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After all, the blood nourishment of the sword had helped him establish a spiritual link with it.


A soft ringing sound was heard.

In response to Ye Qingyu's summoning, the black sword embryo vibrated slightly and a crack instantly formed on its surface. As the vibration became faster, more and more crack lines appeared on the sword embryo amid a lingering bout of clicking noises. Eventually, the entire sword embryo burst apart with a bang and scattered like a pile of black sludge.

"Has it really broken? F*cking hell... Huh? What's that?"

When Ye Qingyu saw the sword embryo bursting apart, he was so shocked that his soul seemed to leave his body, and he really thought that the sword-casting had failed. But at this very moment, he saw a dazzling wisp of blood-colored splendor spurt forth from among the broken and scattered black dregs of the sword embryo. As a sword radiance flickered and a sharp sense swept toward him, he felt the feeling of a supremely precious sword being unsheathed.


A beam of red light shot out from the sword embryo sludge and landed in his palm.

He fixed his eyes upon it.

"Is this… the [Blood Drinker Sword]?" He was a little dumbfounded, for it was a red pellet which was the size of a baby's palm which landed in his hand. Its surface could not be any glossier, as if a layer of faint silver film was sealing a terrifying power within. Inside, a red sword light flickered indistinctly, as if tens of millions of sword qi shadows could shoot forth in a mere instant. One look at it was all it took for one to shudder in fear.

"The [Fiendgod Titled Chart] never mentioned that the [Blood Drinker Sword] would turn into a sword pellet when it has been refined to the fullest, so what's going on here? It doesn't look like it has failed, yet it's different from the description in the sword-casting secret technique… Uh? Could I have unintentionally cast a new kind of treasure?"

Ye Qingyu was somewhat uncertain.

When he operated the [Eyes of the Void] and took another look at the sword pellet, he was able to see that, beneath the superficial silver radiance, infinite mysterious, profound, and minute formations were frantically circulating. These formations were extremely old and were filled with a chaotic aura. It was nearly impossible for the naked eye to discern that every one of them was formed from hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of veins which were interlinked like chains. Each of them seemed to be deriving something, and contained an inexplicable divine mystery.

This was Ye Qingyu's initial feeling when he first saw these formations.

"These should be primeval formations from that Blood Vine Demon Source which have been completely refined into a new kind of formation in the form of this blood pellet by adding divine formations of other divine materials, the divine properties contained within my blood essence, and weapon-casting formation power from the one hundred and eight ancient characters."

He stopped channeling the [Eyes of the Void] and went into deep contemplation.

Although sword pellets were certainly mentioned in the ancient legends, they were nevertheless rare like no other. It was said that only the divine kings and demonic lords of past ages had cast them before by using supreme magical abilities. Allegedly, the emperor weapons of a martial emperor were also similar in form to sword pellets. The very best emperor weapons could change in tens of thousands of different ways and possessed inexhaustible power. In the hands of a martial emperor, they had the power to split the entire world and chop down the stars.

Ye Qingyu did not feel as if he had already refined a sword pellet as rare and precious as those mentioned in the legends. In fact, the red-colored sword pellet in his hand could barely pass for a sword pellet. Though it had the shape of one, it was far from possessing union with divine will. What he could confirm, however, was that he had managed to refine something similar to a sword pellet by accident.

If my luck continues to be this good, perhaps I may one day refine a proper sword pellet.

As the red sword pellet continued to revolve on his palm, he hesitated for a moment before injecting a wisp of divine consciousness into it. He then attempted to rouse the [Blood Drinker Sword] using the same method as before.

The next instant, a strange change occurred. The sword pellet suddenly gave off a compelling radiance which covered his entire palm and extended into a thick and heavy blood-colored longsword which had an unsophisticated shape, a sharp tip, and a circulating splendor. It was extremely similar in appearance to the [Blood Drinker Sword] of before.


Ye Qingyu beamed with delight.

As his thoughts wandered, he felt a strange feeling of his mind instantly becoming saturated with a lot more information. It was as if the red sword pellet was interlinked with his mind and was continually changing the shape of the longsword according to his thoughts.

The unsophisticated longsword suddenly changed shape and became a magnificent and seemingly-transparent sword which was as broad as a finger in width and as thin as a cicada wing in thickness. As it vibrated faintly, the air split apart like butter. When Ye Qingyu changed his thoughts, the sword turned into a [Dragon Burning Moon Giant Knife] which was several meters in length and as thick and heavy as a mountain. It then transformed into a [City Sieging Great Axe] which weighed nearly five hundred kilograms, then into a warhammer, then into a three-section staff, then into a meteor hammer, then into a blood spear, then...

It could even transform into all kinds of concealed weapons and shields!

In accordance with Ye Qingyu's thoughts, the red sword pellet continually changed into thousands of different shapes, as if it could imitate all weapons. Under his manipulation, it even turned into a highly realistic copy of the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

Ye Qingyu was beside himself with joy.

After an hour of experimentation, he had finally gained a grasp on the power of the red sword pellet.

It could turn into myriad kinds of weapons, albeit it was still at its most powerful when in sword form. When it transformed into a sword, Ye Qingyu could clearly feel a circulation of sword will all over his body. Its power was raised to the maximum while the many kinds of mysterious formations contained within it reached their most active state. Their increased effect on his battle strength also became the most terrifying. Furthermore, it was only in this form that its unique blood-drinking feedback force worked. When transformed into other kinds of weapons, all it would have were its sharpness and weight.

"Just as well. Aside from my physical fist techniques, the strongest aspect of my present martial path lies in my sword techniques. I've already fully comprehended the [Human King Sword Mantra] of the three major sword mantras. In combination with the red sword pellet, I believe it won't take long for me to comprehend the meaning of the [Divine King Sword Mantra]. A sword pellet and my sword mantras will certainly work very well together!"

Ye Qingyu became a little excited as he mused.

"Since this red blood pellet was accidentally created when I was refining the [Blood Drinker Sword], I shall just call it… the [Blood Drinker Sword Pellet]!"

He kept back his divine consciousness.

The [Blood Drinker Sword Pellet] returned to its original form and continued to spin on his palm. Subsequently, it gradually seeped into his skin and disappeared.

This was an advantage of sword pellets - they did not need to be kept in one's dantian to be concealed within one's body.

"I've already used the heat of this Underground Fire Spirit Spring Sword Pit to its fullest and cannot further refine the [Blood Drinker Sword Pellet]. It'll be up to luck whether or not I can raise it to a higher grade in the future!"

Ye Qingyu turned and left.

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