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"Captain Hawa, congratulations to you on your bountiful harvest of money and beauty. Come on, cheers."

In the VIP dining hall on the Hawa's, Hawa and Brother Ali were currently enjoying delicious breakfast. Hawa was in a good mood today, and he specially dined with Brother Ali at the dining hall.

"Alright, cheers." Hawa raised his goblet and clinked it against the two of Brother Ali, and the three of them drank all wine with their goblets.

After drinking, Hawa's wrinkled face carried a smile, and he said: "Big Ali, exchanging such a beautiful woman for this black box, are you sure you don't regret this deal? "

"Haha." Big Ali laughed, "Exchange a woman for the black box that I want, and also make a friend like Captain Hawa, it's all worth it."

"Hahaha …" Hawa was also laughing happily, "Mr. Ali is truly an aspirant man who is insusceptible to the beauty."

"Actually, it would be a lie to say that I'm not interested." Big Ali took over the conversation as he smiled, "This is the first time in my life that I've seen a stunning woman like this. I might never have another chance in the future. But for the sake of making friends like you, I would never hesitate to do so. "

"Hahaha, fine, fine, Mr. Ali, I am willing to befriend you. Come on, cheers!" The three of them clinked their glasses again. In this period, Big Ali's brother, Second Ali, had remained silent, and he only raised his glass when they were drinking.

After drinking this glass of wine, Hawa sneered in his heart. Damn it, if it wasn't for that black box, would you be willing to give me such a high-quality woman? Are you kidding me?

"Captain Hawa, how did you feel last night? It must be an enjoyment. From the looks of it, she should be still a virgin. "Heh-heh." Big Ali drank his wine and laughed sinisterly.

Hawa scratched the wrinkles on his face and shook his head: "For such a high-quality woman, enjoying at this simple and crude environment is truly a waste of the treasure. I will bring her back to savor her slowly."

Big Ali felt disdain in his heart. Although this was on a ship, there were all sorts of facilities in it. Even the bed you slept on was luxurious and customized. Maybe you are too old to be sexually potent.

It was not because the old fellow, Hawa, was impotent, nor was it because of the "environment" that Hawa had mentioned, just because he could not touch a woman right now.

His cultivation technique was a bit strange. After he harvested Yin enough, he would need to spend a period to refine it. During this time, he could not touch any women. Otherwise, he would take in too much Yin and cause Yin is more than Yang,which would make him troublesome.

Coincidentally, before going sailing, he had collected a lot of Yin from Dingla. He was in the time of refining, so he dared not touch any more beauties unless he wanted to destroy his achievements and kill himself. Of course, he would not tell others about this reason.

Just as the two of them were talking, one of Hawa's subordinates rushed over and whispered a few words in Hawa's ears, causing his expression to change slightly, and he stopped eating.

After being stunned for a moment, he waved his hand, signaling the man to leave.

"What is it going on, Captain?" Ali was very curious as to what could cause a person like him to change his expression.

Hawa calmly took a sip of the milk and said faintly: " Nothing important, it was just people who were chasing after Ayte, and the bald man is out of touch. I guess it is an ominous sign."

"What?" Big Ali's face also changed slightly, "Captain, those are the elites that have been through hundreds of battles with you, and there is more than a dozen of them, could they be exterminated easily by Ayte and the bald man? They don't seem to be powerful?"

"We neglected one person." Hawa thought of Qin Hao.

"Who?" Big Ali asked curiously.

"His name is Qin Hao. Originally, the three of them should be together, but we didn't see him last night."

"Qin Hao?" Brother Ali was unfamiliar with this name, "Who is he? Is he powerful?."

"Compared to my subordinates, he's powerful enough." Hawa saw that Qin Hao was a Martial Cultivator with the cultivation of Beginning Stage, which was considered as trash by him. Naturally, he did not care too much about Qin Hao, but for his subordinates, Qin Hao was already a strong opponent, and it was very likely that they would die there. It was challenging for ordinary people to fight against a Martial Cultivator.

