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Chapter 2424 - A BOSS, Golden giant King

"Sky fire?"

Long Fei was a little doubtful, "Didn't you guys say that the Heaven Flames are your sand moon tribe's punishment?"

"How come I'm in your control now?"

What is a Sky Fire?

Long Fei didn't have any idea.

However …

Judging from the mysterious runes on the metal box, it must be some sort of powerful force.

girl with veil quickly kept the iron box into the Space Ring, and it was also at this moment that the howls from the depths of the desert died down.

She said slightly: "Our sand moon tribe is a descendant of an ancient Refiner race, so we can control all the fires in the world. Although the heavenly fire is exceptionally strong, and it has been burning here for a hundred thousand years, our ancestors also used a hundred thousand years to subdue it. It was only because the heavenly fire was subdued that the flames extinguished."

"From then on, Sky Fire has been passed down in the sand moon tribe, it's just that... After those ancestors subdued the Heaven Flame, they all died, and no one could control the Heaven Flame anymore. They could only activate its Seal. "

"But …"

"The demons that our sand moon tribe created have always wanted to obtain it, because … Heaven Fire can melt all things, and can similarly destroy all things. If she were to obtain it, the consequences would be incomparably terrifying. "

"So strong?" Destroy everything? To melt all things? " Long Fei's heart trembled, and asked doubtfully: "What exactly is the devil that your sand moon tribe created?"

girl with veil said, "An immortal demon."

"An immortal demon?" Long Fei said: "There is no such thing as absolute immortality in this world.

Long Fei had used Undead Powder s before.

In those three minutes, he would definitely not die. However, after some time, his body would still remain that of a mortal. As long as his strength was strong enough, he would be instantly killed.

No matter what method you use, she will not die. At that time, we thought that by relying on her power to rule the Wilderness, we could sweep across the entire Zhen Wu continent, but in the end, we discovered that we were wrong. "

"We have created a demon that is completely out of our control."

Hearing this, Long Fei became a little excited, and thought: "Looks like it's another super BOSS, I like it."

Killing monsters to level up?

Too slow!

If he killed the Boss, levelling would be much easier.

Long Fei wished that he could immediately kill this' immortal demon '.

In his heart, he felt relieved.

"Didn't I say it before? The System can't always scam me every time. At least, there's a super BOSS in this quest. As long as I kill it, I might be able to go berserk again." Long Fei became excited.


Long Fei immediately asked: "Where is that demon?"

girl with veil shook his head and said, "Deep in the desert."

"Let's go!"

"Take me there." Long Fei was unable to endure the thirst.

girl with veil was startled, then said: "We must avoid her as much as possible. In this desert, she is the king, and no one can move her. Otherwise, we wouldn't have left the desert, this is the home of our sand moon tribe."

Uncle Fu also quickly said, "We can't go there. People will die."

"Absolutely not!"

Everyone from sand moon tribe kneeled.

Transformers replied in disdain, "Coward."

Long Fei said: "Kong Kim, don't talk nonsense."

"If you don't want to go, then don't. I won't go." As Long Fei spoke, he sent a sound transmission to Kai Linna using the idea, "Go and scout him out."

Kai Linna replied: "Understood!"

As long as they were in the desert, none of that was a problem.

With Kai Linna, an aerial reconnaissance aircraft, she would be able to detect the position of the BOSS.

… ….


Another desert giant scorpion sneak attack.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'desert giant scorpion' for obtaining 50,000 experience, 5000 points for true qi and 1 point for Arrogant God Energy Value."

"King Kong's right hand!"

After Long Fei killed a desert giant scorpion, he immediately warned.


A mountain of sand suddenly flipped over, and a gigantic scorpion rushed out, the poisonous spikes on its tail piercing towards Transformers's head like thick steel bars.

Transformers did not dodge, and directly used his head to block the attack.


The poisonous spike broke.

King Kong grabbed the desert giant scorpion's tail. "Bang!"

With a swing of his hand, he ruthlessly smashed down from midair. "Cheap Shot! Attack me again!"




An enormous scorpion was completely smashed to smithereens.

The surrounding people were all scared silly.

Transformers was too savage.

The second desert giant scorpion flipped over dry. Long Fei took a glance at the girl with veil, and thought to himself: "This is already the sixth sneak attack today. It seems like the further we go, the more desert giant scorpion there are."

"Do you want to summon a few Alien Demons to play?"

"I just don't think there's any meaning in killing them all. The Experience Points is not bad, but the quantity is too little." Long Fei muttered in his heart.

He glanced at the sky.

Kai Linna had not returned.

It had already been half a day, and Long Fei was a little worried in his heart.

Without waiting for Long Fei's breath.

"Hualala …"

Transformers roared, "You still dare to come?"

Long Fei's gaze tensed up, "Seventh time!"


This time … The surrounding sand was moving, and it was as if there were countless giant snakes moving under the sand, moving at an extremely fast speed.

Long Fei's expression tensed up, he took out the Ju Que Sword and said: "Kong Kim, don't chase too deep. Protecting the people first is more important."

Transformers immediately shrank back and said, "Okay."

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

The three desert giant scorpion instantly rushed out.

The Ju Que Sword in Long Fei's hand moved slightly, "True essence, explode!"

One step into the sky.

True essence flooded out like a tide.

"Phantom Sword Dance."

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh!"

In the blink of an eye, sword Qis came crashing down like shockwaves.

The three desert giant scorpion were instantly chopped into pieces.

A system announcement sounded out.

"Ding ding ding!"

Right at this moment, the position where the veiled youth and the others were standing crumbled down. Long Fei's face tightened and immediately shouted: "King Kong, below!"

Not waiting for him to finish.


A bolt of golden lightning shot out from the depths of the sand, directly extending into the air. Under the scorching sun, a golden streak appeared.

It was extremely dazzling.

This was a … The tail of a giant golden scorpion.

It was incomparably huge.

It was more than ten times the body of an ordinary desert giant scorpion.


Now there was only one tail, and his whole body was in the sand.

At this critical moment.

The giant golden tail pierced towards Long Fei who was in mid air heavily.

It was incredibly fast.

Long Fei's gaze tensed up, the Ju Que Sword was blocking his chest.


The Golden Stinger stabbed out.

A powerful shockwave burst out.

Light scattered in all directions.

At the same time.

Long Fei's body also exploded outwards like a kite with its string cut.

His internal organs were all rolling around in pain.

The Golden giant did not chase after Long Fei. With a move of its power, all of the surrounding sand mountains exploded like a desert, frantically surging upwards and burying everyone from the Transformers and the girl with veil.

"King Kong!"

Long Fei roared.

girl with veil also exclaimed out, "Take Tianhuo and leave!"


The iron box flew out from the gap.

And then …

Other than Long Fei, everyone, including Kong Kim, was buried. In an instant, the Golden giant moved like lightning and disappeared!

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