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Chapter 2419 - Becoming Stronger than Everyone

What did the ancient inheritance mean to the descendants of the Ming Clan?

A god-like existence.

The old woman's eyes were blazing as hope burned in her heart. All these years … She had finally witnessed the appearance of the Ming Clan's most powerful ancient inheritance, and she believed that a little of it would rise one day.

"Pass down my orders."

"The Super Force of Ming Clan has appeared once again on Zhen Wu continent, which means that the person who owns it is definitely in Zhen Wu continent as well. No matter what price I have to pay, you must find him for me."

"As long as he can return to the Ming Clan, then there will be hope for the rise of our Ming Clan."

The old woman said excitedly.

The elder beside him asked, "High Lord, the Super Force of Ming Clan …. It has already disappeared for billions of years, and after the fall of Pluto, it never appeared again.

"The legend says that if a person dies, the power of inheritance in his body will disappear. Why did it appear again? "

The old lady frowned, but she could not explain her thoughts clearly, and said: "Everything is not absolute, not to mention the death of Pluto, does the ancient inheritance on his body disappear along with him? No one knows that since he is Cerberus, he once stood at the very peak of Universal Realm. "

Cerberus, was once a Martial Saint level powerhouse.

It was comparable to the current god's tribe.

Even if such a powerhouse were to die, who could be sure that he didn't leave anything behind?

The elder nodded. "You mean... Could the appearance of the Super Force of Ming Clan be the reincarnation of Pluto? "

The old lady said: "It's very possible, if you find him, you must be respectful and not offend him at all, even if he isn't the reincarnation of Pluto, he is still the god of our Ming Clan, understand?"

"Yes sir!"

The disciples shouted in unison.

The elder was silent for a moment, then hesitated.

The old woman said, "If you have something to say, just say it."

The elder asked, "Do you want me to inform Yourong about this? After all, he was a Gifted Soul of Underworld. Legend has it that the Lord of the Underworld also has a woman from a Gifted Soul of Underworld by his side … "

The old woman nodded, "It's not a legend. There is a Gifted Soul of Underworld among all the wives of Pluto …"

As she spoke till here, the old lady's expression tensed up, as if she had suddenly seen the light. She said: "Why didn't I think that the appearance of the Gifted Soul of Underworld would mean the appearance of the Ming Clan's ancient inheritance?"

"Hahaha …"

His expression became even more excited.

The elder continued, "Then should we tell Yourong?"

The old woman said without even thinking, "No need."

The elder then asked: "High Lord, since the Gifted Soul of Underworld was prepared for the reincarnated Underworld King, then the marriage between Yourong and Zhao Haotian …"

The old woman thought for a moment and said, "As scheduled."

Everyone was taken aback.

Pluto's wife wanted to marry a eunuch of the Zhao Family?

This …

Isn't it too disrespectful?

The old lady said: "Zhao Haotian's life is crippled, you can't even touch him if you wanted to. You are safe, and also … When can we find the reincarnations of Pluto? "

"I don't know!"

"However, I feel that only if Yi Yourong becomes stronger, will the Super Force of Ming Clan be able to better sense the existence of Yourong, and be able to help Pluto's reincarnated person appear even faster. The wedding will be held as scheduled, at god's sect gathering! "

The old woman was very indifferent.

He spoke very easily.

If Yi Yourong was truly the reincarnation of Pluto … The reincarnator of Pluto would never allow his woman to marry a eunuch.

He would certainly show up to stop it.


He would be able to see the reincarnation of Pluto in the god's sect gathering in two months!

Thinking of this …. The old woman became even more excited.

The elder still wanted to say something, but the old woman stared back at him, and in the end, he could only endure it.

Yi Yourong was like a tool!

Not like it.

She was a tool in the High Lord's eyes.


For the Ming Clan's rise, she had no choice.

This might be fate.

… ….

In the secret room.

Yi Yourong opened her eyes slightly, and gently spat out a mouthful of impure Qi, and in that second, the Qi on her body started to change, becoming a bit denser.


"He has reached the Spirit Refinement realm!"

Yi Yourong mumbled. He raised both his heads and looked at the black hole above him. Starlight shone from the black hole.

His heart was filled with longing.

… ….

In the Wilderness.

At night.

Long Fei, Kong Kim sat in front of the bonfire, eating a piece of roasted meat with glee.

Kai Linna was not there.

Her speed, coupled with her wings, kept her circling in the air.

It was her choice.

Protect Long Fei in the air realm.

Long Fei tried to persuade her again and again, but it was useless.


She hated the wings that grew on her back. Now that the wings had evolved and the feathers had turned into steel, she hated it even more.

However …

Immortal Master Liu Yuan had said before that Long Fei was her only hope. If she wanted to return to her homeland, she could only rely on Long Fei.

Thus …

She didn't want anything to happen to Long Fei.

Transformers rubbed his round stomach and burped, saying: "Boss, it felt so good, it's probably the best time of my life."

Long Fei laughed.

Transformers looked at the sky and said, "I wonder where this Avian has flown to. It's always flying, is it not tired?"

At this moment.

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Kai Linna landed and glared at Transformers.

King Kong's body shrank slightly.

Kai Linna picked up a piece of roasted meat, and once again rose from the ground.

"F * ck!" King Kong grinned and said.

Long Fei looked at the sky and said, "Since Fei is tired, let's rest for a bit."

There was no response from the sky.

Long Fei was too lazy to bother with it.

Transformers sat up and asked: "Boss, what do we do next?"

Now that they had left the beast site, the taboo around the Desolate Sky Mountain had disappeared as well.

Long Fei said, "Continue heading deeper into the Wilderness."

He was only at the ninth level of the Spirit Refinement realm … Although his Level Increase had risen, but... But that was not enough. What he wanted was the Emperor Zhen Wu's realm.

Only in this way would he be able to crush everything.

To protect everything he wanted to protect.


Long Fei had another goal in the Wilderness this time, to find a few Spirit Grass.

Last time, the Land Flower gave Long Fei a hint.

If he could find a few high rank healing Spirit Grass, combined with his Ancient Alchemy Technique, he should be able to refine the Detoxification Panacea that Yi Yourong needed.

Long Fei had been worried about the wound on his abdomen.

If …

If the god's sect gathering was discovered, then her situation would be very dangerous.


Last time she was surrounded by the Zhous army, did Zhou Yaozong already know that she was the one who destroyed the crown prince's life?

On god's sect gathering, the Zhou Family would definitely threaten Yi Yourong.

He would not let his woman suffer so much, would not let anyone force her, much less threaten her, so … There was only one way to protect her.

Become stronger!

Become stronger than anyone else!

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