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Chapter 2394 - powerhouse of another time and space

"There's no time to explain, quickly come with me!"

Bird Person looked anxious.

Long Fei only knew that this was the Wilderness and he had never heard of the beast site.

More importantly.

Bird Person had just said that he would escape from this place, but he had obviously crossed over the Savage Gate and was already on the other side of the mountain. That also meant that he had already escaped.

You know.

He could definitely bring Long Fei and the others flying and not enter the Wilderness.

The Wilderness was too dangerous.

Long Fei had to remain vigilant, and said: "I think it's best for you to explain, otherwise we won't leave."

Furthermore, Transformers still needed time to recover from his injuries.

Another series of loud and clear sounds came from the forest. Many towering trees were pushed into the distance.

Long Fei's gaze tensed up.

Bird Person became nervous and said, "It's too late!"

And then …

Her body rolled, "Shua!"

With a flap of his wings, he soared into the sky and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Transformers felt a strong sense of danger approaching and immediately stood up and said: "Boss, what should we do?"

Long Fei rubbed the bridge of his nose and said, "The reason we entered the Wilderness was to gain experience. Let alone what kind of beast site is here, I would even f * cking step into a sea of demon beast!"

"Prepare to fight!"

Transformers shouted loudly, "Understood!"

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With the movement of the armor on his body, the Transformers appeared to be in battle mode.


He had been holding back his anger in his heart and was unable to fully unleash his power in the air. Now, on land, he wanted to vent as much as he could.

Long Fei said: "Remember, do not chase after me, just stay by my side and fight."

Transformers nodded: "Understood."

Even if Long Fei didn't say it, he wouldn't have pursued him further because he wanted to protect Long Fei.

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With a roar, a towering tree that had been uprooted fell from the sky, forming a long Strength Stripes.

Transformers's eyes darkened. He immediately leaped forward and hugged the huge tree with both hands and roared, "Roar!"


He landed heavily on the ground, his body retreating explosively as a deep gouge appeared in the ground.

Transformers resisted the attack and with a move of his hands, he carried the huge tree on his shoulder and swept it away.


Another roar.

"I was just worrying about not having a weapon, but today, I'll use this big stick to smash all of you to death!"

The towering tree descended.

A ghostly green light flashed from all directions.

The atmosphere in the forest was especially strong.

It was eerie and terrifying.

At this moment, an ear-piercing shriek sounded.


The monsters from all directions rushed out in an instant.

It was still the Flying Ant from before, but the wings on its back had been retracted.

With quick steps like the wind, he rushed towards Long Fei.

It was densely packed.

Every single one of them was even bigger than Long Fei.

This scene caused everyone's scalps to go numb.

Long Fei's gaze tensed up as he looked at the Flying Ant rushing towards him from all directions. He let out a heavy breath in his heart and said to the Transformers: "Steady, steady, please calm down."

Transformers clenched his fists and tightly held onto the huge tree.

In that instant.

A Flying Ant suddenly pounced over.

Long Fei roared, "God of the Dragon Touching, come out!"

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Under the catalysis of the Force of Variation, the Fate Centipede evolved into a God of the Dragon Touching.

Following Long Fei's call, the ground moved and in a flash, it broke through the earth as its enormous body was lifted into the air.

Without waiting for the Flying Ant to pounce towards Long Fei, it spat out a huge mouthful of venom.

"Hualala …"

The Flying Ant's entire body was paralyzed, turning into a grey color.

It too fell from the sky.

It was also at this time.

Transformers's eyes stared wide open, the big stick in his hand smashed down towards the Flying Ant s on the ground.

"Pa ji!"

His entire body shattered.

The system beeped.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Flying Ant' for obtaining 150,000 experience, 10,000 true qi points, 1 Energy Values point!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Soaring Wings'. Evolutionary condition: Force of Variation!

Long Fei didn't think much of it and directly replied, "No!"

Flying Ant s could be shockingly high level outside, but it wasn't much in the Wilderness. It might be a bit of a waste to use the Force of Variation on a Flying Wings.


Long Fei was not in a rush, the most important thing now was to clean up all these Flying Ant.

Upgrade was the key.

"Hualala …"

"Hualala …"

"Hualala …"

The God of the Dragon Touching s venom violently sprayed, as if it was a group of holy artifact fighting against each other.


It was a defensive weapon.

His only weakness was that he could only summon it once a day, and could not move it at all. If he could move it, then Long Fei would have the Poison King with him at any time.

The blood on the head of the Flying Ant that was charging towards him was falling rapidly.

"— 4223"

"— 3492"

"— 5221"

The attacks of these Flying Ant were ferocious, but their defense was extremely weak. When they tried to get close to the God of the Dragon Touching, the venom released by it would immediately change into a numbing effect.

The Transformers began to rage.

Mad slaps.

Long Fei didn't need to do anything, and directly listened to the beautiful system beep. This kind of tempo … How wonderful!

"One hundred and fifty thousand experience points each."

"Ten is one million and five hundred thousand."

"A hundred of them are almost levelled up, hahaha … …" "Hahahaha!"

"It was right to come to the Wilderness."

Long Fei thought happily.

At this moment.

Right above Long Fei's head, Avian did not leave, staring straight at the God of the Dragon Touching from within the armor, he revealed a look of shock and said: "Force of Variation!"

"It's an alien as well?"

"What is the background of this human?"

In another place.

At the peaks of Savage Gate.

"Humans have entered the Wilderness?"

"Who is this kid?"

"How could the beasts he summoned also possess Force of Variation?"

"Who cares? He has already entered the beast site, so our bet will not change. He is just a small stepping stone, and won't last much longer."

"Not necessarily. This human seems to have some kind of mysterious power."


"What mysterious power is this? This place is merely the lowest plane of Universal Realm, so no humans in this Wilderness will be able to survive. "

"Human? "Like a pig."

"That's right. You have to understand that the demon beast in the Wilderness were all taken from another time and space. Humans who enter here are digging their own graves."

These people … None of them were ordinary people.


They did not belong to the Zhen Wu continent at all.

They come from. Other planes, higher planes!

"Immortal Master Liu Yuan, what did you see?"

Everyone looked towards the same direction.

The Immortal Master Liu Yuan shook his head: "No, it's just an intuition. He feels that the mysterious power in his body is very strong."


"You're already like a human, and you still have intuition?"

"Hahaha …"

Many people laughed.


The Immortal Master Liu Yuan did not say it out loud, because he sensed that Long Fei had a special kind of inheritance power, "Do you want to report this to the Mortal King?"

— —

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