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The Ghost Fog Beach was a map of the Cherry Blossom Fields, which was surrounded by LV40 monsters. To the current players, the Ghost Fog Beach was extremely dangerous. Even if they wanted to head to the Ghost Fog Beach, they would only be able to ensure their safety if they were in groups.

At the edge of the Ghost Mist Beach, an incomparably large crab was constantly walking horizontally. Suddenly, an ice wolf formed from ice shot straight at the crab, instantly bombarding the crab's body, causing it to take a step back.

His health had also been reduced by one-third. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Following that, another three fireballs shot over explosively. They landed on the crab's body, causing it to cry out in pain.

Under the continuous attacks, the crab only let out two cries and fell to the ground. After that, a figure flew down from the sky. It was Lin Fan.

It had been a day since he was hunted down that day. After that day, Lin Fan didn't immediately return to his home country, but stayed in Japan and fought guerrilla warfare with this group of Japanese.

Although Lin Fan's strength was much weaker without Spirit Slave's help, his strength alone was more than enough to deal with a small group of people. After all, Lin Fan had Medusa's scepter in his hand!

After killing three Japanese teams, Lin Fan realized that the Japanese team was gone. There were only a dozen or so people in a large team. Lin Fan had no way to make a move, so he could only turn around and fly to this Ghost Fog Beach.

He planned to go out and cause trouble for Japan once the limelight wore off.

Moreover, after arriving here, Lin Fan discovered that these Ghost Mist Crabs could even drop a bottle or two of medicine, which could completely replenish the supply, which made Lin Fan sigh in relief. At least, he didn't need to worry about the lack of ammunition.

Looking at the bag that was almost full of medicine, Lin Fan couldn't help but smile. Now, it was time to go out and do another ticket before leaving!


Lin Fan originally wanted to return, but his body suddenly sank. That was because in the distance, he saw a figure similarly attacking a crab. It was actually a solo Warrior player.

At this moment, the Warrior didn't find any traces of Lin Fan, nor did he find out that he was in Lin Fan's eyes.

"He's very strong, at least he can compete with Wu Feng!"

Looking at this soldier's extremely superb technique, Lin Fan couldn't help but slightly frown. He slowly muttered to himself: "This should be one of the high-end Japanese players. That's fine, I'll cripple you!"

After he finished speaking, Lin Fan shot out a Spirit Destruction attack at the Warrior player. In an instant, a bright spear shot out, bombarding the Warrior that was still fighting the Ghost Fog Crab.


That soldier seemed to sense the danger behind him. With an angry shout, he tried to dodge, but the crab in front of him blocked his way. This warrior couldn't avoid Lin Fan's attack, and could only take it head-on.

"2010" a huge amount of damage was dealt, immediately scaring the warrior's face. At this moment, he realized that he had met an extremely powerful opponent.

He flipped over and hacked down on the Ghost Fog Crab, directly cutting it to the ground, then he turned around to look. With a glance, the soldier's face changed greatly, because a giant wolf formed from ice in the sky was rapidly charging towards him.

"Eight strokes!"

The warrior only had enough time to curse before he turned around and dodged the attack. Then, he looked towards the sky. At this moment, Lin Fan was looking at him with a playful expression.

"Who are you? Why are you attacking me?!"

The warrior grabbed his Japanese knife and shouted angrily at Lin Fan.

"Who do you think I am?"

Lin Fan smiled coldly, then said softly to the Japanese.


Hearing this, the Japanese soldier's expression changed slightly. He then calmed down and looked at Lin Fan with a sneer, "So, you are the Chinese who snuck into my Great Japan Empire!"

"That's right!"

Lin Fan smiled. Looking at this soldier, his eyes flashed a trace of a smile, "I didn't think that I would encounter such an expert here!"


The warrior sneered, then leaped and shot straight at Lin Fan. When this Japanese warrior leaped into the air, a pair of transparent wings shot out from his back. This warrior could also fly in the sky and also fly.


Lin Fan smiled faintly and directly bombarded him with a furious sea, instantly blocking the warrior's vision. Soon after, Medusa's scepter suddenly exploded with a ray of light, directly shooting at this warrior.

Under the cover of the massive wave of fire that blotted out the sky above the Raging Sea, Petrifaction's gaze directly hit this warrior, causing him to suddenly pause for a moment before rapidly falling down.

"Corrosion Devil Flame!"

Looking at this warrior's rapidly falling body, Lin Fan faintly smiled. The Corrosive Devil Flames shot out and directly hit this warrior.

Immediately, another burst of damage values appeared above the warrior's head.


This soldier fell from the sky, falling on the ground. But at this moment, Lin Fan once again shot out a Dragon Blast, bombarding this soldier's body.

