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Ji Xingyuan was no longer surprised to see Chen Xiang's success! One must know that when he tried to master it in the past, he only took a month to master it, and Chen Xiang only used a few days.

"Very good, many people will need more than a month to succeed, but you can finish it in a few days, just as fast as Old Wang. Maybe even a little faster than him." Ji Xingyuan laughed: "Right now, you will control this stone to float in the sky and let the light of the stone shine on the ground."

Chen Xiang controlled the stone to float little by little.

When the stone was suspended in the air, although the green light that shined on the ground was relatively weak, Chen Xiang could still see the flickering silver footprints of Dark beast.

"I saw it!" Chen Xiang saw a relatively large footprint that was even bigger than his foot.

"It's a relatively large Dark beast!" After Ji Xingyuan saw the footprints, his expression changed and he said: "We have to be careful, this large Dark beast is very strong. Usually the larger the body of the Dark beast, the stronger it is."

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "At that time when we meet this Dark beast, Uncle will go and stall it, I will find a chance to launch a sneak attack!"

"Alright!" Ji Xingyuan took out a handful of stones. Under his control, these strange stones emitted a green light, which was a lot brighter than Chen Xiang's.

Ji Xingyuan was able to control many stones to float in the sky, which made the area he lit up even larger.

"If any Dark beast were to enter the place where these stones light up, I would be able to sense them in time." Ji Xingyuan said: "You will have to practice more in the future, in order to be able to control more stones like me."

"What kind of stones are these?" Chen Xiang was very curious about these stones that were emitting green light. These stones looked no different from normal stones from the outside, but they could absorb a person's spirit and release strong and weak green light along with their spirit energy. Furthermore, if any movements were to be detected when the green light shined on a place, it would immediately be sensed.

"These are stones that have been soaked in Dark beast's blood. Try them later and you will understand." Ji Xingyuan brought Chen Xiang to quickly follow the footprints. At this time, he and Chen Xiang had already delved deep into the darkness.

The last time Chen Xiang had met that leopard was high up in the sky, so it could be seen that these beasts would also be hiding high up in the sky. If there was a large amount of those stones, it would be very easy to find these Dark beast by controlling the rocks to float high in the sky.

Ji Xingyuan had released more and more stones. Firstly, it was so that he could quickly find the big Dark beast, and secondly, it was to be on guard against any enemies that might ambush him.

"It appeared!" Ji Xingyuan suddenly shouted, because he was the one who released the stone, he knew that the Dark beast was up there.

After confirming the location of the Dark beast, he immediately rushed over with a speed as fast as lightning. In almost an instant, he arrived above the giant black bear, and then ferociously kicked it in the head.

The giant bear's head was turned to the side and its body was pushed back by more than ten cloth.

Ji Xingyuan's kick had angered the huge bear.

After the giant bear had become furious, it charged towards Ji Xingyuan. However, Ji Xingyuan could easily dodge the attack, and after that, he jumped above the giant bear and smashed down with his palm towards its head.

When the palm landed on the giant bear's head, the entire earth shook, and the wind from the palm blew away the floating rocks.

"What a strong and fierce power. This comes from the power of the physical body." Chen Xiang had previously experienced this kind of power before. When Ji Xingyuan attacked him, he only needed to rely on his Qi to break all the bones in his body.

This huge bear, however, had only fallen to the ground after being slapped on the head. Then, it stood up immediately.

"I have to help." Chen Xiang immediately rushed over. Although Ji Xingyuan was powerful, this giant bear was not weak either.

The giant bear had been ruthlessly slapped by Ji Xingyuan, but it actually wasn't hurt at all, it was only roaring in anger.

Seeing Chen Xiang coming over, Ji Xingyuan said in a deep voice, "Be careful of this guy, he's very powerful!"

The giant bear saw Chen Xiang coming over, but did not put him in its eyes, because the feeling Chen Xiang gave him was too weak. Only Ji Xingyuan could make him feel a huge threat, and even hit him twice, causing him to be extremely furious.

Ji Xingyuan knew that Chen Xiang's Heavenly magic sword was very powerful, so he decided to give him a chance.

The huge bear once again charged towards him, but this time, it was even faster, charging towards Ji Xingyuan like a bolt of lightning.

If not for the fact that Ji Xingyuan jumped to avoid the attack, he would have been knocked flying a long time ago.

After he jumped up, the giant bear also ferociously jumped on the spot, opened its mouth wide and bit towards Ji Xingyuan, at the same time waving its pair of gigantic claws to swipe at him.

The giant bear was much taller than Ji Xingyuan when it stood up, but it was much more agile. It had attacked Ji Xingyuan many times in the blink of an eye, and it was fortunate that Ji Xingyuan was not an ordinary beast either.

Ji Xingyuan was already hugging the giant bear from behind.

Seeing that, Chen Xiang immediately rushed over.

"The chance has come!" Chen Xiang's speed was also extremely fast. Just as the giant bear broke free from Ji Xingyuan's embrace, Chen Xiang's Heavenly magic sword had already pierced through the giant bear's head.

The giant bear's head had been penetrated through, and it started to struggle intensely. Ji Xingyuan also quickly left the giant bear's body and grabbed Chen Xiang.

"This guy is really scary!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath. Even though the giant bear's head had been stabbed by him, it did not immediately fall down.

"Yeah, but he's got a head injury." Ji Xingyuan heaved a sigh of relief. Seeing that the giant bear had slowed its movements, he went over immediately and struck the giant bear with his fists and kicks. In the end, he smashed the giant bear to the ground.

Chen Xiang walked over, took out the Tianchuang furnace, and laughed: "Let's eat it with meat."

Ji Xingyuan did not have any storage divine tools, so even if someone brought it here from the outside, he could not use it because he needed to cultivate using the power of the Myriad Tao.

"This thing of yours should be a spatial storage item or something like that." Ji Xingyuan wiped his sweat and laughed.

"Yes, does anyone use it here?" Chen Xiang felt that although this place had restrictions on the power of space, magic treasures like spatial storage items had an array inside to maintain the stable flow of space, so it could still be used.

"All the fellows from the Myriad Tao could use it at the beginning, but for some reason, when it came to the end, their spatial storage divine tools would become ineffective, and they would no longer be able to use it." Ji Xingyuan replied: "This is also possible for you."

"Really?" Chen Xiang was very surprised at this. Since it was going to gradually lose its effectiveness, he was starting to worry.

"Yes!" However, he said that it was mainly because the spatial divine tool had separated from the Myriad Tao for too long and was unable to sense the spatial energy within the Myriad Tao. As a result, the spatial energy within the Myriad Tao would gradually dissipate and become useless in the end. " Ji Xingyuan said.

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