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"For being able to use the orthodox method I know to treat your soul, besides the Death Law and the Life Law, Yale must also surpass the Law Master level in the Time Law, only in that way the Time Law would be able to affect the soul correctly and permanently. I almost managed to do it in my lifetime, but sadly my soul was injured when I was just about to reach that level, and it is impossible to improve in the Laws with the damaged soul. If I were able to remain just one year in this my current state, it would be enough to reach it myself and heal you, but I don't have enough time because I am already dead, using my power even for a bit of time like now, is already against all the laws in the world."
To completely heal a soul with orthodox methods, reaching such level was a must, people who surpassed the Law Master level in those three Laws were extremely scarce even in other worlds. After all, those Laws were all among the most difficult ones.
The orthodox soul healing methods that could be used by fulfilling those conditions could be used even to heal a soul who had just started to dissipate. However, an unorthodox method would never be able to have such an effect, so the experts rarely bothered on it unless they knew someone who has the soul in a state that required healing, but it wasn't in dissipation.
In Aiwai's case, an unorthodox method would be enough to heal her. Sadly, Liye had never studied about those methods as there wouldn't be any need for them after he surpassed the Law Master level in the Time Law and he never had any of his friends or disciples in such weird soul state for needing to waste time learning such inefficient methods before.
As unorthodox methods differ for every case; they were considered a waste of time for anyone who didn't need them for treating someone. In case of having time Liye would rather surpass the master level on the Time Law as it was far more useful than learning method that would only work for that case.
"I can't help you more, now you can only believe in Yale. I will be able to be summoned once more, but I don't know if we will meet again. Train diligently, although training inside that space has more limits than in the outside world, as you are my disciple training it would be beneficial to you. You need to enter that space right now, I would like to speak more with you, but I have a tight schedule before disappearing."
The Storage Space had been created by Liye, and only his laws existed there. Thus, it was extremely beneficial for those who followed his teachings although it would be impossible to learn anything about a law that Liye hadn't learned himself.
Liye had an understanding of other laws besides those five in which he had reached at least the Law Master level. Those laws also existed in the Storage Space, but they were incomplete as Liye hadn't reached the Law Master level on them. Thus, without going out, it was impossible to reach the Law Master level in any Law Liye hadn't reached it.

"Disciple says farewell to master. I am sad we can't spend more time together, but I will be forever Master Liye's disciple."
Aiwai bowed to Liye before he made her disappear inside the Storage Space.
After Aiwai disappeared, Liye looked to Wyba inside the Storage Space.
"She was just an ordinary Frost Wolf, but due to Yale's influence, she has changed too much. Her existence is something that wasn't in the plan, her body with syncronized bloodline won't be able to support Yale's bloodlines. She is important to Yale and Aiwai, I might just help her a bit as my bloodline legacies are the main problem to her."
Liye sent his energy towards Wyba in the Storage Space, and then he distorted the light surrounding him to avoid other seeing his shape correctly. Then, he awakened the other hostages with cursed souls and gave them the two first different futures he said to Aiwai.
"I want to reincarnate, I definitely didn't want to turn into a puppet."
A princess that had been kept as a hostage didn't hesitate in choosing reincarnation.
"I understand that the princesses chose reincarnation, being like puppets would affect their honor as women of the royalty. However, I am one of the royal guards, so I prefer to remain here as a puppet. A lot of the kingdom's main strength is here; if we all reincarnate, the kingdom will be in a precarious situation. My only request is that the king should be the only one capable of giving me orders."
Too many powerful experts from the Anpaes Kingdom were in that room, the ones who avoided that destiny were strong enough to hide from the eldest prince's forces before Liye appeared or they were outside the palace avoiding the calamity.
When Liye punished the eldest prince and his subordinates, he also included those patrolling outside that room, and the lackeys who were outside the palace.
Fortunately, the guards outside although had captured a lot of important people, without the eldest prince they couldn't enslave them. Only those who weren't considered useful were directly killed by the guards; the others just suffered some injuries.
Although the eldest prince had ordered that all the important people and all the healers should be inside the palace, there were people who the eldest prince didn't have enough authority to control because they were old people who had served the kingdom for ages. There were also some other princes and princesses that he couldn't force to remain inside the palace, he could forbid them to enter but not to exit.
"Alright, I will only let Paku and Sebe have authority to control you after you become puppets. Sebe have been chosen by Anpaes as the crown prince, and he also has my approval."
Those hostages didn't know about Liye's identity, but they knew that he was powerful enough for calling the king by his name. They had all seen the eldest prince's corpse, he died without a single injury nor any sign of battle, a Rank 9 was killed without any need of battle, that was a true show of power.
"Thank you for hearing my selfish request."
That wasn't the only guard who chose to remain as a puppet to work for the kingdom until his body reached the end of his lifespan, almost all the royal guards decided to do that after the first one suggested it.
As for the maidservants, few of them decided to remain serving the kingdom even as puppets, but most of them chose reincarnation.
The members of the royal family had all chose to reincarnate, they didn't mind about the kingdom, they just didn't want to be turned into puppets.
Liye used the Space-time Judgment Sword to force all of those who chose the second option to reincarnate. However, some of them were cursed by the sword instead of reincarnated, but Liye didn't feel bad for them; if they were cursed, it was because they deserved it.
Liye had a better impression of those who decided to continue serving the kingdom even in that condition; he even sent a message to Paku to ensure that the families of all of those who chose to remain as puppets had a good life.
After that, he exited the palace and went to Aiwai's house.
The house had been slightly damaged, but the damages were far inferior to other houses. After all, the quality and defense measures were far better than the other houses and the lackeys had been wanting to create a general damage and hadn't focused in any place specifically.
Liye restored the damage in an instant, restoring something material like a house was easy. Then, he put the whole house, floor included, inside the Storage Space in the same place where he had put Aiwai and sealed the house together with her.
That was a little present Liye had thought for his disciple as he knew that Aiwai had taken a liking in living there with Yale and Wyba after going to the capital.
If it weren't because using Laws which Yale had yet to obtain the correspondent bloodline would shorten his time a lot, he would have just teleported to their previous house and also stored it.
He wouldn't have problems in shortening his time to save Aiwai by using the other Laws if he could do it, but for a material possession, he didn't plan to make the sacrifice.
Leaving a huge hole in the place where the house had been, Liye went towards the place where the Mysterious Expert was waiting just beside the space-time barrier.
"I knew that you will come to speak with me, but you mustn't let Yale know anything about my existence."
Liye looked well to the Mysterious Expert.
"I know, he won't remember anything about you although we are speaking right now. Although I need to admit that even I am surprised about your presence here, I hope you can explain it everything to me."
They isolate themselves in another space-time barrier inside the first one, beside the two of them no one would know about their conversation.

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