At this moment, there were signs that the warrior was about to awaken.

"Water Bind" seeing this, Lin Fan once again used a Water Bind to bind the soldier's body, binding him directly. Then, Lin Fan shot another fireball at the soldier, leaving him with only a sliver of blood left.

"Eight strokes!"

At this moment, the Warrior broke free from the bindings, turned around, and dodged Lin Fan's magic attack. He drank a bottle of instant recovery potion, raising his HP.

However, Lin Fan didn't think about letting him recover all his HP. He immediately let out a howl of ice and bombarded the warrior, making him cry out in pain, but there was nothing he could do.

After all, at this moment, the whole battlefield was completely under Lin Fan's control, and the warrior didn't even have the chance to react before Lin Fan took control.

"Fire Dragon Technique!"

Right at this moment, Lin Fan summoned his Fire Dragon spell, and a huge shadow of a Fire Dragon appeared. It spewed out a mouthful of dragon flame and bombarded the warrior, reducing his HP. At this moment, there was only a sliver of blood left.

"Raging Sea of Rage!"

Lin Fan sneered, and launched a large-scale magic bombardment. Under the raging sea of fire, this warrior didn't even have time to scream before he was killed.

Looking at the fallen soldier in front of him, Lin Fan couldn't help but let out a smile, then directly flew down, heading towards the corpse of the soldier.

That was because Lin Fan saw a piece of equipment drop beside the Warrior.

It was the weapon the Japanese had just used.

"Evil Shadow Blade (Gold): Attack 130, Attack Speed + 2, Attack Damage + 8 (100%), Strength + 11, Attack: Can instantly unleash more than 120 (100%) Attack Power, directly attacking the opponent."

Required level: 42 "

Lifting up the Japanese knife, Lin Fan's eyes flashed with a glimmer of light. This blade's shape was completely that of a Japanese knife. This kind of knife was something that doesn't exist in China, and could also be considered a unique weapon!

After all, there was a certain difference between Tang Dao and the Japanese knife.

"With such a blade, I should be able to give you an explanation if I bring it back!"

After thinking for a moment, Lin Fan decisively took out the Return Scroll and crushed it. Now that his whereabouts were exposed once again, if he still wanted to stay in Japan, it would be too dangerous, so he might as well return first.

The scene changed and Lin Fan appeared in the Royal Capital. Looking at the familiar scene in front of him, Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief. This trip to Japan was truly thrilling.

"Where is it?"

Lin Fan asked with a smile as he dialed in Qingtian's voice.

"You're back?"

Hearing Lin Fan's voice, Qing Tian's voice carried a trace of excitement. At the last moment, he clearly remembered the matter of Lin Fan and Qing Tian cutting off the back alone.

"I just returned!"

Lin Fan smiled, let out a breath and said, "I'm finally back!"

"Haha, it's good that you're back!"

Qing Tian laughed out loud and said, "Zhangkong already came back yesterday, but he's worried about you alone!"

"Wait for us at the Enlightenment Will Tower. We'll be there in no time!"


Lin Fan smiled faintly and headed straight for the city's Heart Seizer Tower.

After arriving at the Enlightenment Will Tower, Lin Fan asked for a private room. After waiting for a few minutes, there were hurried footsteps at the door. Then, Qing Tian and the others pushed the door open and entered.

"Haha, Old Monster, I told you that you're fine!"

"We're worried for nothing!"

Heaven Breaker walked into the private room, gave Lin Fan a bear hug, and laughed heartily.

"Kid, you're so worried about me. I've already come back, but you haven't come back yet. I thought that you've been defeated by them!"

Shooting Sun laughed out loud, he punched Lin Fan in the chest and asked with a smile, "Do you have any gains?"

"Not bad. I killed more than 20 Japanese players, including a top-tier Japanese player. Hehe, this is the loot!"

As Lin Fan spoke, he took out the Evil Shadow Blade and shared its attributes with everyone.

"Good stuff!"

Looking at the 'Evil Shadow Blade' in Lin Fan's hand, everyone couldn't help but shout out in unison. Currently, although everyone had a few Gold grade equipment, they were still considered extremely lacking items, and this equipment could be considered top grade in terms of equipment.

"No wonder. Is this equipment for sale?"

Death Soul licked his lips, looked at Lin Fan and asked. Whether it was attack power or other attributes, this weapon was extremely good. Death's Soul was interested in it.

"Sell. Three days later, I will take it out for auction at the Imperial Auction House!"

"When the time comes, remember to come and support us!"

Lin Fan laughed out loud, put the Evil Shadow Blade into his bag and said.

"Haha, he'll definitely be here in three days!"

Everyone could not help but laugh out loud when they heard this.

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