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Chapter 164: Come and Train You Mind

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At this moment, Puzhi's voice rang out from the screen, "You are from the Green Cloud Faction? Isn't the Green Cloud Faction the No. 1 Righteous Faction in the world?! How can you, an evil and vicious cultivator, come from this faction?!"

A moment ago, this black-clothed man planned to create a spiritual artifact by using the corpse of a child, which was a despicable crime in this world.

When the Godly Sword Lightning-Controlling True Spell was about to strike down, Puzhi looked weak and helpless.

"He's in danger!" Some people were anxious.

What would happen to this holy monk and those two boys?

While everyone waited for the answer, the big screen dimmed, and this message was displayed, [The end of the second episode.]

They waited for a long time, but the third episode didn't come. Instead, the shop owner announced, "That's the end of today's livestream."

"What do you mean?!" Everyone was stupefied!

What is happening?! They couldn't understand it!

They had come to the most exciting and important part, but the second episode ended without the third.

"Mr. Fang!" Premier Zhang's old face twitched. "Who on earth will die, the evil man or the master named Puzhi? We just came to a critical part; how come it just ended?!"

"Aren't there four episodes, Sir?!" someone asked.

"Only two episodes are put on the livestream," Fang Qi said casually.

Xiao Lengyu gritted her teeth and felt like crying. "We were fine while waiting in line, but now we feel restless!"

"This method is…" Liang Heihu also came back to his senses. "Did you do it on purpose?!"

They had come to a climax in the story when the second episode ended! More importantly, there were no seats available for them to watch the third and fourth episodes!

They were dying of impatience!

Behind them, Zhang Wanyu chuckled and said, "This damn shop owner! I would have drawn out my sword and come after him!"

Dong Qingli looked sympathetic as well.

When she watched earlier, she hadn't noticed that the second episode had ended at this part!

It felt terrible that they still had to wait in line while they knew there were two more episodes that they could watch!

"Fortunately, I've finished all four episodes!" Nalan Hongwu heaved a sigh of relief.

Hearing his words, the Royal Princess's pretty face turned dark since she had just watched two episodes!

She turned her murderous gaze toward Fang Qi.

At this moment, Fang Qi returned to his seat calmly and turned off everything on his desk.

"Sir, are you finished playing?!"

"Yeah." Fang Qi nodded. "I've played for one day and want to go out for fun!"

"Sir! You're a nice guy!" Ji Yu was pleased at the turn of events. She was about to step up when a cool voice sounded, "Your Highness, I was waiting here first."

"You came earlier, right? Then, you take this seat." Fang Qi beckoned at Nalan Mingxue.

Ji Yu was speechless with fury!

Nalan Mingxue, Song Qingfeng, and the other disciples of Lingyun Academy were fine since they had come relatively earlier than others. As to the Royal Princess and the disciples from the other two academies who had arrived in the evening, they didn't get seats until several hours later.

I'll watch the third and fourth episodes first! For many of them, they were eager to watch Jade Dynasty first.

"Finally, I can see this part!"

Including Royal Princess Ji Yu, the customers who had been waiting were excited.

Under the flashes of lightning, the grass, plants, bricks, and rocks flew around. Meanwhile, the last seven prayer beads hanging before Puzhi's chest shattered and formed a huge character, spelling out "Buddha", in front of him!

[TL Note: the character for Buddha is this symbol- 佛.]

It hovered before Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu, blocking the attack for them!

He's so selfless and brave! Many of them exclaimed silently at this sight.

- Two hours later -

"Will Xiaofan be taken into the faction?!"

"No one wants him! What shall he do?!"

The screens dimmed at this scene.

Everyone who was watching went speechless again.

It ended again?!

They had thought that they wouldn't feel the same as they did at the end of the second episode. However, it ended at a critical moment again?! The cliff was deep.

All of them felt like spitting blood!

"Where are the fifth and sixth episodes?!"

"The shop owner said that he will update the fifth and sixth episodes tomorrow," someone who had watched before them answered.

At this news, the internet cafe was filled with sad howling.

Seeing the screen turning black again, all of them felt as if they had suddenly fallen from a mountain peak to the bottom of the valley!

"Where's the shop owner?! Where is he?!"

With murderous eyes, they glanced around the internet café; they had the urge to drag him out and beat him!

"The shop owner went out to play two hours ago." Nalan Mingxue took off the virtual headset and looked at the restless crowd in the internet cafe. "With the speed of the sword control technique, he probably is now outside of Dajin."

All the people who had just finished watching the fourth episode felt enraged.

"However, even if he is standing right here, he would say that you're welcome to destroy the shop…" Nalan Mingxue's face turned dark and she glanced at Xiao Yulv, who looked to be in deep thought. She finally understood why Fang Qi was calm when people threatened to destroy his shop.

At this moment, Fang Qi was still inside Dajin. After all, it would look bad if he flew out with the sword control technique during the night and couldn't find his way back.

He practiced the technique nearby, trying to finish the task by getting proficient on flying on his sword.

While he flew on the sword, he received another task.

[New task: Train the Mind

Task Process: Over 200 activations of each episode of Jade Dynasty

Task Reward: Silent Hill 2 Virtual Reality Remake

Task Description: It was especially made to deal with the unsteady mind and weak fortitude of the players who experienced fast increases in their strengths.]

Fang Qi felt the deep 'malice' in this task.

"However, there are all kinds of demons and monsters in this world," Fang Qi voiced his doubt, "Are you sure that this game can toughen their minds and wills?"

Fang Qi remembered that Resident Evil was also a horror game, and it had indeed scared some people. However, when the more powerful cultivators and warriors came to play, they didn't show the same level of fear that he had felt when he played it the first time.

To his question, the System showed its answer on the interface, [The System's products are quality guaranteed.]

With a twitch in his face, Fang Qi had to believe it for the time being.

He had to admit that it was indeed an extraordinary method to toughen one's mind and will!

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