"What is the background of this person…?" Big Ali was about to ask when the person who went out earlier rushed in again. This time, he looked extremely anxious, perhaps because he was too anxious, he did not think much of it and went straight to Hawa's side, he reported directly: "Captain, there is a ship sailing towards us from the horizon."

"What?" Big Ali was the first to reply, "Could it be the Demon?"

"The distance is too far for our observers to see clearly." The reporter answered.

"Continue to observe and prepare for battle and sailing." Hawa gave the order calmly. As an extremely experienced pirate captain, he was able to deal with whatever came his way.

"Yes, Sir." The person immediately left to send out the order.

"Captain, why don't we sail immediately? If it were the Demon, we would be all thrown into the sea to feed the fishes. Don't forget that all the goods you took last night were hidden here by the Demon." Big Ali stood up, and he got excited. He was not afraid of death, but he could not die because he had a mission. The black box had to be returned safely.

Hawa appeared to be very calm. He only glanced at Big Ali and said in a faint tone: "Mr. Ali, it's best for you to stay calm for a while. I can guarantee that if our ship leaves right now, and if it's really the Demon outside, with their style, a few cannonballs would send us to the seabed. Only then would we truly have to be fish food."

Big Ali was startled. At sea, he was still lack of experience compared to Hawa. But he still argued, "So we can only wait for them here to take away our lives?"

"They don't know that we took their goods and won't fire from far." Hawa said confidently: "I am very clear about those bandits. They rob any ship they met. As long as our ship doesn't move, they'll approach to rob us when they see it. On the contrary, if we leave now, they will use long-range gunfire to greet us and make us stay forever. Mr. Ali, the Demon's long-range fire is comparable to a nation's warship, and no one in this area can withstand it. "

Speaking till this point, Big Ali understood what Hawa meant. If they got close, with their ability, even if the two sides were to fight, they would still have a chance. If it were a long-range battle, they would not have the slightest opportunity. No matter how powerful they were, they would not be able to against long-range artillery.

With this, Big Ali had no choice but to admire Hawa's shrewdness.

However, he did not expect that if Hawa were not shrewd, if they listened to his words and left now, they would still have a chance to survive, because, on the island, there was a man with killing intent rushing towards them.

Besides, what was coming from the horizon wasn't the Demon. However, this ship was even more well-equipped than the Demon, which made people tremble in fear. This was a warship.

The ship was not an ordinary ship, and the people on board were not ordinary people either.

The people on the ship were all from the six big sects of ancient martial, and some of them were the support crew of the ship.

After the six big sects gathered together in Dingla and shared everything that Qin Hao had, they could not wait any longer and anxiously went in search of Qin Hao. When they heard the news that Qin Hao was sailing by Hawa, they immediately ated. There were a lot of people from the six major sects in the Dragon Group. Through their relationship with the Dragon Group, they obtained a warship, and then they caught Hawa's most capable assistant, Tan sang, to lead the way.

The pitiful Tan Sang, who had initially been left behind in Dingla under Hawa's orders to capture Ye Siyu and Su Xue, was in the end forced to lead the way out of the sea by a group of terrifying people.

The warship is more efficient than the Hawa, which needed a few days to reach this nameless island. After one night, they appeared on the sea level of this island.

The six leaders of the six major sects were standing on the deck of the warship. They looked at the island in the distance with excited smiles on their faces.

The most excited one was Cang Nan, who belongs to the CangHai Sect. In the past few days, the Cang Hai Sect had been chasing after Qin Hao, but was not available, allowing him to escape to the vast ocean.

There was another very excited person. Shang Qing Taoist Temple's Old Daoist Ping Yang could finally take revenge for the loss of a palm.

This time, the six big sects would surround and kill him together. On the island in the vast ocean, Qin Hao couldn't escape even if he had wings.

At this moment, although the ship hasn't reached the shore yet, it was already filled with killing intent. The curtain of blood slowly came down. In the next moment, this nameless island, this vast ocean, was destined to become the burial ground for many people.

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