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Zong Tian Violet Thunder Sect, Netherworld Sect, Myriad Phoenix Palace, Jade Seal Sect, Heaven Transforming Sect, Royal Heavenly Dao, Eternal Heaven Clan, Saint King Sect … These were all hegemons of the current cultivation world. They were colossal creatures that covered the entire Yuheng Continent, Cloud Spirit Continent, and Liuhuo Continent. Furthermore, there were also hostile forces such as the Black Wind Sect and the True Martial Sect on Tianxuan Continent that could not be avoided.

In the past few thousand years, many large sects had been annihilated, disappearing in the flow of time. It wasn't as if there weren't any super sects that could resist and topple them all by themselves, but in the past few thousand years, there had never been a single person who simultaneously declared war on so many super sects.

Furthermore, Wei Suo was forcing all the sects on these continents to express their stance. How powerful was this?

"This is a great battle that is destined to engulf the entire cultivation world."

"Many of these super sects will surely join hands to deal with him. I wonder what kind of power will be affected by this? Many secret treasures and inherited artifacts will be born! "

"A person like him has no other choice. He is not the kind of person who only cares about his own cultivation. Only when everyone is completely terrified and steps onto the road to heaven would they dare not deal with him and the people around him."

Many people left immediately after hearing Wei Suo's declaration because this was a chaotic era where blood was flowing everywhere. Many forces had already begun their preparations.

"All sects must express their stance within a day."

"The consecrate whom we agreed to negotiate with will be delivered to the imperial capital within a day."

However, Wei Suo did not waste any time on nonsense. After saying those two sentences, he rushed into the Immortal Seeking Sect.

"Don't use the divine light against me."

As Wei Suo rushed into the hall where the Sorcerer Girl was, she immediately shrank back in fear and said these words.

Her pride and dignity had long since been shattered into pieces in front of Wei Suo. Moreover, the result of this battle and the powerful voice that Wei Suo had emitted had even shaken her to the point of numbness, causing her to lose almost all of her willpower when facing Wei Suo, as if she had lost all of her mind.

"I promised you that I wouldn't use the Divine Light against you, but I have to know your position." Wei Suo said as he looked at the Witch Goddess who looked like a frightened little deer.

"As long as you let me go, I guarantee that we won't make an enemy out of you." The witch immediately said with fear. Compared to before, the current Wei Suo gave off an indescribably cold aura. It was as if between Wei Suo was a treasured sword hidden in a scabbard, but now the scabbard was completely shattered. The sharpness and radiance of this treasured sword was completely revealed.

"Don't believe her! If it weren't for luck, maybe all of us would have died at her hands. If we let her go, she might turn around and deal with us. " Han Weiwei's eyes turned red as she said hatefully.

"I won't. I will definitely do what I say. " The Witch Goddess anxiously tried to defend herself. She looked at Wei Suo, but she didn't dare to meet his eyes. She subconsciously lowered her head.

"Even if I let you go, it would be utterly impossible for your Eastroad pocket dimension to be on its own." He looked at the Witch Goddess and said, "If you don't declare war on Wei Suo, everyone will think that you and Wei Suo are on the same side. In fact, this battle was also because of you secretly causing the Fire God King and the Saint Ruler's side to suffer a crushing defeat. Your Eastern Le Secret Realm will also become the enemy of all the sects. I presume that even with your own sect in the Eastern Le Secret Realm, just those sects from the Yheng Continent alone might not be enough to deal with. "

"I …" The Sorcerer girl trembled. She couldn't help but look up at Ancestor Yuan Yin, but she couldn't say anything. If she did not declare war with Wei Suo, she would definitely become the common enemy of so many super powers, and the Eastern Lai Secret Realm might very well soon face a calamity. Moreover, even if she really did not wish to become enemies with Wei Suo and only declared war on the surface, those powers would definitely force her to do something of substance.

"In your current situation, I think there is only one option." The Primaltwin looked at the ashen-faced Witchcraft Goddess. "You can only openly stand out and be Wei Suo's Dao-companion."

"What!" The Sorcerer almost fainted after falling backwards.

"As you know, this is probably your only option at the moment. Only when you publicly announce that you and Wei Suo are going to become Dao-companions … as long as he is still alive, those people will definitely not dare to rashly act against you in the Eastern Le Secret Realm. " Ancestor Yuan Yin didn't care about the witch's expression and directly said this. At the same time, this unruly old genius directly sent a sound transmission to the witch girl's ears, "What are you fainting about? You've already done everything you needed to do …" Moreover, it is very likely that he will reach great heights. If you follow him, you will not be at a disadvantage. "

"I …" As the Sorcerer heard this, she nearly fainted.

