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Chapter 1358 - The Immortal's PK


Suddenly, a huge lightning snake descended from the sky.

The lightning snake kept rolling; it was actually more than two meters thick. With this fall, it seemed as if it could split the sky in half.


"Not good!"

Old Lord Taishang exclaimed and quickly took a few steps back.

Who would have thought that the lightning would chase after him and form a lightning net that wrapped him within it?

This Lei Wei was too powerful.

Old Lord Taishang suddenly had an intuition.

Immortal intuition.

Even as an immortal, he would not be able to withstand the lightning might of the ninth stage and the first stage.

Because on Earth, he was the cultivation of the Golden Immortal Stage.

The power of this Lei Wei was comparable to the Ninety-nine Heavenly Force Thunder.

This fellow in the gourd, how could he draw in such a terrifying lightning tribulation?

Old Lord Taishang knew that he wouldn't be able to dodge this thunder tribulation, so he steeled his heart and chucked the gourd in his hands.



The lightning finally landed on the purple gold gourd.

Huge clouds of dust were kicked up into the air. The intense thunderous explosion spread to the surroundings, causing everyone to dodge out of the way.

An enormous lightning bolt shot straight into the sky.

The Nine-Death-Life-Extermination Formation should have been destroyed due to the explosion of the crystal.


Qin Yi turned pale with fright. He, who was tied up, shouted towards the lightning.

Shen Yu's face was also pale white.

So, so powerful.

With this kind of strength, instantly killing him wasn't a problem at all.

Qin Chao... That guy, he couldn't possibly have died just like that, right …

Isn't he the life of a cockroach?

"What a terrifying lightning tribulation."

Old Lord Taishang wiped his cold sweat. If he lost a mountain, then he wouldn't be able to escape if it fell on him.

Under such a thunder tribulation, that fellow would definitely be reduced to ashes.

This was the result of going against immortals.

It was just a pity that he had a top-grade medicinal catalyst.

But no matter, there was his son and his lover.

Just by capturing them, he could produce Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill with divine power.

This way, the Sky Emperor would not blame him for losing so many Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill.

It was really the turn of events.

It was a pity that he had his own high lord's ever forgetting furnace and purple gold gourd.

"Is … Is he dead …?"

Dongfang Ying couldn't help but ask as he looked at that terrifying lightning pillar for a long time without dispersing.

"Of course."

Old Lord Taishang nodded, "Who could possibly withstand such a terrifying lightning tribulation? Even the I couldn't withstand it, not to mention his mortal body … "What?"

His eyes suddenly widened.

As the lightning gradually dissipated, a familiar figure slowly walked out from within.

Qin Chao's entire body was scorched black, and four different colored lights revolved around his body continuously.

"Phew …" "If not for the help of the purple gold gourd, I would have died."

Qin Chao also spat out a cloud of black smoke.

"Master, congratulations, you've transcended the tribulation."

"Master, this is great! You are now one step closer to the realm you were in back then."

"bloke Qin, you are awesome. You have reached the level of full mastery in the Power of God."

Li Yin, Luo De and the others continuously shouted from within Qin Chao's body.

Four dragon girls and four beams of light rotated back and forth.

Qin Chao also didn't think that he would wake up the lightning tribulation after eating the fifth Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill.

A terrifying thunder tribulation.

If it wasn't for the Golden-purple Gourd blocking him, Qin Chao really might not have been able to resist.

He hadn't thought that his lightning tribulation would be so terrifying.

Indeed, he had committed too many sins and killed too many people, which was why he managed to provoke such a violent thunder.

The last strike of the Ninety-nine Heavenly Force Thunder would probably have such power.

Even so, his injuries were not light.

But after transcending the tribulation, his power began to recover unceasingly.

His body's condition was also rapidly recovering under the effect of the Diamond Meridian.

It was completely activated by the power of divinity.

If he used to only have one wooden chariot, then he was now an iron chariot.

Those who had doubled in strength were no longer the same people they used to be.

"I actually let you pass through the thunder tribulation!"

Old Lord Taishang's expression was rather ugly, "However, it's over now. I will take you in. Go on, gold and steel …"

This old man really has a lot of magic treasures.

He shook his hand, and instantly, a golden steel ring flew towards Qin Chao.

Qin Chao looked at the incoming steel ring, and frowned.

The Universe Ring was something from Journey to the West, something that could be stored within the world's treasures.

He even knocked Sun Wukong down.

Although Ye Zichen didn't know if what in Journey to the West was true, it was something that Old Lord Taishang had made, so it shouldn't be an ordinary item.

The speed of the Universe Ring was extremely fast, in the blink of an eye, it was already in front of Qin Chao, and directly smashed towards his head.

The power of this smash must have been extraordinary.

Qin Chao saw through the inkling.

"This time, even the Great Firmament Golden Immortal couldn't take it anymore. Die!"

The Great Firmament Golden Immortal was one rank higher than the Golden Immortal.

However, Qin Chao was still standing there. The four rays of light entwined around his body, and he did not enter into the state of the Nine-dragons Armour's Possession.

He was already in the flesh god, and had mastered the power of divinity.

"Then let me give it a try."

As he spoke, he swept out his right palm.

The palm that had fused with the Big Vajra Bodhi Hand.


A golden light shone.

The people around him were dazzled by the golden light.


