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Ellipses. Han Wenqing's response was more ellipses.  

He was only facing a Cleric. Against a Cleric without any outside support, if he could get close, killing the Cleric would only be a matter of time. But Han Wenqing's reply was unexpectedly the same as before: ellipses. This meant that even now, he wasn't able to close in on An Wenyi's Little Cold Hands?

Zhang Xinjie felt surprised. Everyone who understood the meaning behind these ellipses felt surprised. The broadcast immediately switched the focus to the battle over there.

Sure enough, Desert Dust was still chasing after Little Cold Hands.

Let alone Tyranny's players and the viewers watching them, even Han Wenqing himself was feeling surprised.  

Healer classes moved slowly compared to other classes and didn't have any movement skills to help them move faster either. It was true that Strikers needed to get extremely close to their opponents before they could start attacking, but Strikers were naturally fast classes unlike healers. Along with a several movement skills, their movement should be much much faster than Clerics.

But he wasn't able to catch him!  

Was it because Little Cold Hands was wearing equipment that buffed his movement speed?

Happy had used this sort of strategy before in the Challenger League. A fast Cleric restricted the opponents to a certain extent, but this match, Little Cold Hands was wearing his proper high-crit healing equipment. His movement speed was the same as a normal Cleric, slower than average.

Yet Han Wenqing's Desert Dust was just unable to chase him down. Although Han Wenqing was surprised, he knew the reason why.  

Because of the terrain.

An Wenyin was extremely familiar with this residential area. In addition, the terrain wasn't flat. There were many buildings on top of the trees, some with two or three floors. 

Little Cold Hands wasn't fast, but he took advantage of the terrain, nimbly moving in and out.

At first, the audience had felt astonished that Han Wenqing wasn't able to catch up to Happy's weak point, their healer. But after the broadcast showed his pursuit of him, everyone felt that it was the opposite. Han Wenqing not being thrown off by An Wenyi and sticking so tightly to him was truly impressive feat!  

It was indeed impressive.

However, the one who was shocked the most wasn't Han Wenqing, but An Wenyi. He thought that he had studied and practiced this area more than enough. Losing an opponent here shouldn't be hard at all, but it turned out that he was wrong.

Han Wenqing!

Even though An Wenyi admired Zhang Xinjie the most, as a Tyranny fan, how could he not respect Tyranny's captain, Han Wenqing? He had watched Tyranny for many years and was very familiar with the team. But after entering the pro scene, he quickly understood that the might he saw while sitting in front of the TV was very different from personally experiencing it for himself in a match.

The feeling of oppression that he got from Han Wenqing chasing after him made An Wenyi's palms sweat, but he didn't dare take a pause to wipe it away. Under this enormous pressure, the confidence that he had from his familiarity with the terrain was gradually being whittled away. An Wenyi didn't know how much longer he could endure. Han Wenqing had the time to respond to his team with ellipses, but for An Wenyi, the only thing that he had the time for was to keep running for his life. He had no time to do anything else. He didn't even dare to blink at this point. He needed to carefully carefully carefully and quickly quickly quickly make decisions.

To think he hasn't made a mistake yet!

Han Wenqing's astonishment towards An Wenyi gradually shifted from his familiarity with the map to his calmness under heavy pressure.

The public's evaluation wasn't wrong. Even if Happy's rookies didn't have the skill, their spirits were incomparable. A rookie was being chased so closely by him, yet the rookie was still able to keep a clear head, quickly and accurately making the right decision every time.  

Han Wenqing couldn't help but think of another player, his partner for many years, Zhang Xinjie.

Although the two were partners, when Zhang Xinjie first joined Tyranny in season four, Han Wenqing's outlook towards him was as a senior player towards a new rookie. However, the Zhang Xinjie at that time was similar to this An Wenyi. No matter the situation, there was no sign of panic. Calm and careful were the characteristics of this rookie, becoming the sturdy shield for Team Tyranny.

An Wenyi's technical skills couldn't compare to the rookie Zhang Xinjie of that time, but his mentality and his willpower gave Han Wenqing a feeling of deja vu.

But he wasn't going to let up. Let alone a player similar to Zhang Xinjie, even if Zhang Xinjie had transferred to a different team and were in An Wenyi's position, he would still chase after him with everything he had. To him, that was the greatest respect he could give.


Continue chasing!  

After replying to Zhang Xinjie's inquiry, Han Wenqing wasn't swayed. He didn't feel embarrassed because he couldn't even catch a rookie. He wholeheartedly focused on this one goal. No matter what, he would chase down Little Cold Hands.  

At this moment, Little Cold Hands suddenly moved horizontally.

Suddenly changing directions was a common method to escape from an opponent, but up until now, An Wenyi had never used such a method.

