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Chapter 584: The Eve of the Storm

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Once he had sobered up, Chu Feng immediately found out that a bunch of dao children, young Buddhas, and other young exceptional experts had arrived. These included many famous individuals amongst this generation.

At the same time, he also learned that while drunk, he had agreed to fight against Qin Luoyin and declared that she was not for sale.

His face reddened. His drinking had indeed made a botch of things. To abandon all restraint in this way and announce that he would keep Qin Luoyin as his servant girl was simply making a target out of himself.

He could do it, but wasn’t it drawing fire to himself to say it out loud in advance in such a way?

Everyone knew the Dameng Pure Land’s descendant Qin Luoyin was ridiculously popular. Her every word and action was being observed by everyone. One could suppose that there were now many hot-blooded youngsters who wanted to stick up for her.

Of course, when Chu Feng logged back onto the origin beast platform he immediately saw an overflow of condemnation. Numerous people had left messages for him. There were threats, menaces, curses… everything that one expected to find.

What was this?! Chu Feng pinched his lower jaw. He had indeed stirred up a hornet’s nest.

Even though he was now quite a celebrity having successfully killed a saint, all the clans knew that he was still no match for Qin Luoyin’s fans. They were all rather fanatic.

Chu Feng looked at the comments full of denunciations. There were also all kinds of hooting and provocations, and immediately his countenance darkened.

He could easily tell that Qin Luoyin was a model of a typical goddess with many admirers and supporters across the starry skies.

Then, some saw Chu Feng leaving a message, which directly infuriated everyone.

“Please call me the terminator of goddesses.” This was classic asking-for-it kind of provocation.

Chu Feng’s face turned green when he saw this himself. He was sure his hand didn’t slip. He hadn’t left such a comment, so what was this about?

Such words were definitely in response to those condemners and it caused fury from the crowd!

Then, Chu Feng saw Ouyang Feng being rather crude. He was sticking his toad belly out and grinning with an evil smile while holding a photon computer.

Without another word, Chu Feng approached him and his face immediately darkened when he saw that the Ouyang toad was logged into a golden account named “Being Unequalled is So Lonesome”.

“I’ll kill you!” Chu Feng grabbed him and beat him viciously.

“Oops, my bad. I accidentally logged into your account,” the toad cried oddly.

Everyone knew that the golden account “Being Unequalled is So Lonesome” was Chu Feng. It was a classic looking-for-trouble account name. But he was truly undefeated at the moment so he was barely doing justice to the title.

The sound of a frog’s croaking rang out incessantly upon Mount Longhu as Chu Feng beat it up. The toad’s spit poured down like a rainstorm but it was ineffective against Chu Feng. He was beaten up once more.

“Damn it! I was just so unbearably angry seeing how they condemned and ganged up against you. That’s why I responded to them. It’s for your benefit as I’m standing up for you.”

Ouyang Feng was not giving in and bellowed his grievances there.

“Not bad. That reply was rather assertive,” said the Manchurian Tiger as he joined in on the confusion. There he shook his square head and large ears, his big bronze-bell like eyes wide open.

Chu Feng’s face grew more and more sinister as he said, “Too vulgar! And you’re making more enemies for me at the same time. I’m almost the common enemy of all the young males now.”

On this day Chu Feng’s provocative response led to a series of heated discussions.

Then he live streamed a clip of himself beating the toad and explaining what happened. In the end, it only made matters worse.

“Wormhole Express, I want to mail some divine sons and saintesses!”

Chu Feng bawled. To divert his own attention he personally packed up the divine sons and saintesses before dispatching them one by one. He sent them off through the folded space located in the depths of Mount Longhu.

He had already asked the Wormhole Express Company and found that those families had already dispatched the Six Path Reincarnation Pills and Deity Elixirs. He had the right to inquire about it as he was a silver VIP.

And so, he too began to dispatch the goods.

Zi Luan, Yuan Mo, Zhao Qing, Li Feng, and Zhan He helped him out as he sent more than two hundred divine sons and saintesses out on their way.

“Everyone, have a safe journey!”

“Bon voyage, I won’t be seeing you out.”

The old donkey, the Manchurian tiger, and the black yak watched on with great interest before they too came forth to help.

Chu Feng said, “Everyone, imagine the future. On the day of our reunion in the starry skies, we will all surely be deeply moved.”

Fury rose in the hearts of all the divine sons and saintesses at these lines. It was shameful to the utmost degree to be delivered back home in such a way.

“My dream is to sell all of the divine sons and saintesses that come into Earth. Then one day when I set foot into the starry skies there’ll be familiar faces wherever I go. At that point, it could truly be said that everyone will know who I am!”

Chu Feng was being rather cocky and it successfully infuriated everyone. The eyes of the divine sons and saintesses he sent, as well as those from the various great orthodoxies within the starry skies, were green with envy as they stared at him. Even their breathing quickened.

“Someday in the future, you’ll suddenly look back and find that the strongest individuals of every planet were once one of my captives. That surely will be a pretty good experience.”

Whether it was within the Earth’s folded spaces or among the starry skies, clamor rose after such despicable words came out. There was a hubbub of voices.

“If you set me free this time, I’ll be sure to take your head off at the next!” The Deity race’s young god Luo Yi reprimanded Chu Feng before he set off, his eyes icy cold.

Bang, bang, bang…

As a result, he was beaten up viciously and his body almost fell apart. He was covered in blood as his bones and muscles snapped.

“Just you? You lost to me once, so don’t bother thinking about it in the future. Since I dare to let you go, then from now on I’ll no longer see you as a match for me, you ant.”

Luo Yi vomited blood at Chu Feng’s words. How rampant! Usually, it was him overlooking others, so it was unbearable for him to be looked down upon now.

