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Chapter 2006 - Six Gates Open, Extremely Violent

The sneak attack of the middle god's powerhouse.

Either he didn't make a move, or he would be killed in a single blow.

If it was anyone else, they would have died long ago.

However …

Li Yuanba's physical body was completely different from ordinary people.

His physical body had been thoroughly tempered, but even so, in a situation where his strength was exhausted, he still received heavy injuries.

wang tai also suddenly woke up from his stupor, turned around and looked at Li Yuanba whose mouth was continuously bleeding black blood. In an instant, he rushed to his side and supported him.

Li Yuanba said naively: "It's fine, what's wrong with this little injury?"

The purple-clothed girl frowned as she screamed in her heart, "Crap!"

Li Yuanba was their strongest fighting force, if he was severely injured, he would definitely not be able to make it out of this hundred meter distance.

What should he do?

The purple-clothed girl was panicking!

"You still want to argue?"

"Hahaha …"

"looby, you will die soon, why hold on any longer? Hand Long Fei over and we will let you die quietly. " The Elder of Kunlun Clan said with a smile.

When he had used his full strength in that previous move, Li Yuanba in this state would definitely not be able to withstand it.

"Pfft …"

A mouthful of black blood rolled on the right side of his chest, and he couldn't help but spit it out.

Li Yuanba's body became even weaker.

The white-haired powerhouse revealed a smile and said, "You can't hold on any longer, right? Hahaha... You being able to persevere for so long, I really admire you. If I had more time, you could have obtained middle god, or even a Highgod, ah, what a pity … "You chose the wrong master and followed someone who is destined to die. Otherwise, the ancient divine war would definitely have a world of its own for you."

Elder of Kunlun Clan said: "Alright, hand him over."

Hu hu hu hu ….

Li Yuanba looked like he was gasping for breath, the coffin behind him suddenly dropped to the ground.

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The coffin fell to the ground and the ground shook violently.

The white-haired powerhouse and the Elder of Kunlun Clan revealed a complacent smile. With Li Yuanba being heavily injured, the purple-clothed girl and wang tai would not be a problem.

The coffins fell.

It seemed like he really couldn't take it anymore.

… ….

Inside the coffin.

The eyes of the Giant Spirit God's corpse suddenly opened.

At the same time.

A ray of power flowed into Long Fei's body.

And then …

The Giant Spirit God's corpse regained its silence, as if it had fallen into a deep slumber again. However, the powerful Giant Spirit God aura on its body had disappeared.

Long Fei's mind sounded out.

"Long Fei, Long Fei, Long Fei..."

"Who's calling me?"

"Who is it?"

The Giant Spirit God's voice pierced straight into Long Fei's sea of consciousness.

"I am the Titan."

"Li Yuanba is in danger, you must wake up."

"Big guy... "Me, me …"

The Giant Spirit God knew that Long Fei was trying really hard, but he couldn't even feel his own sea of consciousness. How could he wake up?

"Use my body!"

Long Fei trembled, "Is that alright?"

The Titan said, "With your strength, there shouldn't be a problem."

Many of the powerhouse s are getting closer and closer to the city of martial arts. You have to wake up, you have to wake up, and only if you wake up can you stop everything. "

Long Fei said anxiously, "Then let me control your body."

The Titan God said, "Alright, I will activate the Soul Transfer spell …"

… ….

Li Yuanba said solemnly: "If you want my lord's life, then come up and take it."

"Hahaha …"

"Still holding on?"

"Let's see how long you can last." Elder of Kunlun Clan was getting impatient. He looked at the white-haired powerhouse and his eyes lit up.

In that instant.

The two of them worked together again.

The powerhouse of the middle god was extremely powerful.

"How fast is he?"

In the blink of an eye, they had disappeared into the sky as two powerful forces surged towards Li Yuanba.

The purple-clothed girl's expression changed, and she said: "looby, be careful!"

"Brother Li, be careful!" wang tai wanted to block off the side, but he realized … Li Yuanba who was beside him had suddenly disappeared.

At this time, Li Yuanba did not have the strength to fight back, how could he suddenly disappear?

There was an explosion in the air!

"Gate of Limit, open!"

"Gate of View, open!"

"Die door, open!"

The three doors were opened, which was six of the eight gates.

This was Li Yuanba's current limit.

The Gate of Wonder was one of the eight gates. He couldn't open it, but … The opening of these six gates was enough to shock the world and make the spirits cry.


In this state, opening the six gates would cause great harm to his body, especially to his longevity.

However …

He was King Kong.

He was the head of Long Fei's Eight King Kong, and his life was born for Long Fei.

The three gates opened wide, and the power in Li Yuanba's body poured into the sea like a great river.

In the blink of an eye.

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Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

With two loud bangs, one in each hand, one in each hand.

It was like carrying two chickens.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

In the air, Li Yuanba was like a vajra, looking at the two in his hands, the six energy in his body burned frantically. "You two want my boss's life?"

"You guys are qualified as well!"

As soon as he finished.

Li Yuanba's body dropped from the sky, with one hand grabbing onto one, he smashed fiercely into the ground.




The ground started to crack crazily and the city of martial arts started to tremble. The surrounding hundreds of kilometers were all filled with tremors.

This move...

The white-haired powerhouse and the Elder of Kunlun Clan instantly lost half their lives, fresh blood crazily spurted from their mouths. They were in incomparable pain.

At that moment, they felt that Li Yuanba was like a giant, grabbing them in an instant.

Not waiting for them to react.

Once again, Li Yuanba raised them up into the air and fiercely smashed them down to the ground.



All six doors were open with unparalleled violence.

Terrifying to the point of being a complete mess.

Li Yuanba was simply too fierce.

The cultivation of the first stage of lower god directly oppressed the powerhouse s.

Vajra's Might!

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Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Continuously smashing!

The white-haired powerhouse and the Elder of Kunlun Clan gradually stopped breathing. Li Yuanba basically did not let go, and continued to smash fiercely a few times, and shouted continuously: "Are you even worthy to touch my boss? Do you think you are qualified? "

In the end, his body broke into half.

The two great powerhouse s were killed just like that.

The remaining warriors were all dumbfounded.

They thought that Li Yuanba and the other two were exhausted and had no strength left. But now … If this were the case, could he still be considered human?

Completely a monster.

Many people were scared out of their wits.

Li Yuanba glared with his eyes wide opened, and shouted out: "Who else wants to harm my boss?"


His voice was like thunder, crushing everything in his path. The entire hall was silent, not a single sound could be heard.

The entire arena was crushed.

Li Yuanba carried the coffin on his back and walked towards the entrance of the city of martial arts.

wang tai also carried his mother's corpse on his back. The purple-clothed girl looked at Li Yuanba's back and muttered, "He really is a fierce man."

At this moment.

The walls of the city of martial arts flashed with a golden light, like a meteor falling.




More than ten rays of golden light descended and the powerhouse in legend palace arrived …

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