The unstoppable Heaven and Earth Ring was sent flying, crashing into a tall mountain peak in the distance.


The entire mountain was blasted into smithereens.

Too vicious.

This was the power of the Universe Ring.

Dongfang Ying and the others were all staring at him.

But what was even more unbelievable was that Qin Chao actually managed to casually send such a powerful attack flying.

How is this possible?

"How could this be, this is only the strength of a flesh god …"

What he did not dare to believe the most was Old Lord Taishang.

His eyeballs were about to pop out.

How was this possible? Even the Great Firmament Golden Immortals would be blown away by this attack.

"Sure enough, with the full strength of the power of divinity, the Vajra Palm is also incomparably powerful."

Qin Chao's right hand was emitting white smoke.

He himself had been shocked by the attack just now.

Such a strong power.

But the power of divinity was indeed worthy of being called the greatest ability to open up the universe.

After adding the Vajra Palm of the Vajra Scripture, he seemed to have reached a god-like level.

However, it was only this strike. He reckoned that he would not be able to take another blow.

A single flesh god with the power of divinity could fight against nearly a hundred flesh god with Immortal Energy s.

However, the other party was after all, not a flesh god, but a Golden Immortal.

And the power of that last attack was once again that of a Great Firmament Golden Immortal.


"Since I doesn't believe me, let's do it again."

Old Lord Taishang was unreconciled. He reached out his hand and the golden steel ring flew out from the shattered rocks once again. With a whizzing sound, it smashed towards Qin Chao's face once again.

"Master, use our power!"

Li Yin's voice sounded.

"Alright... Nine-dragons Armour, Possession … "

Four rays of light instantly merged into Qin Chao's body.

The armor of the Nine-dragons Armour appeared once again.

It was a pity that the ordinary Nine-dragons Armour's Possession did not manage to raise Qin Chao's realm to roaming immortal.

Because the base strength of the God Realm was too big, with just a few Dragon Women who were still in the Thunder Doom Stage, they weren't able to push Qin Chao's strength by a large amount.

If it's Perfect Body, it should be able to directly jump a realm.

Only when "Kong" also wakes up, would the Nine-dragons Armour be able to awaken completely.

At that time, the Nine-dragons Armour's Possession and realm would rise to the level of a deity or even a Immortal Venerable.

"Master, don't forget, there's still me …"

Just as the golden steel ring was about to hit him, a new girl's voice sounded.

"Come, Ling Er, it's up to you."

Qin Chao shouted loudly.

Suddenly, a scarlet flame spurted out of his chest.

The flame first took the shape of a fireball, before turning into a long fire dragon that whizzed towards the Heaven and Earth Ring.

In the blink of an eye, the Heaven and Earth Ring was scorched red.

Meanwhile, the fire dragon, with the Universe Ring in its mouth, along with the item in its hand, arrived in front of Old Lord Taishang in the blink of an eye.


Old Lord Taishang was shocked, "Even the Purgatory Flame Dragon has awakened? This is going to be troublesome."

His finger moved as he controlled the Heaven and Earth Ring, causing golden light to immediately burst out.


The fire dragon was immediately scattered.

Countless of flames immediately flew back, landing in front of Qin Chao's chest.

A crimson red dragon-shaped breastplate also appeared on Qin Chao's chest.

"It's been hard on you, Ling'er."

This was the armor of the Purgatory Flame Dragon, Ling'er.

"Master, there are only four Dragon Ladies left …" "As soon as they wake up, master, your power will sweep the world."

Li Yin reminded.

"Alright, but let me finish off this old man first."

Qin Chao said, and then shouted loudly, "Nine-dragons Armour, Perfect Body,"

Five colors twined around Qin Chao's body.

Very quickly, a set of rainbow coloured armor appeared on Qin Chao's body.

He looked like an ancient general, majestic and awe-inspiring.

"roaming immortal has achieved perfection. Sure enough, after Perfect Body, you can only reach this level …"

Qin Chao took a deep breath, "However, compared to the large success of the roaming immortal from before, it's now completely different concepts …"

"Dammit! Bastard! Damned mortal, you dare to show off your might in front of an immortal? Go and die for I!"

As Old Lord Taishang spoke, he threw the King Kong Ring over.

The golden steel ring seemed like it was going to tear the air apart as it instantly appeared in front of Qin Chao.

Qin Chao once again extended his right hand.


A crisp explosion sound rang out.

He caught the golden steel ring in his right hand.

The golden steel ring was still emitting immortal power, but Qin Chao's hands were also glowing gold, quickly suppressing the immortal power.

The power of divinity. This was the power of divinity.

"How is this possible … "So this is the power of divinity …"

Old Lord Taishang's face was pale, "No, I definitely cannot allow you to live. Otherwise, in the future, when you recover all of your strength, you will definitely become a great threat to the Immortal World."

As he spoke, he suddenly took out five flags from a brocade sack.

"Use this Five Elements Flag to turn you into invisibility."

With that, he threw his new treasure into the air.

The Five Elements Flag immediately took five different directions, and started attacking towards Qin Chao.

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He saw a lot of people saying that he wrote Old Lord down as weak … Other than the Three Realms and Six Daos, all other existences on Earth are Golden Immortal Stage s. Even Old Lord Taishang is the same, what do you all want to see?

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