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Chapter 926: Stupefied expression

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Something wasn't right.

At first, he had felt that this guy's words seemed pretty good but later on, something wasn't right anymore.

Moreover, that guy didn't seem like he was going to be finished speaking on stage. It seemed like he had a lot more to say.

"Leader, please excuse me. I would like to ask what you mean by those words you just said. I don't quite understand it," Lin Fan interrupted mercilessly. He didn't want to give the opposite party the chance to continue the performance any longer.

Chen Shi was taken aback and a little displeased. He didn't like it when people interrupted him. However, since it was Master Lin, he didn't take it to heart. Then, he explained, "Master Lin, we value Nanshan Children's Welfare Institute greatly. We also think that the idea of educating the children of the welfare institute is great. However, I think that this requires the cooperation of our department. We'll provide the manpower and effort in a way that abides by the regulations to create Shanghai's first children's welfare institute school.

"What you mean is for it to be like other schools? The only difference is that the students will be these children?" Lin Fan asked.

"Yes," answered Chen Shi with a smile.

Lin Fan said, " Let me ask you one more thing. According to your plan, who will arrange the appointment of the teachers, principals, and such?"

Chen Shi replied, "Naturally, we will do an integrated evaluation and aim to attain the education standard of a four-star school."

To him, this was the only way that Nanshan Children's Welfare Institute would get on the right track and accept the supervision of the Education Department.

This time, his goal of coming over was as such. To state this matter to Nanshan Children's Welfare Institute. This decision hadn't been made by just himself but it had been through conference discussions before finally being made.

Wang Ming Yang and the rest looked at each other. Then, they looked at Chen Shi with a weird gaze. They typically thought more than average people when they encountered any situation.

Wang Ming Yang knew what the conditions had been when his brother picked the teachers. He also knew how the welfare institute was managed.

Now that the Education Department was just sticking their foot in and trying to carry out the same style as other schools, there was a clash in ideals with his brother.

Lin Fan immediately spoke, "Sorry, Leader Chen. I think you've wasted your time. Our Nanshan Children's Welfare Institute will not change its teaching style. The hiring of teachers will be handled by me. As for an integrated evaluation, let's forget about that."

Chen Shi was stunned. He hadn't thought that Master Lin would reject. Then, he hurriedly said, "Master Lin, you have to consider it properly. This definitely won't bring any negatives. Also, you'd be able to gain the government's financial support. It would bring great benefits to the children's future studies. No disadvantages at all."

Lin Fan waved his hand. "Alright, that's enough. I am not one bit interested in that. Nanshan Children's Welfare Institute will function according to my wishes. It doesn't need the supervision of any department.

He was rejecting it mainly because he felt that when something became too complicated, it would be hard to take care of in the end.

Teachers were the most important to the children of the welfare institute. If he allowed the Education Department to manage the teachers or to choose the teachers, it would become hard for himself to control things.

There had been incidents in the past of teachers with scholarly knowledge but no morals who performed corporal punishment on children. Lin Fan didn't want such things to happen.

Chen Shi was a little enraged. He felt as if this Master Lin didn't know what was good for him. Then, he resisted the fire in his heart and started speaking, "Master Lin…"

But sadly, Lin Fan didn't give him a chance. He waved his hand and interrupted, "Alright, no need to talk about this anymore. I won't agree with it. The plans for Nanshan Children's Welfare Institute's future have already been decided. You don't need to worry. Leader, do you have anything else to share, or…?"

His meaning was very clear. If you have something to say, hurry up and finish it. If not, go down quickly and just sit down obediently.

What did this guy even come here for? He wants to supervise my welfare institute? Dream on.

They had wanted to manage Lin Fan's welfare institute. Of course, they would let Lin Fan be the first principal. With that, it would generate a great response and they would be able to use that to drive the follow-up development.

But Chen Shi seemed like he hadn't given up.

"Master Lin, you really have to consider it thoroughly. The follow-up development will require funds. It will be a huge figure. We only hope for Nanshan Children's Welfare Institute to carry on developing. We don't want to see it crumble halfway," said Chen Shi.

"Funds?" Lin Fan's head was filled with question marks. Why would he bring up that problem?  "Leader Chen, funds are something we really don't need to worry about. How about this? I'll try it out for you to see. Then, you'll know."

"My dear guests, if I tell you that I need ten million dollars but I don't know when I'll repay you, there'll be no interests, no IOUs, who would be willing to lend me that amount? Please raise your hands."

Chen Shi, who was standing on stage, felt that this was very strange. He didn't know what Master Lin meant by that.


A sea of hands was raised below the stage.

"Sigh, Master Lin has really degraded. He even has the cheek to ask for ten million."

"He's really not thinking about our emotions at all. I'm a little disappointed."

"We're only worth ten million in his heart. That's meaningless. That's really meaningless."

He Cheng Han and the rest all shook their heads. They appeared very helpless, a little regretful, and even a little disappointed. Of course, they were all just acting.

Who, at the venue, wasn't wealthy? They had been sitting there obediently listening to Lin Fan speak because they respected him.

As for this Chen Shi, they really weren't bothered about him. From what he had said, they could already tell some things.

"Then, fifty million, please raise your hands," said Lin Fan calmly.

A small number of people put down their hands.

And those who had put down their hands all looked helpless. "It's not that I don't want to but I don't have that much money. I can't lend you that."

"Right, right, me too."

The reporters who had been at the back of the room the whole time were already dumbfounded.

Perhaps others wouldn't know but they had been there since the start. How could they not know what was going on?

Lin Fan was just directly telling the leader by his actions: 'All these things you're talking about, they don't mean anything at all.'

But looking at the leader's stupefied expression, it seemed that he hadn't understood who these people were.

Wang Ming Yang said, "Brother, is this enough? My hand is getting tired. Let me say something. You can play around however you like and even make me broke. I would accept that."

Lu Li laughed and joined in as well. "I, President of Lu Corporation, am also willing to lend Master Lin money without any interest. Just say it and I'll definitely lend you money."

Lin Fan said, "I'm sorry. You've seen the situation. Nanshan Children's Welfare Institute really doesn't lack funds. As for the children's education, I have absolute faith that they will receive the best. What other people have, they will have it all as well. What other people don't have, they will have it too. So, there's no need to worry."

Chen Shi was dumbfounded. This was completely different from what he had thought. As for Lin Fan's method of communicating it to him, he had never seen something like that before.

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