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Chapter 779 - Black Tiger Transformation


As if it was angry at Hu Xuan, it let out a roar and the black tiger immediately dissipated, transforming into Hu Xuan's sturdy body. Initially, he had thought that he could quickly resolve the battle, but he did not expect that the Snake Clan woman called Lian Yu was so difficult to deal with.

"Big Brother Hu (Tiger), your Tiger Clan has won a round, congratulations." Qian Yu swept his gaze across Lian Yu and Hu Xuan, a smile plastered between his brows.

"Thank you!" "Thank you!"

Hu Lie laughed, but it was rather forced. With his vision, he was naturally able to tell that Hu Xuan's current situation was not looking good. Even though Hu Xuan had won the battle with Snake Clan, most of the power in his body had been used up.

Next, the Snake Clan would very likely send another cultivator from the Rank Five True Spirit out, so Hu Xuan's chances of winning were very slim.

The Tiger Clan had four Rank Five True Spirit cultivators, and Hu Xuan's fighting strength was the strongest. He was eliminated after defeating only the Snake Clan, which greatly exceeded the expectations of Hu Lie and the rest.

Hu Xiao, who was in charge of sending troops, knew that the situation in the Tiger Clan was not looking good and frowned.

It was also at this time that the heavily injured Lian Yu was brought back by the Snake Clan Cultivators. But right after, from the Snake Clan side, a young man with an ordinary face appeared like a ghost. He was tall and had thin cheeks, and his triangular eyes flickered with a cold and gloomy light.

The man held a long, dark blade, the blade was long and narrow, the blade edge was extremely sharp, and even though he had not used the Genuine Qi yet, the sharpness of the blade had already spread far and wide, as though it could cut through space.

"Rustle, rustle …"

Zhuo Dongqing's left hand, on the other hand, gently shook the hourglass a few times, and all of the sand in his right hand immediately fell out. After that, he flipped the hourglass over, and the slow flowing sound of the sand began to resonate in all directions.

"Snake Clan, Fang Tingxun!"

The moment he finished speaking, the dark black long blade in his hand swept out at an angle, and a condensed image of the blade rose into the air, rapidly expanding in the air. In an instant, it was already a dozen meters long, and it carried an extremely sharp aura that pressed down from the sky like a wave, as if it could tear all the obstacles below into pieces.

This Fang Tingxun was obviously a cultivator with another surname from the Snake Clan, but his strength was not any weaker than the Lian Yu who was defeated by Hu Xuan earlier.


Hu Xuan roared out, his eyes widening as he once again activated the Black Tiger Great Image, and at the same time, fused with it. At the same time as the Great Image expanded in size, the Black Tiger's two huge front claws also slammed forward with the force of a thunderbolt, as if it wanted to smash the longblade into pieces.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Amidst the loud noise, the terrifying Strength Qi surged crazily and the huge blade shadow instantly exploded into pieces. However, Pang Shuo's body also flew backwards as if he had suffered a heavy blow, landing twenty meters away. When he stabilized his footing, his body actually weakened a lot.

"Big brother Hu Xuan's situation is not looking good."

"I made a wrong judgement in the previous battle. Hu Xuan exhausted too much of his energy. "Sigh …"

"It seems like the contestants that were agreed upon last night will have to be adjusted."


Hu Xiao squinted his eyes, with his hands behind his back, his face was gloomy and he did not say a word, the murmurs of the people from the Tiger Clan beside him continued, they were all worried and worried.

"Hu Xuan, the current you is no longer my opponent, you should just obediently admit defeat!"

The black Qi whizzed out from the blade's body, and instantly condensed into a black waterfall that rumbled down towards them. It was as if a gigantic mountain had collapsed, and a tyrannical and cold Qi filled up the void.


The giant tiger roared.

Immediately, its two large eyes turned blood-red. Circles of dark red markings appeared on its black body, and soon, the dark red color spread out from the markings. In the blink of an eye, the entire giant tiger turned dark red.


Tang Huan exclaimed in surprise.

Back when Hu Kai and Ying Yu were fighting, the Black Tiger Great Image also underwent such a transformation. It was just that this time, Hu Xuan's Black Tiger Great Image had become even more thorough.

Tang Huan could clearly feel that Hu Xuan's condition had greatly changed. He, who had almost exhausted all of his energy, felt an additional terrifying energy inside his body, as if it could erupt like a volcano at any time and reveal a terrifying power that could destroy the heavens and earth.

"Second stage of the 'Black Tiger Transformation'!"

Hu Xiao let out a low cry as his tightly knitted brows relaxed. and the others around him also had faces full of pleasant surprise and disbelief. The Profound Tiger Transformation was a cultivation technique that all the Tiger Family Disciples s needed to cultivate. With every increase in level, the power of the Great Image would increase by leaps and bounds.


While Fang Tingxun was in the air, his expression suddenly changed. The change in Hu Xuan's Great Image actually made him feel a huge threat, causing a bad premonition to arise in his heart.


Amidst a piercing cry that sounded like it came from a golden crack stone, Hu Xuan suddenly rose into the air, and rushed straight towards the black waterfall that was pouring down at a speed as fast as lightning. Compared to before, the speed of the giant tiger had increased by at least fifty percent. It was like a lump of dark red light, fiercely smashing into the black waterfall.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!" The sound of their collisions resounded through the world as the two figures simultaneously retreated. However, after an instant, they once again shot towards each other without hesitation.

"This fellow broke through by force?"

Tang Huan frowned slightly. At this moment, the aura that was being emitted from Hu Xuan's body was extremely berserk, and within the berserk, it seemed to show traces of instability. Of course, this sign was extremely weak, even Hu Xiao did not sense it. This allowed Tang Huan to realize that the current Hu Xuan might not be as strong as he appeared to be.

If this battle could be resolved quickly, Hu Xuan would be able to win. But if the battle dragged on for too long …

Fortunately, Tang Huan's worries had not materialized. Very quickly, Fang Tingxun had already revealed his defeat. After Hu Xuan's "Profound Tiger Transformation" broke through to the second stage, his attacks had become even more ferocious than when he was fighting with Lian Yu.


Not long after, under the attacks of the huge tiger's dark red sharp claws, Fang Tingxun was unable to hold on to his dark black long blade anymore. He flew out of his hand and stabbed into the ground a dozen meters away, and at the same time, the huge tiger's other sharp claws ruthlessly smashed into Fang Tingxun's chest with the force of lightning.

Crack! Faintly, a sound like the breaking of the breastbone could be heard.

"En!" Fang Tingxun groaned, his body flew backwards like he had been defeated. The giant tiger followed suit and soared into the sky, and without waiting for Fang Tingxun to land, it pounced on him again. The Fang Tingxun at this time had almost no strength to retaliate. If he was pushed into the ground, he would definitely be severely injured.

"Stop, we admit defeat!" On the Snake Clan's side, a young lady shouted loudly.


The giant tiger roared like thunder, it turned its body and landed with Fang Tingxun at almost the same time.

In the next moment, the giant tiger Great Image disappeared, Hu Xuan's figure appeared, but his face was already completely red. He only turned his head to look at Hu Xiao and the others, and before he could even say a word, his tall and sturdy body collapsed onto the ground, motionless.

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