out. His expression was the picture of shock. His heart was spasming and dripping with blood. He felt a sense of boundless loss because it was even more astonishing than they had anticipated.

But they had let such a great opportunity slip by and missed it just like that.

It was an energy tower of a supreme star. If he were able to seize it, he would be able to found a dynasty even more glorious than the Great Qi given the time.

Everything was too late now. That outstanding beauty, that seemingly peaceful and calm lady, had wiped away everything with a flick of her fingers and buried his entire army here.

“Ah…” Qi Yu cried loudly. This was the first time he had lost his composure. He had never been reduced to such a state even though he had experienced so many deaths along the way.

He had already arrived on earth. He had entered the planet his ancestor had wanted to conquer and even obtained hopes of becoming a saint. In the end, he had failed miserably.

His heart was dripping with blood, his body was spasming, and his spirit was trembling from the indignance. He had reached the end of his long journey and was only one tiny step away from the light of success when he was completely annihilated.


The simple and unadorned pagoda was gushing with energy as a majestic and desolate aura was transmitted from antiquity. It arrived within the blink of an eye and enshrouded Lin Naoi within it.

At the same time, Chu Feng shouted, his long hair fluttering in the wind as he shot out the diamond chakram.

He had left this tyrannical attack for the Prince of Great Qi, but after seeing Yang Heng’s bright sword hacking towards Lin Naoi, he hurled it without hesitation.

But he used a certain trick; he didn’t fire it with full strength. Additionally, he had attacked a strand of spiritual power so that he could guide its direction along the way.


The knight Yang Heng’s silver sword exploded and was smashed to pieces. At the same time, a mass of black flames extended out and erupted on his body.

Those were the flames of extreme yin, an extremely terrifying form of energy.


Yang Heng’s chest and abdomen came into contact with the black flames and was burned until he was full of blisters and cavities. His body trembled and as he staggered back, unable to endure the flames.

“A group of failed descendants, go to hell!” He let out a cry of agony as he hurled the broken sword towards Lin Naoi.

At this moment, Chu Feng could no longer block the attack, but no tragedy ensued because the broken sword smashed into the energy pagoda and couldn’t penetrate it.

Chu Feng’s tense heart was now thoroughly relieved. That so-called energy pagoda of a supreme star was indeed mysterious.

At the same time, he activated the diamond chakram with his spiritual power. Because he didn’t go all out with the shot, the weapon had already slowed down after striking the sword and poured out the flames of extreme yin.

He didn’t take complete control but only used his spiritual power to change its direction towards the madly attacking Mu Qing.


Mu Qing was already quite intimidated after being wounded by the flames of extreme yin last time. That was also the reason why she was ambushed by Chu Feng and crippled.

She became inherently intimidated now that she was once again facing the black flames. Her flames of anger towards Lin Naoi were immediately extinguished as she pulled back rapidly.


Chu Feng shook the diamond chakram with his spiritual power and caused it to spit out flames of extreme yin. Immediately, some black flames landed on Mu Qing’s body, causing her to cry out in alarm.


In truth, Chu Feng’s target wasn’t her. He was only doing this out of convenience. His true target was the Imperial Prince of Great Qi.

Chu Feng’s spiritual power suddenly erupted and blasted upon the diamond chakram before pulling back decisively.

The remaining extreme yin essence flames gushed out towards the area in front.

Many mottled talismans appeared in the air. They erupted with light and began to burn like several bright suns!

The characters written upon the talismans were projected and imprinted in the air.

Those were sacred scriptures written by a true saint. However, the terrifying energy within them had already been erased and only an inexplicable peacefulness remained.

That was because, for extraterrestrials, the more powerful their attack as they entered the earth, the more terrifying the backlash would be. If they had really used a saint’s energy in a confrontation, the whole area would be turned into a living hell and completely annihilated.

Even though it only contained only tranquility and no saint energy, the Imperial Prince’s legs were still immolated. It could hardly provide an all-round protection.

He wanted to endure, hoping to get through this short period. Once he successfully passed through the barrier of life and death, he would be like a true dragon returning to the vast seas and a vermillion bird soaring into the sky.

At that time, which native of earth could contend against him? Everything, including the supreme star energy pagoda, would be his and that peerless beauty would suffer the most frightening of punishments!

But the diamond chakram was flying over. It poured out essence flames of extreme yang and turned this place into a disaster zone.

The area around the Prince of Great Qi was filled with floating scrolls. They weren’t only protecting him but also sheltering the nearby people.

In truth, only those beside him were still alive while the rest had immediately been annihilated.

That was because the group was too powerful. The will of the present earth wouldn’t allow them to set foot on this ancient land. All of them had become important targets for elimination.

Within moments, the protected people screamed wretchedly as the scriptures around them were blasted apart and started to disappear.

“Save me!”

A knight cried out in pain as his silver armor melted and his flesh began to smoke and sizzle. Following which, he was torn to pieces with a bang.

“The wrath of the heavens!” a powerful middle-aged man cried out. His face was full of despair and horror as he crawled towards the folded space. But his limbs had all been burnt away by the flames and the remaining torso was also charred like coal. In his last moments, he sent a telepathic message because his throat had been damaged by the burns. “In the past, our Great Qi Dynasty’s main force served, together with many other units, as the vanguard under the command of the orthodoxies of the rank-twelve star. They had charged through this star passage and killed their way into this planet but encountered a complete annihilation. Their bones and remains were countless. And now… we have encountered heaven’s wrath yet again!”

He was withered away at a visible rate and became ashes in the wind. His terrifying final words were like a remorseful reflection of a ghost.

Some were still unyielding till death and cried out, “Prince, you have to get revenge for us and kill off all these natives.”

Lin Naoi moved once again. She rose into the air while still inside the energy pagoda and smashed towards the prince.


The scriptures were already being destroyed due to the essence flames of extreme yin, but now after being slammed into by the energy pagoda, they began to disintegrate at an even greater speed and completely collapsed.

Chu Feng was astonished. He had originally thought that Lin Naoi had acted rashly and was finally doing something out of hotblooded impulse, but it seemed everything was within her grasp all along.

But this also made him sigh with admiration.

She had plans all along and everything was within her expectation.


The Great Qi Prince’s hair was in disarray as he screamed, “Natives, descendants of those losers, you’ll be annihilated sooner or later!”

He knew everything was over and he could no longer hold on. He decisively turned around and charged into the folded space.


Chu Feng’s spine lit up as intense energy condensed into a draconic serpent which rushed out of his body and tore through the air in the form of a golden spear.


The spear was resplendent and its brilliance was shocking. It pierced through Qi Yu’s back and exploded in a blast of bloody radiance.

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