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Although the jade slip that Xiao Guang gave him had detailed information about Heaven and Earth infinite Dan s, Chen Xiang felt that he did not have enough knowledge about the refining process of Heaven and Earth infinite Dan s.

Helpless, he could only leave the secret room. He had to ask the experienced Alchemist s, if he tried to find things by himself, he would only waste medicinal herbs. Now that the medicinal herbs had not been planted yet, if there were no more, he would have to use a lot of Dao crystal s to buy them.

Chen Xiang came to the main hall outside and looked at the hundreds of Alchemist s who were concocting pills. There were males, females, old and young, and he did not know their standards, but they all looked pretty good, and their standards of using flames were very high.

He suddenly saw an old man packing the pill furnace; it should be time for him to rest. His eyes lit up and he waited for the old man to leave the hall.

The old man wore a grey robe, and even though his hair was completely white, his skin was extremely white like an infant's. It could be seen that he had put a lot of effort into his appearance, and his cultivation was quite good as well.

From the old man's appearance, Chen Xiang felt that he looked very good, so Chen Xiang waited for him to leave the hall and quickly followed.

The old man was about to return to his secret chamber, so he was walking in a tunnel.

After Chen Xiang caught up, he immediately shouted: "Senior!"

When the old man heard someone shouting, he turned his head to take a look. After he saw Chen Xiang, he quickly sized him up, then revealed a kind smile: "Kid, is there something wrong?"

"Senior, junior Chen Xiang has just arrived at this place and is currently learning how to refine Heaven and Earth infinite Dan s, but I am completely clueless about this pill's refining process and I am unable to find that fellow, Little Light, so I would like to ask senior for some guidance." Chen Xiang said very respectfully.

The old man shook his head and sighed. "I haven't been able to refine it, but I can tell you about it …"

After that, the old man invited Chen Xiang to his private room and slowly explained the difficulties in refining the Heaven and Earth infinite Dan to Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang memorized all of this.

The old man's name was Ding Yuchen. It had been four years since he came here, and he still hadn't learned how to refine a pill. This was mainly due to the difficulty of the pill.

"Is it all self-taught here?" Chen Xiang was a little angry, they had handed over many Dao crystal to learn concocting pills.

"Almost like self-study … After all, even if someone were to teach us this pill, it would still be difficult to learn it. If they can concoct the pellet that the Myriad Tao Dan God created, that would be a huge profit. " Ding Yu Chen said.

"I heard that there are people who can learn it. Who are those guys?" Chen Xiang was very curious about this, he also wanted to meet these people.

I don't know. I've seen one before, a young man who looked very young, but was extremely arrogant. Some old people who wanted to ask him about it were ridiculed and even insulted in front of the crowd. Ding Yu Chen shook his head and sighed: "Everyone with some ability is like that here!"

Therefore, when Ding Yu Chen saw that Chen Xiang's attitude was so good and respectful, he started to chat with Chen Xiang. He liked young people like Chen Xiang more.

Ding Yu Chen had concocted pills continuously for two months, and he was currently rather tired, so Chen Xiang left in a hurry, telling him to rest well.

He returned to his secret room and took out the medicinal ingredients needed to refine Heaven and Earth infinite Dan.

"So, Heaven and Earth infinite Dan needs to be burnt for a very long time!" Just now, Chen Xiang had heard from Ding Yu Chen that it would usually take about a month before it would have any effect.

But, this was simply too long for Chen Xiang, he felt that even if he had to buy time from the Time Ghost s, it would still be too long before he would stop.

"When I sent the World Defying god fire to burn, I directly burned the medicinal ingredients to death. What happened?" Previously, Chen Xiang had asked Ding Yu Chen if there would be any deaths of medicinal ingredients. Ding Yu Chen told him that no such thing had happened.

In other words, when using World Defying god fire to refine Heaven and Earth infinite Dan, it could be faster!

"World Defying god fire s can definitely add time to concoct pills, it's just that there are some problems that need to be solved." Chen Xiang took out the medicinal ingredients and refined them again.

He had to find the problem and solve it!

Soon, he wasted seven batches of medicinal materials. Luckily, he found the root of the problem, so it wasn't considered a loss.

"So that's how it is. I understand now!" Chen Xiang already understood why the World Defying god fire would burn the medicinal herbs to death. The main reason was that the World Defying god fire's firepower was too strong and strong.

Furthermore, the Heaven and Earth infinite Dan's medicinal herbs and the Primordial Divine Flame are at odds with each other, especially their source energy, which is even more fragile. The World Defying god fire can directly exterminate the source energy within, causing the medicinal herbs to become dead medicinal herbs!

"As long as I find a suitable place to combine my Primordial Divine Flame and my medicinal herbs, I can use my flames to quickly refine Heaven and Earth infinite Dan."

After thinking about it for a while, Chen Xiang decided that when releasing the flames, he would not add the Heavenly Flame but directly use the World Defying god fire to refine it.

He tried it once, but it did not succeed. The situation was the same as before, which meant that it had nothing to do with the Heavenly Refining Flame.

"Seems like I can only try the Blood Refinement Method!" Chen Xiang planned to release blood and merge it with the World Defying god fire, and at the same time refine the blood into the medicinal ingredients.

This was what he had done to the medicinal herbs that were highly resistant to him in the past!

Chen Xiang only had two sets of medicinal ingredients left, if he failed, he would have to buy them.

"It will definitely work!" Chen Xiang took out the herbs and used the blood refining method to refine them.

In merely three days of time, he had successfully used the World Defying god fire to burn those medicinal herbs and turned them into tiny Medicine crystal. As long as he mixed these Medicine crystal together, he could successfully refine a Heaven and Earth infinite Dan!

"Hehe, I finally succeeded!" Chen Xiang wiped his sweat, he felt that at this point, he was not far from success anymore.

Very quickly, he gathered the Medicine crystal into a group and then entered the final stage of Core Condensation. He estimated that the group of Medicine crystal was split into three parts and then started to condense the core.

"To be able to refine three medicinal herbs in a single serving, that's not bad at all!" Chen Xiang looked at the three Heaven and Earth infinite Dan s as if he was looking at the three trillion Dao crystal s.

He had previously spent a trillion just to buy a Heaven and Earth infinite Dan. Back then, he had felt that it was very expensive, but now, he felt that selling it for this much was also good, because at that time, he would be able to make a huge profit by selling this kind of pill.

"Bastard, you stole so many of my Dao crystal, I'm going to earn them back soon!" Chen Xiang couldn't help but smile, then concentrate on condensing the core.

The process of condensing the pellet was not easy, and was much more difficult than Chen Xiang had expected. It also took a long time, and a total of five days. Fortunately, everything went smoothly, and in the end, he managed to condense three pellets of extremely high quality Heaven and Earth infinite Dan.

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