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The Paper Sword was a sword of Mount Shu that could transmit messages over 500 kilometers.

The sword ripped through the air to stop and hover in front of Lin Shan.

It trembled ever so slightly before opening from the middle. The handle of the sword bent and in the blink of an eye, transformed into a slip of paper bearing the symbol of the Mount Shu. Shortly after, the slip of paper fell gently on Lin Shan's palm.

"Demonic beasts have besieged the mountain."

"The number of casualties is high."

"Return immediately."

Three lines of sentences and 14 words appeared vividly on the paper.

Lin Shan's face immediately paled after reading the slip of paper. He clutched his hand to form such a tight fist that blue veins protruded on his skin. "Who exactly are you? What do you know? What relations do you have with demonic beasts?"

Staring at Ye Que's smiling face, Lin Shan wanted nothing more than to swallow him whole.

"Me?" Ye Que pointed to himself before grinning. "I'm me. I don't have any relations with demonic beasts, but I do have relations with you."

"I've already told you back in the White Horses Academy. You were willing to make your move for your daughter's sake, then I'd also make my move. I even told you to prepare yourself or the consequences will be grave."

"I said I'd make my move."

"Then, I'd definitely make my move."

"I would never lie to people."

"But it looks like you've disregarded my words back then."

Ye Que paused momentarily before adding, "Oh well, so be it. Either way, it's your business. I don't have an opinion."

"Are you behind all those demonic beasts as well?" Lin Shan asked, gnashing his teeth.

"What do you think?" Ye Que chuckled when he saw Lin Shan's eyes. His expression was cheerful but his eyes were crazed.

"You've committed a gargantuan crime by colluding with the Demon Race. You'd definitely be punished to be killed by pulled in five directions by horses. You'll die with your body dismembered," Lin Shan said fiercely with a lowered voice.

"Do you have proof?" Ye Que pointed to the slip of paper in Lin Shan's hand. "How much time has Mount Shu's 50 kilometers message bought you? I wonder if you'll be able to solve the predicament of Extinctive Sword Manor House if you go back alone."

"While it's true that Mount Shu has this ability, a faraway well can't cure your current thirst. I suppose there aren't many Mount Shu disciples left in Luoyang City. If you call for reinforcements, I don't think they'll be able to reach here before dark even if they travel on their flying swords at the highest speed. When they arrive, I fear the Extinctive Sword Manor House has already become Extinctive Human Manor House!"

Ye Que raised his head to look at the nearby General's Manor. "Oh, this reminds me. You're now Ye Yunhai's father-in-law and the general's in-law. Since the in-law is in trouble, they would naturally do their best to help you."

"Let me give you an idea. Hurry and borrow soldiers from the General's Manor. If they borrow you even a small portion of their 200,000-strong army, you'll be able to solve the predicament of the Extinctive Sword Manor House in no time at all."

"If the other party agrees, you'll definitely be able to rush back within an hour!"

Ye Que reached out to pat Lin Shan on the back. "Don't blame me for not reminding you. You don't have much time left. Demonic beasts are fierce creatures. Moreover, who knows if there are even stronger demons around."

Lin Shan shrugged off Ye Que's hand with a dark expression. Eventually, he clenched his teeth and walked toward the General's Manor with quick steps and his head lowered.

"Manor Master Lin, congratulations! Congratulations! Please come with me." The servant responsible for welcoming Lin Shan had long been waiting by the door. He immediately led Lin Shan to the designated VIP seat.

Lin Shan saluted perfunctorily and asked anxiously, "Where's my in-law, Old General Ye?"

"The Old General has been suffering from weak health. He hasn't come out yet. I fear he'll only show up during the tea ceremony when the wedding officially begins. He should be resting in the hall behind," the servant replied with a frown.

"Then is it convenient for you to take me to the Old General?" Lin Shan's voice became even more frantic as if he was truly panicking. There was no way he wouldn't be. The 2,000 members of his Manor House was waiting for him to return with reinforcements.

The servant immediately shook his head and waved his hand. "That goes against the rules. I can't take you in. This is the General's Manor, not an ordinary commoner's home. My every word and conduct must follow the manor's rules. Today's also the day of our Young Master's wedding. I can't act recklessly."

"Please take your seat immediately." The servant pointed to the right VIP seat in front.

"To hell with that!" Lin Shan widened his eyes and pushed aside the servant's hand. In a few quick steps, he walked to the front.


"You uncultured commoner!"