"I'm not as trustworthy as him. Now that our Small Extreme World is tied to the same boat by him, if he loses, our Small Extreme World might not even have a single tile remaining. Even if he lets you go, I'll definitely spread the word that this war is between you and him, and that you and he are secretly in cahoots. I think that with Young Master Wan Huang and the others' cultivations, they will definitely be able to sense that you have already dual cultivated with him and have also transformed your yin energy. Perhaps they might even think that you and him have dual cultivated who knows how many times. " The Grandmaster Yuan Yin did not stop and transmitted another message into her ears.

"Ahhhh!" The Sorcerer Goddess let out a miserable cry as her vision turned black.

"No, even if she agrees, how will we believe her? How will we know that she isn't just trying to make things difficult for us?" "It's too dangerous to keep her by her side. With her cultivation, even if a spell is planted, as long as she can completely circulate her true essence and blood, it's possible that it will be broken. If she wants to deal with us, we can be killed by her at any time."

"Once you take a stand in public, it's hard to back out. And it's very easy to prove that you don't have any ulterior motives. " The old ancestor glanced at the witch, Han Weiwei, and the others, then sent a message to Han Weiwei, Ji Ya, and the witch.

"Humph!" Hearing his voice, Han Weiwei snorted coldly. She didn't say anything else, but Ji Ya and the rest nodded their heads in agreement.

"I …" As for the witch, her body trembled as she lowered her head even lower.

"Do you have anything else to hesitate about?" "To you, this is indeed forced by the circumstances, but you can also see his attitude towards his dao companion and friends. Do you think that a character like Young Master Wanhuang can compare to him?"

"I …" The Witch Goddess wanted to retort, but she didn't know if it was because she didn't dare or for some other reason, but she couldn't say it out loud for now.

"Alright, since you don't object, then we'll agree." "I know that many times female cultivators have a tender face, so I shall be the one in charge of this matter." This way, we can immediately head to the Profound Sky Continent. "

As the Witch Goddess heard Ancestor Yuan Yin's words, she nearly fainted again. But as she heard the last sentence of the Old Ancestor Yuan Yin, she was stunned for a moment. "Go to the Profound Sky Continent?"

"Right now, he has already expressed his stance completely. So many super powers will definitely not give him much time, and they will definitely kill him no matter the cost. If we do not leave this place immediately, then this place will become even more dangerous than when the Realm of the Gods King of Fire came here. " "However, since we have already gone to war, we naturally cannot just leave." Naturally, he had to go through them one by one to intimidate the world. Your Yuheng Continent's few sects are still in the Profound Sky Continent, relatively speaking, it's much easier to deal with them than to directly break through the gates of other great powers. In addition, since you have agreed, aside from them, it will be much safer for you in the Eastroad pocket dimension. "

"When did I agree?" The Sorcerer opened her mouth, but no matter what she did, she couldn't say these words out loud.

"As for expressing your opinion, prove that you don't have any ill intentions. When have you thought it through? Just state your opinion when you want your cultivation to be fully recovered." At this time, Grandmaster Yuan Yin once again spoke out in public.

"When I think it through …" The Sorcerer Goddess suddenly felt her entire body heat up. After she felt the strange changes in her body, she didn't know what sort of emotion was in her. She really did faint all of a sudden.

"You want to wait until one day, when she can't hold on any longer, then give her the Immortal Nether Pill?" "However, no matter what, we have to leave immediately."

"Alright, you guys must be careful on this trip." Wei Suo nodded, solemnly looking at the three of them as he spoke.

The Sorcerer was awakened by a violent fluctuation of Essence.

When she woke up, she saw that Wei Suo, Ancestor Yin Yin, and the others were all using their full power to escape. They were no longer in the Immortal-Traversing City, but were moving through the Savage Wasteland.

What was emitting these violent origin energy fluctuations was the beautiful flower shaped body. The beautiful Yin Flower seemed to be in a deep slumber, but its entire body was wrapped by an astonishing dark Yin energy. It emitted an astonishing origin energy fluctuation, as if it was unceasingly evolving towards the Great Dao Region.

After flying for a while, everyone tried their best to conceal their auras. After that, the Yin Ancestor bid farewell to Daoist Yuhuang, Feng Wu Cang, Wei Suo, and the others.

"Where are they going?" The witch could not help but ask. Aren't we going to the Profound Sky Continent? "

"They will be going to the Profound Sky Continent." "It's enough for them to go, they've brought an ancient talisman that can simulate Wei Suo's Qi. We'll stay behind in the dark first to see if there's any changes, to see if anyone dares to take Wei Suo to the Profound Sky Continent to deal with the Yin Corpse Sect and the Sea Immortal Sect."

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