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Chapter 780 - Victory in a Round!

In this battle, Hu Xuan had forcefully broken through the second stage of the "Profound Tiger Form", suffered a backlash, and fainted from serious injuries.

On the other hand, Fang Tingxun's injuries were much lighter.

This caused the Snake Clan to be extremely vexed. That pouncing attack just now was very likely the last attack Hu Xuan could launch, the power should not be as strong as the one he displayed on the surface. Even if he did not admit defeat, after Hu Xuan's attack, he would probably still fall unconscious.

That way, Fang Tingxun could have another fight.

But now, it was too late for regret.

The Snake Clan very quickly sent out the third Rank Five True Spirit cultivator, and the second person that the Tiger Clan sent out was Qin Xiu, who was also a Rank Five True Spirit cultivator.

The two were evenly matched in this battle. Half a quarter of an hour later, both of them were defeated.

In the fourth match, Tiger Clan sent out his third disciple, Luo Chen, while Snake Clan hesitated for a while, but in the end, a Rank Four True Spirit cultivator appeared. If they did not send the last expert of Rank Five True Spirit, then Snake Clan would have already given up on this round of competition.

Hu Qin and the rest exchanged glances, and all secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Luo Chen quickly defeated his opponent and obtained the fourth victory. The fifth match, Snake Clan was still coming out as a Rank Four True Spirit cultivator. Seeing this scene, Hu Qin and the rest became at ease. The Tiger Clan cultivators that were gathered around the area also erupted into cheers.

Indeed, within a few dozen breaths of time, Luo Chen had finished his battle.

In this round's competition, at most five people can participate in every round. Lian Yu, Fang Tingxun and the rest of the five from Snake Clan were all defeated, while only Hu Xuan, Qin Xiu, and Luo Chen could participate. This meant that in the next round of the competition, even if Tiger Clan lost, he could still obtain thirty percent of the lode.

"Big Brother Hu (Tiger), congratulations. You have obtained at least thirty percent of the mine."

Qian Yu said with a smile, but there was a sense of helplessness in his smile.

His original plan had gone smoothly. He wanted Lian Yu to use up all of his energy, and then let Fang Tingxun fight again. After defeating Hu Xuan, he would still be able to defeat another opponent from the Tiger Clan.

However, he never expected that Hu Xuan would actually forcefully break through the second stage of the "Profound Tiger Transformation" at such a critical juncture, completely suppressing Fang Tingxun. And at the final moment, the Snake Guard Commander had misjudged and admitted defeat on his own accord.

Of course, if he were to win the third round, the fourth person from Snake Clan would still be the same. Unfortunately, in the third round, both Snake Clan and Tiger Clan were defeated. Even if Snake Clan sends out his strongest member, his chances of victory are not high. Rather than risking everything to gamble on that slim chance of victory, it was better to give up on the first round and stay behind to fight for the second place, the twenty percent mine.

"Lucky!" "I was lucky!"

Hu Lie laughed, and in his heart, he was indeed rejoicing.

If Hu Xuan had not defeated Fang Tingxun, the Tiger Clan would have been forced into a passive state. They might have had to release Tang Huan as their trump card in advance to ensure that they could enter the second round, but if that were to happen, the situation in the second round of the competition would not be good for the Tiger Clan.

It was a good thing that everything was still planned.

The opponent of the next round's Tiger Clan should undoubtedly be her …

Hu Lie looked left, that rough face was filled with seriousness, the strongest kid in Dragon Clan had yet to fight, the second round of the competition for Four Clans, for Tiger Clan, the situation was extremely grim, but I wonder if Tang Huan, this trump card, could be of any use?

On the left side of the arena, the battle between Dragon Clan s had also reached its final stage. Tang Huan's gaze wandered, as he observed the huge golden dragon and white hawk that were crazily entangled with each other in the battle circle.

This was already the fifth battle between the two clans. The fifth Rank Five True Spirit Cultivator was coming out of Eagle Clan, and there was only a second person coming out of Dragon Clan. From this, it could be seen how strong the Dragon Clan's cultivators were.

Even though there were a lot of Rank Five True Spirit cultivators in the Eagle Clan, they were all useless. The first expert to fight in the Dragon Clan, actually managed to beat three Eagle Clan s in a row before retreating with serious injuries. The second opponent was a Dragon Clan Ranker with tyrannical strength. He had easily defeated an opponent from the Rank Five True Spirit, forcing the Eagle Clan to only send one guy from the Rank Four True Spirit to deal with the fifth battle.

The last Rank Five True Spirit cultivator would be left till the next round, otherwise, Eagle Clan would definitely be at the bottom of this competition. After all, the Snake Clan still had a Rank Five True Spirit expert. If the Eagle Clan did not leave any people behind, he would definitely be swept through the rest of the battles.

If they were to suffer and end up with only a pitiful ten percent of the lode, how could Eagle Clan endure that?

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A moment later, the golden dragon's long tail was whipped away. The white hawk that could not dodge in time was immediately sent flying. It fell a few dozen meters away, causing smoke and dust to billow into the air. However, he did not manage to get back up.

"The fifth battle, we lost."

Ying Feichen's face turned black, and between his brows, he was extremely angry.

Five out of the ten people participating in the battle were Rank Five True Spirit Cultivators, so Eagle Clan's goal was to be the top ranker of the Four Clans Competition, and he was extremely confident. Who would have thought that the young men of the Dragon Clan would be so powerful? Just by sending two people out, he had already won the first round of the competition, but the ambitious Eagle Clan had fallen to the point of having to fight with the Snake Clan for third place.

"Everyone, in this first round, Tiger Clan and Dragon Clan have won. In the second round, Tiger Clan and Dragon Clan will compete for one or two places, and Snake Clan and Eagle Clan will determine the third and fourth place." Zhuo Dongqing announced the results with a smile on his face, and his voice instantly spread to every corner in the surrounding area.

"Congratulations Brother Long, the fighting strength of the little fellows in your Dragon Clan is extraordinary. It seems like the first place in this competition will belong to none other than Dragon Clan." Ying Feichen forced a smile on his face.

"That's hard to say. You'll only find out after the competition." The first round of the competition, Dragon Clan's performance was indeed very outstanding. Right now, those who have not participated in the competition are considered the strongest among the Dragon Clan.

"Dragon Clan still has two little fellows from the Rank Five True Spirit, but Tiger Clan only has one left, the difference in strength is extremely huge. If I were the Big Brother Hu (Tiger), I would have admitted defeat myself and obtained second place, in case those little fellows in my clan wasted time and ended up with injuries all over my body. Big Brother Hu (Tiger), what do you think? " Ying Feichen looked at Hu Lie in the blink of an eye. The first two places were no longer related to Eagle Clan, which made him extremely unhappy, and he couldn't help but want to oppress Hu Lie. Compared to Dragon Clan, what he hated the most was Tiger Clan.

"That's what I wanted to say to Brother Ying."

Hu Lie said in a serious tone, "Eagle Clan will admit defeat immediately, and you will also get fourth place, and a tenth of the lode. It's not a small number to have ten percent of such a large Gem Vein, haha … " After saying that, Hu Lie could not help but burst out laughing, following that, he ignored Ying Feichen's ashen face and turned to look at Qian Yu, "Lord, congratulations, you have almost obtained twenty percent of the mines in your Snake Clan."

"Big Brother Hu (Tiger) is joking." Qian Yu shook his head and laughed helplessly.


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