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Chapter 1572 - The Heaven General

"Lord immortal envoy, looks like that Shen Qing is going to make his move on Qin Chao."

It had been a while since the last Immortal Alliance Great Assembly, and at this time, in a secret room in Misty Mount, Dongfang Ying respectfully said while kneeling in front of a mirror.

Inside the mirror, there was a figure vaguely reflected in it.

"Interesting. I didn't expect that guy's woman would betray him."

The person in the mirror spoke with a familiar yet rather old voice.

From the sound of this Lord immortal envoy's voice, it was clear that she was the Old Lord Taishang from that day.

Meanwhile, Old Lord Taishang was rather depressed.

He himself was an exalted existence in the celestial being Da Luo, an exalted and unparalleled existence in the Immortal World.

Who would have thought that in Matal Realm, he would be beaten into such a sorry state by a human.

This matter, was practically a joke in the Heaven Realm.

Although the Celestial Emperor did not say anything, the Old Lord noticed that within his eyes, there was only disappointment.

The Celestial Emperor couldn't wait any longer.

His decay of the Immortals is getting more and more severe, perhaps he will fall into the path of rebirth at any time.

How could the Six Paths of Reincarnation be where the Celestial Emperor was supposed to go?

Too dirty.

Lord Heavenly Emperor is the commander of the Heavenly Court.

"Qin Chao has too many women."

Dongfang Ying said in a slightly proud tone, "It's normal for one or two of them to betray him. This guy is very low level, and also very emotional."

"It seems that your evaluation of him is not high …"

Old Lord Taishang said slowly, "But, this person is still a great threat to our Heavenly Court. Not just the I, the Heavenly Emperor and even the Empress hate him to death. This guy has a wanted poster in our Heavenly Court."

"On the fifteenth day of the next month, Shen Qing had already invited Qin Chao to participate in the Alliance's Gathering, and to take advantage of the first time Evil Alliance and Immortal Alliance were talking to each other, to thoroughly settle this matter."

"That Qin Chao, how could he be so easy to deal with?"

However, Old Lord Taishang laughed coldly, "That Shen Qing of yours, who is also known as the so-called Alliance Master of the Immortal Alliance, is truly too naive. To deal with Qin Chao, using extreme methods is probably useless."

He thought of his previous failure and could not afford to anger himself.

After so many years, after he had reached true Immortal Ascension, when had he ever failed?

But now, he had lost miserably to a mortal.

This was truly intolerable.

"Then Lord immortal envoy, what do you want to do?"

Dongfang Ying could not help but ask.

At the same time, she was muttering in her heart.

Lord immortal envoy placed too much importance on Qin Chao.

To be cared for so highly by the Heavenly Court, if Qin Chao knew, he would be satisfied.

What kind of person was he?

Furthermore, how did he cultivate? Even the women around him had become so powerful.

She felt that her talent was already very impressive, but it seemed that compared to him, she was still nothing.

Unfair, this world is too unfair.

Why is Qin Chao so strong when he's so young?

He remembered that the first time he saw him was only about two years ago. At that time, he was still a small character that he could crush to death at any time.

But now, even the roaming immortal s of the sects were trembling in fear when they saw him.

Even these deities viewed him as their greatest enemy.

Should he be honored as his enemy?

"I has already come up with a plan."

Old Lord Taishang sneered, "It's just one day in the sky, and one year on the ground. I'm afraid that we've prepared for too much time, this time I've sent a proud general to support your actions, this time he's very powerful, your mission is to grab hold of all the Principle Pillars and break the shackles of this world. Then, the world is ours, the Heavenly Court!"

"But, those people from the eight sects of ancient times are very powerful too."

Dongfang Ying hurriedly said, "Even if the Lord Sky General comes here, he will still be restricted by the laws of heaven and earth. At that time, there is nothing he can do about the Principle Pillars."

"Rest assured, we are not idle in the sky."

However, it's a pity that this kind of immortal equipment doesn't produce energy, and there aren't many in the entire Heavenly Court. Otherwise, we would have long ago conquered the mortal world with some Principle Pillars we destroyed.

"In that case, I know what to do."

Dongfang Ying said, "I will destroy all the Principle Pillars."

"Very good!"

Old Lord Taishang nodded, "However, once those Principle Pillars are destroyed, the divine tools that were sealed by the Human Venerable and the Ghost Venerable would be born. At that time, there would probably be a wave of bloodshed."

"A divine artifact."

Dongfang Ying didn't know what Old Lord Taishang meant.

"This is a secret."

Actually, when Human Venerable and Ghost Venerable fought that year, they set up Principle Pillars s with each other. It was not only to block our Heavenly Court from the Immortal World, but also to seal up an extremely destructive divine artifact at the same time.

