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"Those going to Alen for postal service in the human kingdoms, gather before me!"

Lu Zhiyu stood in the castle, holding a stack of letters. Many wind ravens flew around the room and perched on the ground, the lights, windows, and tables. The entire place was as noisy as a market!

The wind ravens were all talking like humans. Each one also had a small satchel as if they were mailmen.

"That's me! Out of the way."

"Hey, I think I'm going to the humans!"

"Not me. I deliver to the orcs!"

"I heard some are going to the elves. I want to know what the elves look like!"

Seeing that the situation was out of control, Blackjack raised his voice and called, "Everyone be quiet!"

The chattering quieted down. All the ravens stood straight without daring to say anything. Blackjack nodded. "Now you're only allowed to speak if called on. Those going to the humans, come to the table," he said with authority.

A whole row of ravens stepped forward. Lu Zhiyu grabbed the letters and gave them to the ravens. He had already picked the ravens and had used the dream space to send their targets and specific location to their minds. Now, Lu Zhiyu only had to give the letters to them!

"Leves Bicto of Luhmann Kingdom," Lu Zhiyu called.

A wind raven immediately jumped out. "Me, me!"

Lu Zhiyu patted its head and the raven happily puffed up its chest. Their genes made them feel kinship to humans and loyalty to their owners. Lu Zhiyu put the letter into its satchel and then read the next name. One after another, all the letters for the human kingdoms were sent out.

Lu Zhiyu stood and smiled. "Thank you for your hard work, wind ravens. Bring back our apprentices."

"We will complete the task!" the wind ravens said in unison. Then they flew away, circling around the tower once before flying towards their destinations. The closest was the Luhmann Kingdom while the furthest was the Tuten Dynasty.

Lu Zhiyu then moved on to the letters that would be sent to the orcs. "Those for the Alen Continent and orcs, come before me!"

He waved his hand and a circular dimensional door appeared in the room. The wind ravens all flew through the door. They arrived at the orc kingdom and spread out. Lu Zhiyu sent out the 200 letters one by one, ensuring that the wind ravens could send them to the targets.

Suddenly, Lu Zhiyu heard the sound of the bells outside the castle. The sound was graceful and melodious. Lu Zhiyu walked out and saw the huge bell on the tower ringing, indicating it was noon.

"It's twelve o'clock. I should go check how SS Eternal's furnishing is going."

The sub-brain I in his mind immediately reminded him of the plan and tasks for today. In order to use his time efficiently and combine his work and thoughts, he'd designed a task. Whenever it was time, the sub-brain I would remind him.

The list was very long and already reached into the next year. Looking at it, Lu Zhiyu realized that he actually had so many things to do. His efficiency had increased, but living this kind of planned life was like being a robot.

After he inspected the ship, Lu Zhiyu assigned a dozen ant-people to be the crewmen. However, their brains were simpler so they could only perform simple conversations. The ship didn't need the ant-men to take care of though. They only had to take care of the wizard apprentices!

He then checked the entire wizard tower. By now, most of the construction, both inside and out, was already finished.

For the next few days, other than working on his experiments and waiting for the wind raves to return, he also bought some obedient slaves. After all, the ant-men weren't suffice. Many things still required humans, such as buying groceries and everyday items. He also needed humans to take care of the apprentices.

In Lu Zhiyu' plan, he would not allow the slaves to leave the tower. He could even allow them to learn witchcraft, but they wouldn't be allowed to leave. They had to stay in one area of the wizard tower forever.

Lu Zhiyu didn't have to worry about them escaping either. The slaves all had brands and no escaped slaves from any country would have a happy ending. On the other hand, they wouldn't have to worry about daily essentials here and the work wasn't heavy either. It was practically a job they couldn't be fired from. For a slave, nothing could be better than the life Lu Zhiyu gave them!

In addition, the slaves he'd bought were all in families. Maybe one could escape, but the entire family couldn't. Furthermore, the entire Maria's World belonged to Lu Zhiyu. Where could these guys run to?

He also created a new kind of camelids. Rather than supernatural creatures, they were just regular camelids. They looked like the alpacas. However, their fur was golden and they looked quite powerful, so he called them goldpacas.

These goldpacas were very strong and could carry more things than most creatures. They were very fast as well. The goldpacas' hooves also allowed them to easily traverse more difficult terrains.

He built a pen under the mountains and had a few slaves take care of these goldpacas. Lu Zhiyu patted the goldpacas' necks. These guys were very gentle and stared at Lu Zhiyu with their funny eyes. For some reason, they made him want to laugh!

"Master, I'm going to buy supplies down the mountain. This is the list you said earlier. Please check it!"

The middle aged man behind Lu Zhiyu kept his head bowed, not daring to look. This was the only slave that Lu Zhiyu bought that could read Phinks. His name was Sargon and had the Tuten Dynasty's lineage. Lu Zhiyu placed him in charge of the slaves and he was doing quite a good job. Everything was orderly.

At first, the slaves were terrified by the ant-people Lu Zhiyu had placed in the tower. They all thought Lu Zhiyu was a demon from the legends. After all, this was deep in the Black Forest, he had such an eerie castle, and commanded a bunch of beasts. They even thought that Lu Zhiyu ate humans and had bought them to eat!

However, Sargon had comforted them and brought order to them. He'd even discussed with Lu Zhiyu, making him satisfied.

"Sargon, good job. You can take a dozen of the goldpacas and some helpers. Depart now and return soon!" Lu Zhiyu told Sargon.

The black forest was very large and would take a long time to travel through. Even if one was familiar with the geography and paths, it would still take at least ten days. The entire trip would need around 20 days. The goldpacas were the only possible forms of transportation.

"Yes, Master! I will hurry back!"

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