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Chapter 1939 - F * ck his main temple

The so-called faith energy was not just pure strength.

It was a spiritual power.

They gathered together bit by bit, forming a river of faith, forming a sea.

This power did not come from reverence.

Instead, it was respect, reverence, and worship that came from the bottom of his heart.

This was a true God.

… ….

If he wanted to resist the dominating pressure of the Dome, he had to ally with everyone in the Devil Island.

Whether it was commoners or martial artists, as long as they worked together, they would be able to break through the shackles of the Dome.

Long Fei's heart sank.


He looked at Yan Nantian and the others.

Yan Nantian and the others looked at him the same way.

Long Fei said: "I have a way, but I must combine the power of billions of lives in the entire Devil Island."

"Divine Crane!"

"You will lead all the demon beast in the Devil Island."

"Their power is indispensable!"

"Yan Nantian, go to the Destiny God Palace and wake up those people who believe in the Destiny God."

"Lan Ya, return to tian yan city and join the alliance with the people from the ten cities."

"Tian Jue, Tian Chong's speed is slow, send them over."

Long Fei said quickly.

Seeing Long Fei's serious expression, Yan Nantian was also excited, and said: "I'm afraid those people from the Destiny God Palace will no longer believe in you."

Lan Ya nodded, and said: "I'll go now."

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The dome descended again.

"Quick, quick, quick!"

"Everyone move!"

When Long Fei urged them, the Flying Crane immediately spread its wings and flew close to the ground, constantly making wuwu sounds. Tian Jue and Tian Chong also brought Yan Nantian along with them as Lan Ya flew out and instantly disappeared.


Faintly, the combined forces of these people were still far from enough.

The Devil Island was very big, billions of lives had to be united.

And then …

Long Fei asked: "What is the highest place in Devil Island now?"

sweeping monk said: "I'm afraid this is the highest."

Long Fei said: "Understood!"

Long Fei flew to the highest point, and almost reached the dome above his head, "Weng!"

The powerful divine power in his body suddenly exploded.

The power of the purple sun divine power erupted.

The power of Tathagata's Hand erupted forth.

Demon Wings suddenly burst out from Long Fei's back, and each of the black colored feathers became as hard as steel. Long Fei released his own strength, released it, and then released it back to its strongest point.

His fists sank.


A burst of power shot out from Long Fei's body.



From all directions, the area with a radius of billions of km began to rumble and rumble.

Long Fei's voice also became heavy, "My name is Long Fei, I told you that the sinner that Destiny God spoke of, you may not believe me, but please believe in your eyes, and believe in your lives."

"Devil Island, The Forsaken God Land."

"From the moment we appeared here, the moment we were born, we were abandoned. The cultivation spirit energy of the Devil Island, our divine powers were not even comparable to the ancient holy battlefield's."

"We'll always be locked up in this place."

"This is a cage. Don't ever think about stepping out."

"The god we believe in, the god we revere, has never appeared, and now … Yet he just stood there coldly, smiling as we were crushed one by one by the Dome, dying. "

"This is God?"

"Is this the God we revere?"

"If you ask me... He's a pile of dog shit! "

Long Fei's voice was berserk.

He used all his power to spread his voice, covering the entire Devil Island.

Everyone looked up at the sky, towards the direction the sound had come from.

It stopped quietly.

Some people started to curse, but gradually, everyone quieted down.

Destiny God laughed coldly: "Long Fei, what's the use of you saying all these now? Can you save the world? If you can save these ants, you can save them. "

"You can't even save yourself, so how are you going to save them?"


"You're just a slightly stronger ant, what can you change?"

"You can't change anything, you understand?"

Destiny God was extremely disdainful.

Long Fei said: "Did you hear that, in the eyes of the gods, we are just ants, when have they ever treated us like humans? They are high and mighty Gods, why would they care about our lives? "

"In that case!"

"Then what's the use of having such a God?"

As soon as he finished.

Almost everyone in the Devil Island was roaring.



"What's the use of having them?"

"Fuck his main temple."

… ….

His anger was ignited.

Once a person became angry, the fear in their heart would slowly decrease.

Anger could make a person impulsive. It could make a person forget all fear.

Long Fei said again: "Right, it's useless to ask them. In this Devil Island's Forsaken God Land, it's useless to rely on anyone. We can only rely on ourselves."

"What does God count for?"

"We were merely victors in the previous ancient holy battlefield. After breaking through the restriction, we were able to enter the ancient holy battlefield as well. We were also able to become Gods."

wang tai's blood boiled as he heard this. "Brother Fei, what do I need to do to break through this taboo?"

Dome down.

The crushing force was getting stronger and stronger.

Enter the ancient holy battlefield?

If he couldn't even break through the ceiling, how could he get out?

He was about to die!

Bawang Hua looked at Long Fei and said, "What do we do?"

Bai Lian also asked, "What do we do?" "Speak!"

Not just them.

Even the elderly and children were asking Long Fei, "What do we do?"

The Devil Island was a cage.

Whether you are exiled here or born here, you are not free.

They want to get out of here.

Every single warrior wanted to enter the ancient holy battlefield and change this damned world.

At this moment.

Tian Jue sent a sound transmission to him, saying: "The Destiny God Palace is already prepared, you just need to give an order."

No one wanted to die.

If their faith had collapsed, they would have to find another one. If Long Fei let them see that hope, they would believe in Long Fei.

Tian Chong also replied, "The ten cities are ready."

"Woo woo …"

A sharp sound rang out.

Desperate Man immediately said: "Ten thousand beasts are ready."

In that instant.

Long Fei raised his eyes heavily, looked at the dome, and looked at the cold Destiny God above it. Long Fei roared loudly, "We are going to break through."

"We might die."

"However, for the sake of the next generation, for the sake of everything in the Devil Island, so what if I die?"


"Break through together with me!"

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei's hands moved, and directly smashed onto the protective barrier of the dome, as he growled out, "My life is under the heavens, no one can control whether we live or die!"

The moment his two hands came into contact with the barrier, Long Fei felt as if a million volts were hitting him all over his body. It was incomparably uncomfortable, but his heart did not flinch at all.

"Ahh …"

He kept roaring.

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