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However, the truth was right before their eyes. Tang Wulin had done just that. The long-range mecha opposite him was befuddled. It went around Tang Wulin's mecha in circles as it continuously fired shots of soul ammunitions toward him.

If it were a contest of energy consumption, a long-range mecha would not be worried. If it continued to fire away like this, the melee mecha would definitely be the one to buckle. The recoil of the spear from stabbing at the soul ammunitions expended energy.

Long-range mechas were weak in defense and were slower than melee mechas. However, their energy storage was much more than melee mechas. A dragged-out battle such as this was something long-range mechas would love to engage in.

Currently, Tang Wulin's opponent was most likely thinking of how he had met such a queer person? Did this person come here to die?

However, Tang Wulin felt different. To him, the endless rounds of ammunition fired at him were opportunities for him to practice with his spear. With every stab of the spear, the trajectory seemed to leave an imprint in his mind. In just a short while, he had stabbed a hundred times with the hundred trajectories imprinted in his consciousness.

It was a wonderful feeling. He stabbed, retracted, and stabbed again repeatedly.

The king of weapons, a kingly path!

The energies of both parties were decreasing continuously. If a melee mecha did not dodge the long-range mecha's attacks, it would consume more energy and at a faster rate, although it was blocking the attacks with a weapon. The energy level of Tang Wulin's mecha was already at a critical level after ten minutes.

The lights in the internal control room turned red to alert him, but Tang Wulin remained calm as ever as he controlled the mecha to stab time and again.

The Thousand Pointing Fingers, the Ten Thousand Spears as One. It was where the essence of this move lay.

Old Tang told Tang Wulin that he had to brandish his spear at least ten million times in actual combat if he wanted to master this move.

To stab his spear ten million times in actual combat! That's a pretty large number! However, Tang Wulin was not one to give up easily. The battle before him was his best practice.

The alarm beeped. His energy level dropped below ten percent.

The barrage from his opponent had also increased in intensity. His opponent clearly knew the total amount of energy contained within his standard mecha.

Tang Wulin's melee mecha finally moved. He suddenly dashed forward. The thrusters behind him shone brightly. Just when his mecha was left with the last ounce of energy, he made a forward charge with his melee mecha.

Of course, he wanted to win. Only by winning could he proceed to the next stage of the competition to further meet people who would provide him the opportunity to practice with his spear.

Inside the long-range mecha, a trace of disdain appeared at the edges of the mecha master's lips. 'Did he only think of counterattacking at the final moment? That's impossible.'

Similarly, his opponent engaged the thrusters and sped to the side in an attempt to put more distance between themselves. Although the melee mechas were faster than the long-range mechas, they were not that much faster. If the long-range mecha wanted to catch up to him, it was still possible with a single burst of speed from the thrusters.

What puzzled this long-range mecha master was the non-stop stabbing motion of the spear in his opponent's hands. It stabbed at the air with blinding speed. The melee mecha suddenly shone with a golden glow.

Soul power infusion?

Other than the energy provided from its own soul battery, a mecha can also be powered by soul power infused by a soul master. When the long-range mecha master saw Tang Wulin resorting to this, he was not surprised but rejoiced instead. At the same time, he increased the distance between them. He continued to fire away with his soul cannon. Every long-range mecha master had a determined heart and ample patience.

At this very moment, he felt something was off. He noticed the controls of his mecha suddenly slowed down. An indescribable fear suddenly appeared in the depths of his heart. Even such a large-sized mecha could not alleviate the fear he had within him. An intense pressure filled the air.

Right then, he saw the huge spear in the charging mecha's grasp stabbing a hundred times in an instant. The tip of the spear flickered with a faint golden light.

The two mechas closed in on each other rapidly!

The long-range mecha master clearly wanted his mecha to accelerate, but there seemed to be something suppressing him, slowing his movements down.

If the competition ground were used for a battle between soul masters, it would have been too vast. However, for mechas with heights taller than ten meters, a sudden spurt of speed could bring the two opponents close enough until they were face-to-face!

What just happened?

The long-range mecha master was frightened. The shadow of the spear with its golden glow had completely enveloped his mecha.

'Unleash martial soul! Too late.'

It was beyond his judgment. When his mecha was blasted to bits in a large explosion, he was sent out of the competition grounds. He had no idea how he had lost.