"Sir, can you tell me what exactly is that divine tool?"

"I don't mind telling you."

Old Lord Taishang said, "That was the Pan Gu Axe that Pan Gu left behind when he established Heaven and Earth."


Hearing the two words "Pan Gu Axe", Dongfang Ying was startled.

This was the legendary divine tool.

Did it really exist?

"This Pan Gu Axe is a true legendary divine tool."

It's a pity that these bastards' existences like the Principle Pillars have blocked the wishes of the Celestial Emperor. Not only the Heavenly Emperor, none of the demons in the God Realm of the Four Directions were unmoved by this divine tool, so when the Principle Pillars were all destroyed, the true war would soon come. "

"So that's how it is..."

Dongfang Ying nodded his head, "Then Lord immortal envoy, what should I do now?"

"I will only be in charge of handing over the Sky General to you. You can take care of the rest yourself."

As Old Lord Taishang spoke, the mirror suddenly lit up with a white light. A figure slowly walked out from the mirror.

"This guy is at the Heavenly Immortal level. Although he can't compare to the celestial being Da Luo s, it's enough to destroy the Principle Pillars. Go, don't disappoint the I."

With that, Old Lord Taishang's voice disappeared.

A tall and handsome man wearing bright silver armor stood there, not even sparing Dongfang Ying a glance.

This man was so arrogant.

"I am Dongfang Ying. Lord Heaven General, please advise me."

Dongfang Ying immediately cupped his hands at the Heaven General.

Who knew that the general would ignore Dongfang Ying and just stand in the room, not saying a word.

Aiyo, this guy is pretty cold.

Dongfang Ying could not hang on much longer.

She was a proud woman to the bone. It was one thing for her to be angry at Qin Chao before, but now, a heavenly general had appeared, and he was so awesome as well.

Really, what's the big deal.

No matter how powerful it is, isn't it still the weapon in my, Dongfang Ying's, hands?

"Lord Heaven General, if you are going to act like this, Dongfang Ying really won't know how to cooperate with you."

Dongfang Ying continued, "If that's the case, how are we going to complete the mission given by the Lord immortal envoy?"

"I don't like scheming."

The Heaven General finally spoke, his voice also emitting a cold aura.

"Aiya, you finally spoke."

Dongfang Ying sarcastically said, "I really almost thought you wouldn't know how to speak."

The Sky General was silent again. He just stood there, emitting a white light as if he was training.

Dongfang Ying gasped.

This man was really too indiscreet.

In any case, he could still be considered a beauty.

Could it be that he had gotten used to seeing those fairies in the sky and no longer had a cold towards beauties?

Would the fairies in the sky have as good a look as Dongfang Ying himself?

Really, I hate this kind of arrogant man the most.

He was one, Qin Chao was another. None of them were good things.

"At least, let me know your name first."

Dongfang Ying could only say.

She felt that this fellow before her was no different from a boulder.

If you can, just call him Stone.


It was cold enough.

Moreover, this fellow's surname was Ao.

Dongfang Ying's eyes lit up. It seemed that in the Immortal World, there was only one race that had such a unique surname.

"Aohan, what a great name, it might even fit you well."

Dongfang Ying slowly clapped his hands.

"You can speak of our mission."

Unexpectedly, Aohan just lightly said, and was not moved by Dongfang Ying's words at all, "Other things, are not within our scope of conversation."

"Lord Ao Han is really not very tactful."

Dongfang Ying curled his lips and said, "We shouldn't communicate our feelings properly, how can we cooperate more? At the very least, we should understand each other better, if not, how would I know how to act?"

"I am Aohan, my attribute is water."

Aohan was helpless and had no choice but to continue to introduce himself. However, he was also very brief, "The rank is Heavenly Immortal Stage, the commander of the Heavenly River Water Army."

"So that's how it is … a general after all."

Dongfang Ying covered his mouth and laughed, "It seems that this mission will be a lot more interesting."

Aohan did not say anything again, he just felt that this woman was getting weirder and weirder.

He just needed to say the task, why would he do such a thing?

No wonder Old Lord wanted to send him to the mortal world.

If he didn't conquer the mortal world, he wouldn't be able to unify it.

They were all creatures that liked to let their imaginations run wild.

Since the mortal world was used to wandering freely, they had to let the Immortal World rule them.

"Talk about missions."

"Alright, alright, I didn't think that the general would be so direct. Our mission this time is the Shenyu Sect's Principle Pillars, I think, with the general's strength, it won't be difficult to destroy it. As long as we do this, we do this …"

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