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Chapter 2520 - Lots of Water in the Sea

Two big shots, two rescues.

Long Fei used up too much energy.

Be it mentally or physically, all of them had greatly surpassed the tolerance of Long Fei's current level.

It took too much strength to cast a high-leveled skill.

He was …


It was extremely uncomfortable.

The inability of the body to endure was one reason. The other reason was … If the purple-robed old man was resurrected, how was he going to fight back?


In the middle of cooling.

The Sky Splitter of the Sky Sword s?

After casting it just now, it also required a cooldown.

What can I use to deal with him?

There were no longer any high-leveled skills to be used.


Long Fei's body could not take any more powerful attacks.

"Huff, huff, huff …" Long Fei breathed heavily as he cursed in his heart, "System, you really don't feel good about not killing me."

Four times the difficulty.

A 12S level mission!

It was too difficult!

It was rare for it to surpass Long Fei's endurance.

If he could do it again, he really wouldn't be able to hold on.

At this time, the Demon Emperor said immediately, "Long Fei, the Demon Pagoda, the Demon Pagoda … Don't you understand? "

The Demon Emperor reminded Long Fei of the Demon Pagoda from the very beginning.

Long Fei had never cared about it. What could the word "Demon Tower" mean?

Long Fei asked: "What do you mean? Can't you explain it all at once? "

The Demon Emperor said, "The Demon Pagoda has always been controlled by the Demon Pagoda's power. The one you want to deal with isn't the tower guard, but this Demon Pagoda."

"Don't you understand?"

"He is only a tower guard. The one you want to challenge isn't just him, but this Demon Tower."

ten-storey devil tower.

Any level of tower guard was controlled by the power of the Demon Pagoda.

It can make you strong.

It can make you weak.

To put it bluntly, this is the Demon Pagoda game. In the world of the Demon Pagoda, the Demon Pagoda is the GM, he can do whatever he wants to do.

The purple-robed elder had lost twice in a row and was almost killed by Long Fei.

Logically speaking.

He had passed the test.

However …

The reason why he didn't pass the test of the Demon Pagoda was because he had yet to pass it!

Long Fei trembled slightly, looked around and said: "You mean to tell me to go all out with the ten-storey devil tower?"

The Demon Emperor was stunned. "This, that, is all? It means that as long as you can break through the Demon Pagoda, you will pass the test. "

"And …"

"I feel that the test that the Demon Pagoda has given you is very harsh. It doesn't want to stop you, but it wants to know what kind of potential you have. He has taken a fancy to you! "

"Pfft!" Long Fei said heavily, "You want me? I thank it, so it's best not to fall for me, and let me peacefully pass this test. "

"I don't want to become some the chosen one."

"I don't want to know the secrets of the Demon Pagoda either. I just want to complete the mission, pass the test, get the rewards, return to the Xuan Yue sect, and participate in the rescue of my woman in the god's sect gathering. It's that simple. I beg of you. " Long Fei said.

Picked them up?

A severe challenge?

The heck, are they aiming for him?

To be able to revive his opponent time and time again, and to cripple him time and time again?

If the Demon Tower was a human, Long Fei would really give it a big slap.

He did not need to take a fancy to it!

The Demon Emperor was dumbstruck, and said: "Brat, you have to endure it, and pass the test for me as well. The origin of the Zhen Wu continent is in your hands, do you really think that there are people in the Magic Tribe who can pass the test of the ten-storey devil tower? Just like you said, it is impossible for such a person to appear in the entire continent, so you have to pass the test for me. "

Long Fei sat on the ground, gasping for breath, and said: "Look at me now, do you think I can pass the test? Are you f * cking interested in me? "This is f * cking pushing me to death."

The Demon Emperor said, "I believe in you."

"F * ck!"

Long Fei disdainfully said, "This old man doesn't believe in himself, what right do you have to believe in me?"

He really did his best.

All that can be done has been done.

He had used up all his skills.

Now. What else?


In a few more minutes, the purple-robed old man would regain his full HP and his strength would increase. At that time, what was there to be afraid of?

What else?

His big move was already gone.

holy artifact?

Any holy artifact will need the user's own strength, even if given to you by the Super Artifact …


Long Fei thought of the words' Super Artifact 'and his heart trembled slightly, "That's right, Super Artifact … I still have a Super Artifact. "


Long Fei's eyes flashed with a trace of light, he immediately stood up and said to the Demon Emperor: "You really want me to pass the test?"

The Demon Emperor looked at Long Fei with determination, "What do you want me to do? I am tied up by the power of the Demon Pagoda, so I cannot leave. "

Long Fei said: "I know that you won't be able to leave, and I don't want you to, but... I want to know if your true essence can come out? "

The Demon Emperor gave it a try and said, "You can release your true essence outwards. This is fine, but what do you want?"

Long Fei asked: How much true essence do you have?

The Demon Emperor said, "A lot."

Long Fei asked: "How much is a lot?"

The Demon Emperor said, "A lot is a lot."

"F * ck!"

"I forgot that you're a normal warrior, you can't even use numbers to measure your true qi value." Long Fei muttered, and said: "You should roughly describe how much true essence you have."

The Demon Emperor asked, "Have you seen the sea before?"

Long Fei said: "I have."

The Demon Emperor said, "Do you know how much water there is in the sea?"

Long Fei replied: "There's so much water in the ocean."

The Demon Emperor said, "That is, my true essence is just like the water in the sea. It's so much, so much. Now can you tell me what you want to do? "

The sea was incomparably vast.

The value of true qi was as much as the amount of water in the ocean?

Then this number … If one were to measure it, it should be worth over a billion, or even 10 billion, right?

Long Fei grinned, he started to become excited and said: "Have you ever seen someone die instantly?"

The Demon Emperor said, "Don't beat around the bush with me. Tell me clearly."

Long Fei said: "You will see it soon. Starting now, pour all of your True Essence into me.

"Hurry up!"

"I'll take care of that old guy!"

"Same here!"

"I will also defeat the ten-storey devil tower!"

"MMP my ass, this time …" "Your father is definitely going to win." Long Fei said angrily.

The Demon Emperor didn't understand.

He did not know what Long Fei was planning, but seeing how confident Long Fei was, he did not hesitate, and said: "Brat, ready!"

Long Fei said: "Come!"


The Demon Emperor sat cross-legged, released his True Essence and began to crazily pour it into Long Fei's body.

It was also at this time.


"System Notification: true qi Value + 10000 points!"


"System Notification: true qi Value + 10000 points!"


"System Notification: true qi Value + 10000 points!"

… ….

The value of the true qi was increasing rapidly, breaking the limit of Long Fei's true qi value.


A loud sound echoed out.

The devil fire once again rushed out of the tower. It became thicker and stronger.

The purple-robed old man laughed sinisterly. "Hahaha …" "Brat, I'm here again!"

Its enormous body turned malevolent.

It landed heavily on the ground. At this moment … He became even more powerful as the demonic flames shrouded his entire body. His eyes stared angrily like a diamond, and they were filled with contempt.

"Kid, I'm not going to die!"

"This time, you're dead for sure!"

At this moment … Long Fei smiled faintly and moved his right hand.

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A huge bow and arrow appeared in his hands.

Super Artifact!

sun-killing arrow!

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