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Chapter 836 - Challenge Brand!

Even though the ball of red light was extremely fast, the amount of energy it contained was negligible. Tang Huan reached out and grabbed with his palm, and shockingly, a red jade tablet that was around three fingers wide appeared.

Inside the jade token, the word "fight" could clearly be seen.

This was the commonly used "Challenge Brand" in the Sword-fighting Villa. Other than newcomers like Tang Huan and Hu Xuan, all the cultivators who had registered to participate in battles were basically a group of people.

"Challenge Brand? Accepting the Challenge Brand means accepting the other party's challenge! "

"This guy is finished. Judging from his appearance, he should have just been promoted to Rank Six True Spirit not long ago. If he were to enter the stage, he would probably be tortured very badly."

"If you're weaker than others, when you encounter provocation, you can just obediently swallow it down. Now, aren't you just giving out points for nothing?"

"Maybe it's because I've only been in the Sword-fighting Villa for a few days, but after a long time and have enough lessons, I will understand what I have to do."


Whispers would resound from the surroundings from time to time, and when everyone looked at Tang Huan, their expressions were all different. Some were filled with sympathy, some were filled with regret, and some were filled with schadenfreude.

Hu Xuan and the others were all startled, they also did not expect this guy called Yu Mingjing to challenge Tang Huan right away. The fact that Yu Mingjing had accumulated more than a thousand points in the Sword-fighting Villa meant that Tang Huan was definitely not his match.

In that moment, Hu Xuan and the others started to worry.

They had long since witnessed Tang Huan's strength. Back then, when they were at the Dragon Ascending River, it was Tang Huan who turned the tide and consecutively defeated many people from the Dragon Clan, including Long Xueying who was at the peak of the Rank Five True Spirit.

However, within the Sword-fighting Villa, the most talented young cultivators were gathered. This Yu Mingjing was a cultivator of the Peak Rank Six True Spirit, but his true strength was comparable to the cultivators of the Rank Seven True Spirit. Otherwise, how could he accumulate so many points?

Although Tang Huan was already in the Rank Six True Spirit, she was not necessarily his match.

"Brat, it seems like we need to find an arena!"

Yu Mingjing looked at Tang Huan from head to toe, his eyes filled with ridicule, "I came to Sword-fighting Villa for three months, and have already given this Challenge Brand to you a total of thirteen times, in which you received my Challenge Brand ten times with higher cultivation, and three times with lower cultivation. Those three fellas were all in bed for a month after the battle.

Hearing his words, the faces of Hu Xuan and the rest changed slightly.

"Are you insane?" Tang Huan squinted his eyes and said suddenly.

"What do you mean?"

Yu Mingjing's handsome face instantly darkened.

The corner of Tang Huan's mouth lifted slightly, and said with some ridicule: "Looks like your brain really isn't too good. Since that's the case, I'll let you clear your mind." While speaking, Tang Huan lightly waved his right hand, and the Challenge Brand in his hand immediately turned into a ball of red light, and was thrown back towards Yu Mingjing.


Yu Mingjing grabbed onto the Challenge Brand, looked at it, and then looked at Tang Huan who was in front of him, and could not believe his eyes. Not only him, even the surrounding cultivators who were spectating were stunned. Returning the Challenge Brand to their side meant that they had rejected the other party's challenge. Towards this kind of fellow, the Sword-fighting Villa's way of handling it had always been to clear all the points and expel them, and furthermore, they could not participate in the battle again in the future.

Since he could not participate in the battle in the Sword-fighting Villa, the accumulated points meant that the door to the "Pure Yang Sword Sect" had already closed!

It was impossible for this fellow to not know what it meant by his actions, but he still threw the Challenge Brand back to Yu Mingjing.

Seeing that, Hu Xuan and the rest were also confused.

They were well aware that Tang Huan's goal was the same as theirs, to travel thousands of miles from Wind Howling City to Yan Yang City to become a disciple of the Sword Sect.

"Rejecting the challenge, you are courting death in the 'Pure Yang Sword Sect'!"

Yu Mingjing came back to reality and anger flashed past his eyes. If the other party did not plan to join the "Pure Yang Sword Sect", he would be helpless against him.

This Sword-fighting Villa, and even the entire Yan Yang City, forbade private duels.

If he wanted to resolve the dispute, he could go to the 'Life and Death Arena' in the west of the city, or he could go outside the city. However, the other party had even rejected his challenge in the Sword-fighting Villa, so how could he possibly follow him to the "Life and Death Stage"? Furthermore, he could not keep his eyes on the other party forever, waiting for him to leave the Yan Yang City.

"I just entered the Sword-fighting Villa today, and have not registered to participate in any battle, do you think I need to accept your challenge? You don't even have a clear understanding of my situation and you dare to challenge me? After being in Sword-fighting Villa for so many months and still being so reckless, if it isn't something that's crazy, then what is it? "

Tang Huan laughed in ridicule.

When Hu Xuan and the others heard this, their faces were filled with joy.

Indeed, the booklet had mentioned that after the battle, challenges within the rules were not allowed to be refused. Because after entering the battle, he was the sword faction's Preparatory Disciple. Of course, this Preparatory Disciple was only a verbal title. Before he became an official disciple, he had no rights whatsoever.

However, there was no indication in the book as to whether or not he would accept the challenge before entering the war. It was clear that he could accept the challenge as he wished, or refuse it as he wished.

Hu Xuan and the rest relaxed their expressions, just now, when they were in a rush, they did not expect this.

"You …"

Yu Mingjing was obviously very surprised as well. After being stunned for a short while, her fair face flushed red from embarrassment and she said coldly, "Brat, I do not believe that you will not participate in the Sword-fighting Villa's battle! I would like to see how you will still reject my challenge after you enter the battle. "

The strange looks from his surroundings made Yu Mingjing feel as if he was on tenterhooks. After finishing his sentence in embarrassment, he turned around and left.

However, just as he took two steps forward, a voice stopped him in his tracks. "Since you want to challenge me so much, wouldn't it be too heartless if I didn't fulfill your wish?"


Yu Mingjing sneered and turned around, wanting to retort, but before the voice could even shoot out from his throat, it turned into a low shout of surprise. In his line of sight, the guy who wanted to teach him a lesson was actually walking towards the small round stage on the left of the stage.

On the stage, Jiao Tianlei and Fu Junwei's fight had already started, but the majority of the cultivators on the side had all turned to look at Tang Huan.

Seeing Tang Huan's actions, not only was Hu Xuan and the rest puzzled, everyone was also surprised.

He had even returned Yu Mingjing's challenge earlier, but from the meaning of his words, it seemed that he was going to accept Yu Mingjing's challenge. Furthermore, the direction that he was heading towards now, was obviously towards the referee stand in this stage. According to the rules, all the cultivators who had just entered the Sword-fighting Villa and were preparing to participate in the battle, could sign up at any of the referee stand to receive a "Challenge Brand" and a jade token that represented their status as preparatory disciples.

Sure enough, under the gazes of many people, Tang Huan walked onto the referee stand.

Not long later, Tang Huan walked down, and leisurely walked back to his original spot. He smiled and said, "Now, you can pass your 'Challenge Brand' to me."

Yu Mingjing's face was unsettled.

In the past, he had given the Challenge Brand to Tang Huan with a superior attitude, occupying the initiative. But now, it was Tang Huan who asked him to hand the Challenge Brand over. If he really gave away the Challenge Brand as Tang Huan had said, then he would have lost a bit in terms of momentum.

However, if they did not gift the Challenge Brand s and missed this opportunity to teach the other party a lesson, they would definitely be mocked by the others.

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