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Chapter 2286 - Zhao Family's Dog

The chaotic flow of the Secret World's True Essence was much more stable, but it still persisted.

Yi Changfeng did not know what was happening inside, but … He knew he definitely could not let Yi Yourong out!

and even more so, would not let Long Fei who destroyed his Fang Tiandao Seal come out.

"Close it immediately!"

Yi Changfeng bellowed.

Xiao Die immediately blocked it, and said: "Great Elder, wait a little longer. They will come out soon."

The big guy also went up to block it.

The thin monkey clenched his teeth and blocked it, saying, "Now that the spatial turbulence has subsided and the Secret World has returned to normal, why did he close the exit?"

Yue Wanshan also said, "Senior Brother Yin, why not wait a little longer."

The Black Scale Carving that was thrown out by Yi Yourong also cried out and blocked the way.

Both Long Fei and Yi Yourong were very important.

Especially Xiao Die.

She blocked the entrance of Secret World with her eyes filled with determination.

Yi Changfeng's eyes were filled with anger, "Men, pull them apart!"

"If you resist, suppress them with force!"

As soon as he finished.

A few elders walked out, heading straight for Xiao Die and the others.

Yi Changfeng said: "I can't let Xuan Yue sect take the risk, I can't risk the lives of thousands of disciples just for the two of them. I know you guys are worried, but how can I not be worried?"

"Even if the Sect Master was here, he would still approve of my actions."

He spoke with dignity and a majestic sense of righteousness.

His heart, however, was dark.

With a wail, the Black Scale Carving's wings flapped, raising gusts of wind.

Level five flying war pet.

Its cultivation was not low.

A few elders were blocked and could not help but look at Yi Changfeng.

Yi Changfeng's eyes also turned sinister as he shouted: "Take him down!"


The elders suddenly flew up into the air, their powerful energies crushing down towards the Black Scale Carving.

The Black Scale Carving let out a loud roar and the feathers on its wings formed into steel feathers. It shot out like an arrow with an explosive force.

Attack it?

No matter who the other party was, he would still backfire.

The hundred steel feathers flew out in unison, causing the few elders' expressions to change.

Yi Changfeng's eyes turned sinister, "How dare you!"

"A mere beast dares to resist!"

"You're courting death!"

With that said, Yi Changfeng's figure disappeared. His palm turned into a claw and pierced through the steel feathers to instantly land on top of the Black Scale Carving's head.

Xiao Die shouted, "Little Black, watch out!"

"Wow …"

He smacked the Black Scale Carving's head with his palm.

The Black Scale Carving continuously explosively retreated, and fresh blood came out of its mouth. It was in incomparable pain.

Even so.

Yi Changfeng did not let go either. Not waiting for the Black Scale Carving to stand still, Yi Changfeng's body moved again as he kicked out consecutively, one heavy and the other heavy, at the chest of the Black Scale Carving.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

Every kick carried the strength of a elixir.

Streaks of golden light shot out.

"Puff, puff …" "Wow …"

Blood sprayed wildly.

Other realms were fine, but he was still not a match for the Golden Protector Level, as a level five war pet.

Not to mention.

Yi Changfeng used viciousness.

Every move brought killing intent.

The gigantic Black Scale Carving was sent flying hundreds of meters away with its chest caved in and its wings broken. All of its internal organs were injured by the shock.

Now, even if it was saved, it would not be able to reach the fifth stage of cultivation.


It was likely that he would never be able to break through again in his entire life.


Yi Changfeng coldly glanced at the Black Scale Carving and heavily snorted, "You overestimate yourself!"

Now that the Black Scale Carving had been crippled, there was no longer a need for him to do anything.

The entire Xuan Yue sect controlled the Pill Pavilion, so it was useless even if Yi Yourong came out now. If he did not give the pills to the Black Scale Carving, it would be impossible to recover from the Black Scale Carving's injuries.

He would die soon!

The Black Scale Carving was Yi Yourong's war pet, this could be considered as taking revenge for the destruction of his Fang Tiandao Seal.

Yi Changfeng turned around coldly, stared at Xiao Die and said: "Xiao Die, don't think that I wouldn't dare to touch you just because your father is an elder. You'd better get out of my way."

It was extremely cold.

Xiao Die's eyes shook, and said: "I won't let you lock sister Yi and A Long inside. They definitely aren't dead, and Secret World won't collapse either."

"You kept saying the fate of the Xuan Yue sect, but do you care?"

"If you care, you won't stop supplying pills."

"If you cared about it, you wouldn't have made things difficult for the sister Yi."

"sister Yi cares about the lives of every disciple in the Xuan Yue sect, it was sister Yi who made everyone evacuate in time when the Great demon beast invaded. Seeing that there were still disciples in the Secret World who did not come out, sister Yi entered the Secret World to save them without even thinking, not to mention that he is A Long, even if there is a disciple in the sect, she would go in to save them, what about you? What did you do? "

"You will only oppose her. You, you, you will only do it for yourself, letting sister Yi marry someone she doesn't like …"

Xiao Die suddenly erupted.

He gathered up his courage.

Yi Changfeng's expression changed, his eyes turned sinister as he walked in front of Xiao Die, and slapped him. "Pa!"

Xiao Die didn't have time to dodge at all.

The five finger marks on his face quickly turned red and swollen. Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

Yi Changfeng's voice turned cold, and he shouted sinisterly: "You want to teach me a lesson? Who do you think you are? "

Xiao Die's body was unsteady.

The big bloke couldn't care so much, he let out a furious roar, "Ah …"

He charged forward.

In his heart, if Long Fei wasn't there, they would have to take good care of him, because Xiao Die was his big sister.

The big guy was like a raging bull.

"You're not allowed to hurt Big Sister!"

"Bang, bang, bang …"

What was the true cultivation level of the big guy?

Body refining stage!

Yi Changfeng didn't even look at him. The pressure on her body moved, and the pressure of the Golden Protector Level pressed down like a raging tide.

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Before the big guy could react, his body suddenly sank, as if the gravity suddenly increased by more than ten thousand times. His body abruptly sank, heavily smashing the ground. "Puff …"

He spat out a mouthful of blood.

He directly fainted!

Yi Changfeng's eyes became sinister, and said: "Who wants to die?"

thin monkey wanted to speak, but he was immediately suppressed by the aura emitted from Yi Changfeng's body.

Xiao Die laughed and said: "Have you talked about your sore point?"

thin monkey lowered her voice: "Big Sister, stop talking. This old fellow is about to go crazy. If you provoke him again, he'll kill you."


Yi Changfeng's eyes were filled with killing intent.

There was not a single disciple in Xuan Yue sect who dared to speak to him like that, not to mention in front of so many people.

As if he hadn't heard the words of the thin monkey, Xiao Die took a step forward and said still, "I'm not mistaken. As the Great Elder of the Xuan Yue sect, you're thinking about yourself everywhere.

"Think about your position as the Imperial Advisor."

"They are always trying to curry favor with the Zhao Family!"

"To put it harshly, are you a dog raised by the Zhao Family?"

As soon as he said that.

Yi Changfeng's expression instantly changed, "You're courting death!"

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