"An uncultured commoner will always be an uncultured commoner; forever unpresentable on grand stages. If not for your lovely and delicate daughter, do you think you'll have the right to come here?" The servant spat on the ground and turned around to serve the other guests. In the first place, no one had come here to show respect to the Extinctive Sword Manor House.

It would have been a different story had it been the wedding of the daughter of Mount Shu's Sect Leader.

Lin Shan arrived at the front in just a few steps. It was now very close to the time of the ritual-kneeling ceremony and everyone had slowly gathered in place. Lin Mei'er stood quietly in front of the memorial tablets while Ye Yunhai was greeting the person next to him with a beam.

He was carrying the manner of a family master.

"Yunhai, Yunhai, come here. I have something to tell you." Lin Shan didn't care what Ye Yunhai was doing and immediately interrupted the conversation.

Right then, Ye Yunhai was talking about family affairs with the Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Appointments. Being a mounted military officer, he typically had no opportunity to meet so many big shots of the court. Naturally, he would take advantage of this to get close to them. Who knew if one day these connections would be useful?

In particular, the Ministry of Appointments wasn't a place where unimportant people roam.

Frowning, Ye Yunhai turned his head in displeasure. He wondered who was being so rude; didn't the person see that he was occupied?

When he saw that it was Lin Shan, he felt helpless. This was his father-in-law, after all. Sometimes, he truly couldn't understand why his mother insisted on him marrying Lin Shan's daughter. Were the ladies of the Jianghu that good? It wasn't like Lin Shan's daughter was the daughter of Mount Shu's Sect Leader!

"Lord Assistant Minister, I'll return in a moment. Please take a seat. If you have anything you need, please instruct the servants," Ye Yunhai said apologetically.

"There are many things to attend to while conducting a wedding. Please go about your business." The Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Appointments waved his hand with a chuckle.

Ye Yunhai saluted him in apology once again before walking over to Lin Shan. "What has happened, Lord Father-in-law? Why are you so anxious? It's Mei'er's wedding today; you must keep a cool head even in a crisis. You can't let your anxiety cloud your judgment."

Lin Shan opened his mouth but then closed it again. He looked at Ye Yunhai and took in a deep breath. "Yunhai, can you lend me 5,000 troops and horses now? I have an urgent need for it."

Ye Yunhai was surprised to hear that Lin Shan wanted to borrow troops and soldiers after being so hesitant. "Esteemed Father-in-law, did I mishear? You wish to borrow 5,000 troops and horses?"

Ye Yunhai extended a palm and gestured.

"You didn't mishear me. I need 5,000 troops and soldiers. If it's inconvenient, 3,000 will do." Lin Shan's expression became increasingly unsightly.

"What do you need so many troops and horses for?" Ye Yunhai asked confusedly.

"There's an urgent need. Don't ask now," Lin Shan replied.

"I'm only an insignificant mounted military officer. I don't have the power to personally command the troops and horses. Even if I have the power, I can't do so. How can we use the troops and horses as we please? Commanding more than 3,000 troops require written approval from the Ministry of War or an imperial edict." Ye Yunhai put on a helpless look.

"If 3,000 can't do, then 2,000," Lin Shan said, extending two fingers. He lowered another finger after seeing the look on Ye Yunhai's face, leaving only his forefinger upright. "1,000 should be fine, right?"

"Esteemed Father-in-law, it's really not about the number. This is a matter of principle," Ye Yunhai said in a lowered voice.

"I'm Mei'er's father! You're talking about principle with me?" Lin Shan was already unhappy to have to plead with an inexperienced youngster and now he was unexpectedly turned down. There was no way he could restrain himself and he immediately roared in retaliation.

In a flash, a pin-drop silence fell over the place.

The guests turned to look at Lin Shan and Ye Yunhai.

Even Lin Mei'er, who had a red veil over her head, tore down the veil and rebuked sharply, "Father, what are you shouting about?!"

"Why do you think I'm shouting?! We're about to lose our home!"

Right then, outside the General's Manor.

Someone in a red armor sped here on his horse from the direction of the Imperial City, as fast as lightning. It was so crowded outside the General's Manor that no one could enter. The red-armored horseman got off his fine horse. As if familiar with the ways of the world, he yelled and soared into the sky. He leaped over the crowd to land in front of the doors of the General's Manor.

Holding the reins, bringing the horse to a stop, dismounting from the horse. The movements of the red-armored horseman were as fluid as the flowing water. Ignoring the onlookers' stupefied gaze, he headed straight for where the big shots of the court were seated.

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