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Chapter 2507 - Level 9

These were the most ancient legends of the Magic Tribe.

There was no way to verify this.

No one tried to do it.


It was unknown whether or not the other world still existed. After all, so many years had passed, and no one knew if that plane had been destroyed or not.

The plane is just like a fighter's.

Every day, new strong warriors would be born, and powerhouse would also die.

Along with the expansion of the ancient inheritance's power, it became perfect. Every day, new planes would be born, and at the same time, new planes would be destroyed.

A hundred million years had passed. Who could guarantee that the other side of the world still existed?

… ….

The ninth floor.

The moment Long Fei stepped in, his body began to sway violently, as if he couldn't stand stably.

Not only him, the entire ninth floor's Secret World was shaking.

"Hualala …"

"Hualala …"

The strong wind whistled, the earth trembled, as though the ninth floor was shaking from the force, causing people to be unable to stand steadily. Long Fei activated his Innate True Origin and a root took root under his feet.

He steadied himself and looked at the stairs.

Red Robe Ancestor opened his eyes and said coldly: "Ninth floor, Wind, Rain and Thunder World."

Long Fei made his move, and said: "Senior, after you!"

The corner of Red Robe Ancestor's mouth lifted, and said: "There's no need for you, because … The next second you're going to die. "


"The rules of the ninth floor are very simple. If you can break through, then you'll be able to clear it. You won't be able to …" Hehe... That would be death. "

As soon as he finished.


The Secret World in the ninth floor had a sudden change in expression.

In an instant.

A fierce wind blew from the ground.


"Hualala, hualala …" In the blink of an eye, it turned into a giant tornado, with the wind speed that could be seen with the naked eye rotating in stripes.

The wind on his face was like a knife cutting through meat.

whoosh whoosh, whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

In less than half a second, Long Fei's face was filled with wounds, and the clothes on his body were also in a mess.

Long Fei frowned, "Wind, rain, lightning, right?"


"I'll stop you once!"


Long Fei's left arm moved, the heavenly fire burned, the Blade Qi on the Ju Que Sword burst out in an instant, staring at the tornado that was rolling towards him. Long Fei said: "The tornado is just a huge vortex, the bottom most is the axis, as long as we can stop it, the tornado will naturally be gone."


Long Fei let out a light breath.

Two wind blades blew at the corner of his eyes again, causing him to bleed.

And then …

Long Fei's face turned sinister as he roared, "Do it!"

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The Ju Que Sword slashed out consecutively, rushing out crazily, creating a path in the tornado. Long Fei's Mahayana Realm's power exploded out completely, directly rushing into the tornado.

Following the explosion of his Sky Fire Blade Qi, the tornado also underwent a change.


Flames churned in the tornado, the entire scene … It was like tornado fire.

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Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

"Ahh …"

All of Long Fei's clothes were torn apart, leaving only the Sea God's Armor behind. Standing in front of the wind wall, when the wind rammed into his body, it was like a fist smashing down ferociously.

It was too hard.

However …

Long Fei endured it with his life, because once he was swept up by the wind, he would instantly reach a height of thirty thousand meters. At that time, even if he had a bit more than a hundred million health point, he would probably die.

The damage of this tornado was too great.

"Huff …"

Long Fei exhaled a deep breath, "Come!"

With both hands, he tightly held onto the Ju Que Sword.

A fierce stab.

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The Ju Que Sword was instantly sent flying, and at this moment, Long Fei moved, and following the rotation of the Ju Que Sword, Long Fei entered the wind wall.

The Ju Que Sword pierced the wind wall, causing Long Fei to hold on tightly.

"Ahh …"

"Ahh …"

The violent wind immediately turned into flames.

The entire tornado turned into flames.

"Ahh …"

Long Fei was roaring, he could not even take a single step inside the wind wall. His entire body was spitting blood, and he could be blown up into the air at any time.

"This flame …"

"I don't believe it!"

"Break for me!"

His right fist moved, smashing straight into the wind wall.

He followed the punch as well.

Long Fei angrily rushed in, and instantly stood in the narrow hole in the wind.

He panted heavily.

Long Fei's entire body was dripping blood, and it was as if he had crawled up from a pool of blood. His health point had decreased by more than half, and in the eyes of the wind, his health point was still in a frenzy.

"We can't delay any longer!"

Long Fei raised his head to look at the sky above the eye of the storm, it was a patch of red, this tornado was too ferocious.

"F * ck!"

"It's my turn now."

Long Fei held the Ju Que Sword tightly with both of his hands, and the gigantic sword blade of the Ju Que Sword turned into a leaf in the wind, then Long Fei leaned his body back slightly.

All the strength in his body exploded forth.

"Bring it on!"

"Ahh …"

The veins in his arms bulged.

The Heaven Flame was burning crazily.

At this moment.

"Arrogant God Energy Value, explode for me!"

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Long Fei started to spin, moving in reverse. To eliminate the tornado, under such circumstances, the only way was to use his power to clash with it.

Reverse force.

Only then could he destroy his axis.

"Huff, huff, huff …"

It was incredibly difficult for Long Fei to not turn a fist. He was almost unable to grab hold of it and the Ju Que Sword wanted to send him flying back at any time.

One round after another.

He used all his strength.

In his right arm.

In his left arm.

As the two streams of power flowed into him, Long Fei's speed began to increase. Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!... The small horse began to whooshing and whooshing.

Only a madman like Long Fei could release such power in a tornado.

You know.

The grade of this tornado was at least Zhen Wu realm's strength.

To reverse the flow of such power was simply too difficult.

Long Fei's palm split open, and fresh blood gushed out. However, he did not think that he would let go of her hand, grabbing with all his might, and also borrow the strength of the rotation to crazily accelerate.

"Ah, ah..."

It was as if he had gone insane.

Slowly, the tornado slowed down.

In the end, after clashing against Long Fei's reverse power, it crazily canceled out the attack and the tornado quickly became smaller as well. Long Fei knew the effect of it and was secretly happy in his heart. "Hahahaha …"

"I knew it!"

The spinning power increased.

Half a minute later.

The entire tornado had been completely destroyed by Long Fei.

Long Fei's Ju Que Sword shook, then roared loudly, "Fuck, come again!"

"I will still crush you!"

He heaved a huge sigh of relief.


It was unknown what his words were about to say, but just as he finished speaking, an even more powerful tornado appeared out of thin air.

Long Fei was suddenly a little dumbstruck.

He's overreacting?

Long Fei shouted, "Old man, you cheated. I have already broken through the wind and lightning, why would you appear again?"

The Red Robe Ancestor smiled faintly, and said: "I have decided on this world. I said you have not passed through it, do you understand?"

"We'll talk about it later!"

"The Wind, Rain, and Thunder Realms isn't for you to use your strength to pass!"

Long Fei scolded angrily: "You don't use your strength? Could it be that I will use my life to carry it? "

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