Before being sent off, he took another few hooves from the old donkey, getting a black eye from being trodden on. The toad drenched him in spit too, and so he set off full of sadness as well as dissatisfaction.

Not long after, someone from the Wormhole Express Company indicated that Chu Feng was now officially a platinum VIP owing to his large scale mailing of divine sons and saintesses, who were classed as “precious articles”.

“Do I get any benefits?” asked Chu Feng.

“Yes, in the future, we will notify you in advance when we set up new shipping routes, such as those which pass through Hell, Forbidden Region of the Gods, Primal Chaos Demonic Lair, and shattered universes. You will be the very first to experience it.”

“I’ll politely decline. I don’t want to be a lab rat.”

“There are other services as well. For example, whenever you have the need to, we can send you wherever you want in the shortest amount of time possible as long as you can pay the price!”

“For instance?” Chu Feng tried to inquire further.

“When you’re hunted down and get caught up in desperate straits, you can call us thereupon if you have enough cosmic dollars on you. We can open up a super wormhole in an instant so that you can flee far away. Only platinum VIPs have such services, and we will handle your request immediately.”

Chu Feng’s eyes instantly shone when he heard this. This was very practical, and he hurried to learn more.

In the period that followed, some more of the Six Path Reincarnation Pills arrived. Chu Feng had requested for efficiency, so a batch of them arrived very quickly. It was clear they had used a super wormhole.

Following this, the Deity race’s Deity Elixir also arrived.

There was the sound of cheering throughout Mount Longhu as they celebrated ardently.

“Chu Feng, someone has tried to ask news of you from the Bodhi gene. They wanted to learn all aspects and bits of you. This is investigation targeted intentionally toward you so you must be careful.” An incoming message came suddenly from Jiang Luoshen, giving Chu Feng the important news.

Then, the clairvoyant Du Huaijin, clairaudient Ouyang Qing, and Ye Qingrou all started to talk to him as well.

“Boss, there’s someone trying to find out your temperament, interests, various everyday habits etc, trying to research you thoroughly. You need to look out!”

Even his university classmates Su Lingxi and Xie Xuan called to inform him that someone had tried to discern him through them.

Bearing in mind that Chu Feng had told them in private that he had many enemies. They didn’t contact each other lately as he was afraid they would become involved.

In particular, he was even more afraid that his university classmates would get dragged in, as they were nearly all ordinary people. He had already given them a heads-up, but now there were still people contacting them.

Chu Feng could sense that a horrendous storm was imminent as this information gathering targeted him.

“They want to understand you thoroughly, from your temperament to your habits. Thereby they can even deduce all kinds of characteristics of your evolution path, such as how decisive you are when making a move, how you adapt to what is true and what is false etc.” The black yak said in a low voice.

Yellow Ox, the old donkey, and the others wore grave expressions. They could detect an air of repression as a storm was about to burst!

“Is it the Dameng Pure Land collecting my information?” Chu Feng frowned. He was about to duel against Qin Luoyin so was this the orthodoxy doing its preparation?

“It could also be the Deity race, the netherworld race or the Xilin clan!” Yellow Ox said.

For a moment, the atmosphere upon Mount Longhu grew increasingly heavy. Chu Feng sprang up and paced around.

Everyone knew that the Deity race and the netherworld race definitely wouldn’t leave the matter at that. They would certainly come back after a defeat, aiming to deal a fatal blow to Chu Feng. Was it them who was investigating and trying to understand him on such a large scale?

“Chu Feng, you must take care this time. Don’t suffer a setback during the fight!”

The group was rather solemn. They could no longer laugh and joke about.

Chu Feng sat down cross-legged and cleared his mind. Using a breathing technique, he silently regulated himself to the optimal state. His body and mind became empty and clear, and he could vaguely sense a force approaching him, like a primordial demonic mountain. It suppressed his spirit, which made him palpitate.

“It seems that there’s going to be something big this time.” He was incomparably serious.

The three days was up in a flash.

During this period, Chu Feng had been constantly meditating and boosting himself to an optimal state.

When the time came, he rushed towards Mount Kunlun in the accompany of Yellow Ox, Ouyang Feng, and the others.

At this time, someone was, just like Chu Feng, incomparably grave. He had been closely following the activity on Kunlun, as well as Chu Feng’s movements. It was Yuchi Kong.

Muttering to himself he said, “The false one of earth, the truth will come to light today on just how strong you are after all. Now let’s see what your destiny is and if you can live on for long!”

In fact, while Chu Feng was adjusting his breathing on Mount Longhu, Kunlun was already packed with people. Too many people had arrived and they all wanted to watch Qin Luoyin, whose strength and beauty was most exceptional, fight against Chu Feng.

“Kunlun was a good place for battling, as it is now still. Many glorious battles have unfolded here.”

Someone said, and instantly he was recognized as a personage. Among the young experts within the universe, he was ranked amid the top 20.

This ranking was already shockingly high as the universe was so big. The top 20 evolvers were enough to carry the title of a heavenly genius of the generation.

Then, even more personages emerged.

“Ah, Ying Wudi! I can see the Quasi-Immortal race’s most powerful descendant. He’s one of the strongest individuals among the universe’s younger generation!”

“The Origin Demon Race’s crown prince is here! What a formidable aura! He has the most strength to vie over the position as number one among the young people. He might already be this generation’s number one under the starry skies!”

There was no peace upon Kunlun.

People from all sides hurried over.

Chu Feng’s heart became heavier and heavier as he got here. He became a hundred percent more attentive as his expression grew incomparably grave.

In the distance, a blue, lustrous carriage pulled by four Dragon-Scaled Heavenly Horses came traversing through the skies, overflowing with light and color. It was Qin Luoyin!

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