Tang Wulin looked at the mecha in front of him which was reduced to a wreck. Then, he looked at the spear in his own hands. A kingly path, a kingly heart!

He mumbled these words in his heart. Suddenly, a glimmer of enlightenment arose within him.

The forward charge he made a few moments ago was not to close in on his opponent but to unleash the Spear's Consciousness within him.

Clearly, his opponent's cultivation base was not powerful. Under the assault from his Spear's Consciousness, his opponent's spirit was intimidated. Even the armor of the mecha could not prevent the onslaught from reaching him. It was under such circumstances that Tang Wulin closed in on him to finish him off with a single strike.

The attack could not be regarded as the Thousand Pointing Fingers, it did not even come close. However, within a short span of time under Old Tang's guidance, Tang Wulin had grasped the intricacies of the Spear's Consciousness. Although the insight was brief, it was enough to raise his understanding of the spear to the next level.

A king controlled the world and possessed all kinds of riches! A king's heart was steady as a rock even when faced with a thousand accusing fingers!

If he was going to use a king's spear, he had to have a king's heart first.

A king's heart with the determination to win and persistence to master the spear!

He exited the Star Dou Battle Network. Tang Wulin unleashed his Golden Dragon Spear the first opportunity he got. He gripped it tightly in his hands. He had decided that from this day on, the spear should not leave his hands! He could only become one with it when he genuinely felt it, be intimate with it, and obsess over it.

'I'm hungry, let's eat!'

When Tang Wulin entered the cafeteria with the Golden Dragon Spear in his hands, he drew many side glances. However, there were no rules in the Blood God Army that forbade soldiers from carrying their weapons while having their meals.

After all, a battle against the abyssal creatures could commence at any time. Everyone should always have their weapons at their sides.

Tang Wulin only ordered one set. Naturally, he picked the best. Window number one. Currently, he had ample merits which could not be used for promotion anyway. He would treat himself to a good meal.

He held the spear in his left hand and ate with his right!

"Yo, brother! What has gotten over you?" Jiang Wuyue sat down beside Tang Wulin. When he saw the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand, he could not help but ask in astonishment.

Tang Wulin smiled and said, "Oh, it's nothing. I've been practicing with the spear lately. It feels better for me to be holding it."

"You're only eating this much?" When he saw the exquisite food on Tang Wulin's platter, Jiang Wuyue could not help salivating.

Tang Wulin had only now noticed that Jiang Wuyue's military rank was that of a colonel. It seemed that an abyssal tide would bring a faster promotion to those with power.

"Congratulations, colonel!" said Tang Wulin with a smile.

Jiang Wuyue said, "Why hasn't your rank changed? Judging by your performance the other day, you should've been promoted to a captain already. I should be the one congratulating you. You're already in the Blood God Battalion while I'm not even in its shadow. My father once said that my martial soul is domineering, but after nine rings, it's still lacking in power. After all, it's not a true Real Dragon Bloodline. I reckon it's the reason why the Blood God Battalion isn't interested in me."

Tang Wulin said with astonishment, "But you have the Overlord Dragon martial soul! Isn't the Blood God Battalion impressed with that?"

Jiang Wuyue said, "I've heard rumors that those with martial souls which are the foundation of Limit Douluos can qualify to join the Blood God Battalion. Clearly, you can. That's why you're already a supernumerary personnel. You probably know that there are countless people in our army working their asses off to obtain such a position. How many days have you been here? You truly have my admiration, envy, and hatred."

"I'll treat you to a number one meal," said Tang Wulin who was all smiles.

Jiang Wuyue's eyes brightened up. "One set may not be enough!"

"Forget it then." If Tang Wulin, with his personality, did not have a good impression of Jiang Wuyue, he would not have treated him to a meal.

Jiang Wuyue guffawed. "Alright, one set it is."

The two of them conversed as they ate. The conversation naturally focused on the Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge.

"The first round is over. I'm now hoping that I'll not face you before I get to the top-32," Jiang Wuyue said earnestly.

Tang Wulin said with a bitter smile, "You think I want to face you?"

Jiang Wuyue replied, "With your strength, it shouldn't be a problem for you to be in the top-32. However, luck usually plays a determining role in competitions like this. Let's see how our fortunes turn out. You seem to be taking this seriously!"

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