A sudden turn tested the opponent's reaction speed. If the opponent's reaction speed was fast enough and adjusted prompt enough, it also gave the opponent an opportunity to catch up.

That was why An Wenyi had never used this sort of risky method because he clearly knew his value as a healer in a team competition. No matter how poor his technical skill was or if he was the "weakness" of the team, as long as he was alive, he would be a huge threat.

As a result, An Wenyi had always been exceptionally cautious. But at this moment, he suddenly took a risk that he had never taken before.

Soaring Tiger!

Han Wenqing's Desert Dust immediately used a powerful skill, ferociously pouncing on him. The entire stadium erupted into cheers.

But it missed!

It was just by a bit, but the Soaring Tiger missed its mark. But when Han Wenqing chose this skill, he had thought of what came after. The Soaring Tiger missed, but he hit the tree. He crouched down and borrowed the tree to shoot forward! 

With this, Desert Dust's speed increased sharply, moving like a flying artillery shell. But An Wenyi seemed to have known as Little Cold Hands rolled to the side.

Desert Dust missed again, and this time, he could not immediately turn like before.

Thousand Ton Drop!

Han Wenqing could only use this skill to let Desert Dust fall faster. However, by leaping off the tree and then using this skill to fall, Desert Dust had moved a large distance. When he turned back to find his target, Little Cold Hands had widened the distance between them.

I fell for it!

Han Wenqing continued to give chase, while sighing helplessly.  

He wasn't a brainy player who was proficient at planning. Although his opponent was a rookie, it looked like he was better at these sorts of schemes than him. An Wenyin once again took advantage of the terrain, calculating what Han Wenqing would do and then courageously took the risk to widen the distance between them. An Wenyi had been a fan of Tyranny before. He was familiar with Han Wenqing. And after becoming a pro player, this familiarity as a fan naturally became an understanding of an opponent. This time, he used what he knew about Han Wenqing to succeed.

The viewers and even Pan Lin and Li Yibo weren't thinking as much. However, compared to Han Wenqing, they knew more clearly why An Wenyi took such a risk. Happy had sent a message in the team chat. Ye Xiu had called for An Wenyi to convene with them.

Would they succeed?

When Ye Xiu sent out the call, everyone had been watching Desert Dust sticking closely to Little Cold Hands and let out a big question mark. But An Wenyi immediately completed a beautiful escape, dispelling their doubts.  

But, good things don't last!

After having a specific direction to move towards, An Wenyi's escape choices weren't as flexible anymore. He needed to follow a general direction and make a decision.

As for Han Wenqing, he also received a message from Zhang Xinjie, telling Han Wenqing their coordinates and asking Han Wenqing for his coordinates.

With this, Han Wenqing was able to see through An Wenyi's intent.

Now that he knew An Wenyi's aim, he could make predictions. Han Wenqing was no longer chasing after An Wenyi brainlessly like before. Desert Dust's pursuit became more orderly. Sometimes, people felt like he wasn't chasing Little Cold Hands. Instead, it looked like he happened to be following the same route as him. And An Wenyi's attempts at feints gradually lose their effectiveness too.

I've been seen through!

Seeing Desert Dust getting closer step by step, An Wenyi suddenly realized where the issue lay. But at this point, it was too late to regret his previous actions.

Keeping running!

His best choice was to simply run as fast as he could. Tricks would only be a waste of time. Next, it would be a contest of speed. However, since his opponent was a Striker, how could he hope to outspeed him as a Cleric! An Wenyi could only hope that he could meet up with the rest of Happy before his opponent caught up to him.

So he sprinted!

He didn't spare his stamina, using everything he had to sprint as fast as he could. An Wenyi wanted to cover the greatest distance in the shortest amount of time.

But unfortunately, if he could do it, so could Han Wenqing. As long as he caught up to Little Cold Hands, Desert Dust wouldn't need stamina to finish him off.

Sprint, all-out sprint!

Han Wenqing's Desert Dust immediately sprinted after him. The distance between the two characters closed at a visible speed.

"He's caught up!!" Pan Lin shouted.

Launching Kick!

Desert Dust jumped and kicked. It hadn't been easy catching up to Little Cold Hands, so of course he wouldn't use a knockback skill to help push Little Cold Hands away. He used the Striker's knock-up skill. He wanted to send Little Cold Hands into the air and then slowly deal with him.


Boom boom boom!  

Three rounds of artillery shells exploded between Desert Dust and Little Cold Hands. Little Cold Hands wasn't hurt, but Desert Dust was blown back by the shockwave. A figure stepped out of the forest and then instantly reached Desert Dust's side, cold light flashing.

"When did you ever become so shameful, bullying a little kid like that?" A merciless message from Ye Xiu popped up in the chat.

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