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Chapter 664 - Breaking Formation

This piece of phalanx, and even the other corpses on the ground, had been covered by the clouds over the years, and were unavoidably submerged by the energy contained in the clouds. The aura it emitted had already completely merged with the fluctuations of the clouds, becoming a single entity that covered the entire island.

However, this was only an appearance. Under this enormous aura fluctuation, there was also another aura fluctuation that was concealed.

The source of this fluctuation was the Spirit Map s on the phalanx.

Under the cover of the strong energy fluctuations from the clouds and mist, it was so weak that it could be disregarded. Forget about Stage Nine Rankers, even the average Heavenly Domain-level Expert would not necessarily be able to discover the abnormality of the cloud and mist.

Fortunately, Tang Huan had surpassed the Stage Nine, and his Heavenly Domain had received a huge increase. Otherwise, he wouldn't have noticed it either.

Now, with the phalanx in his hands, what Tang Huan needed to do was to use this piece of phalanx to find other things to carry the spirit array. After all, it was impossible for a large-scale formation to have only one object.

As long as it did not exist in isolation, it could find out everything else through the connection between them.

Of course, Tang Huan could also destroy the piece of phalanx. If he lacked one thing, the operation of the spirit array would definitely be affected. Only, in a situation where he could not be certain whether the impact was great or small, Tang Huan decided to adopt a more stable method for the time being.

After a moment, a smile appeared on Tang Huan's face, he then leaped up and shot towards the left and rear.

In about a dozen or so breaths of time, a second black phalanx appeared in Tang Huan's hands, but he did not stop, and immediately flew in another direction. As time passed, the amount of black phalanx he found also increased. Three, four … Six, seven...


Tang Huan's figure that was flashing with speed had finally stopped.

When the eighth piece of phalanx arrived, the flow of clouds and mist in this area finally underwent a change. Previously, the cloud and mist seemed to be rotating clockwise, which was completely different from the situation on the entire island. But now, the cloud and mist started to show signs of being able to move freely, but this sign was not very clear. It could be seen that after losing the eight piece of phalanx, the spirit array did not collapse.

If he wanted to break the formation, he had to find even more phalanx, but right now, he could only find these eight.

Tang Huan frowned, he suddenly realised that he seemed to have entered into a misunderstanding.

When he landed, he was already trapped in the Spiritual Array. If it was an ordinary spirit formation, it would not be able to trap him, who was already in Heavenly Domain-level Expert, but this spirit formation was different. Even if it was only a small part of it, it was still incredibly terrifying.

After all, the situation outside the array was completely different from the situation inside.

Outside of the Spiritual Array, no matter how intense the clouds and mist were, they were not meant for him. With his powerful "Sun Spirit Body", even if he did not activate the Heavenly Domain, he would still be able to withstand the terrifying pressure. However, when he was in the Spiritual Array, under the guidance of the Spiritual Array, the effects of the cloud would increase exponentially. Fortunately, this Spiritual Array did not have any offensive power. Otherwise, he might not have been able to withstand it.

Tang Huan thought quickly. Right now, he could only find the Eight piece of phalanx, which meant that he was obviously disturbed by the spirit array.

Since he could not sense the connection between the phalanx, then he would directly use the Spirit Map to deduce, and would still be able to find the location of the other phalanx.

The corner of Tang Huan's mouth hooked into a sneer. After that, he sat cross-legged and picked up a piece of phalanx to carefully inspect it.

In just a moment, a picture of a Spirit Map appeared in his mind, and Tang Huan immediately took out the second piece of phalanx, doing the same thing. Tang Huan's current Perception Ability and probing ability were both at their limits, and in just the span of a few dozen breaths, he had already passed through all eight piece of phalanx.

Tang Huan did not hesitate at all, and immediately began to calculate the eight Spirit Map s in his mind.

To deduce the unknown Spirit Map from the known Spirit Map, this was definitely not a simple feat. Of course, this was only for ordinary Weapon Refining Grand Master s. No matter whether it was Tang Huan's attainments in Spirit Map or his deductive ability, both had already far surpassed the limit of this small world's Weapon Refining Grand Master.

To Tang Huan, this was equivalent to forging a set of Divine Armament s.

Tang Huan closed his eyes and immersed himself completely, not knowing how much time had passed, yet in his mind, the number of Spirit Map s were constantly increasing. Ten, twelve … Fifteen of them … Twenty pieces … 30 pictures … Fifty pieces …


Unknowingly, the number of Spirit Map s had increased from eight to sixty-four, which was eight times the number at the start.

Tang Huan slowly opened his eyes and a satisfied smile finally emerged on his face. 64 Spirit Map meant 64 piece of phalanx. The location of the initial eight Spirit Map s and the eight piece of phalanx's were corresponded to each other. The location of the other fifty-six piece of phalanx were instantly displayed clearly.

"It's about time!"

Tang Huan stood up and followed the direction of the Spirit Map in his mind.

With a flick of a finger, the ninth piece of phalanx entered his hand. Tang Huan's figure did not slow down at all as he continued to fly between the corpses, and soon, more and more black phalanx were found. The more phalanx that were pulled out from the ground, the more obvious the scattering of the surrounding clouds.

When the fortieth piece of phalanx was pulled out, the surrounding clouds and mist had completely dissipated.

"Goo —"

Almost at the same time, Xiao Ai's long-missed bird cry entered his ears once again.

Ever since it had entered the array, Tang Huan had not heard a single sound from it, but right now, its voice had pierced through the isolation of the clouds, meaning that the spirit formation had completely collapsed.


Tang Huan did not hesitate at all, immediately expanding his Heavenly Domain to its maximum, following the sound and shooting forward.

In the blink of an eye, a red figure had already entered Tang Huan's line of sight. It was Feng Ming, who was currently seated cross-legged on the ground, while Xiao Ai anxiously paced back and forth in front of her. The transparent, formless Heavenly Domain enveloped both of their figures, and a black figure was lying in front of Feng Ming.

"Gu gu!"

The moment Tang Huan saw Feng Ming, Xiao Ai also noticed Tang Huan and immediately cried out in excitement. In the next moment, Feng Ming, who was seated cross-legged on the ground, also looked over in a blink of an eye as well. Saying that, he pointed to the motionless black figure in front of him. "Come over and take a look at this fellow that we caught."

"Oh, who is this?"

Tang Huan was surprised. With a slight movement of his feet, he appeared in front of Feng Ming.

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