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Chapter 649 - Myxin

"Old man, are you kidding?!" Tang Huan was shocked. Could it be that this old man's soul had been confined for too long, and left behind some side effects?

"Kid, do I look like I'm joking?"

Ou Xie chuckled again, but immediately replied sternly, "I won't scare you anymore, don't worry, after His Sacred Emperor Majesty, all of them will be single branch disciples, and there won't be a single daughter."

"No daughter?"

Tang Huan was startled, and immediately understood the hidden meaning behind Ou Xie's words. He immediately asked with joy: "Old man, you mean to say, Shan Shan is not a mountain? Uh, my grandfather's biological daughter? "Great, haha …"

"But after a while, Tang Huan's laughter suddenly stopped," Something doesn't seem right, I heard Shan Shan say before that her mother was my grandmother who tried to fuse with the 'Bodhisattva Fire' when she was pregnant, but in the end she failed, and the firepower seeped into her body, resulting in the formation of a 'Pure Yang Core Pearl' in her body after she was born. If she wasn't born from my grandmother, then how did she obtain the 'Pure Yang Core Pearl'? "

"Your grandmother had a sister-like maid by her side, called 'Shan Yao'. She was also a Stage Nine Martial Saint, and was extremely strong."

Ou Xie sighed lightly and said, "After your grandfather was killed, your grandmother insisted on fusing with the Bodhisattva Fire and forging an even stronger Divine Armament."

"At that time, Shan Yao accompanied her. She risked her life to save your grandmother when her fusion with the Spiritual Fire failed, but your grandmother managed to survive in the end. At that time, Shan Yao was already pregnant, and the firepower was condensing in the fetus' body, slowly forming the 'Pure Yang Pill Bead'. "

"Shan Shan is actually Senior Shan Yao's daughter …" Tang Huan understood.

"Your grandmother and Shan Yao's internal organs have been burnt by the 'Bodhisattva Fire', and their vitality has gradually dissipated. A few days after Shan Shan was born, he passed away and your grandmother died almost at the same time. However, before she left, your grandmother already took Shan Shan as her daughter. There are only a few people who know about this secret, and everyone believes that Shan Shan is your grandmother's biological son. " As he spoke till here, Ou Xie sighed once again.

"Master, where is father Shan Shan?" Tang Huan could not help but ask.

"Her father is called Shan Guo, your grandfather was the guard. Twenty years ago, your grandfather was assassinated, and Mountain Country protected him with their lives, but in the end, they still died together with your grandfather. "

Ou Xie laughed bitterly.

Tang Huan became silent. The excitement in his heart had completely disappeared, he did not expect that Shan Shan's life would be so tragic, and that her real parents died to save her parents. This made him feel a sense of guilt.

After a long while, Tang Huan finally asked, "Old man, do you know who killed my grandfather and Senior Shan Guo?"

"It should be Secluded Night Divine Palace." Ou Xie said in a deep voice, "Furthermore, it is very possible that it was the hall master of the 'Secluded Night Divine Palace' who personally took action. A few years ago, I was constantly searching for the nest of that 'Secluded Night Divine Palace'.

"It's' Secluded Night Divine Palace 'again!" In Tang Huan's eyes, fury flashed past.

"Not long after His Sacred Emperor Majesty left this small world, the 'Secluded Night Divine Palace' entered the Glory Sacred Temple in order to seize the 'Divine Weapon Catalogue'. That time, the old fatty was heavily injured, and even now, he still had not recovered from it. More than half of the thirty-six pages of 'Divine Weapon Catalogue' had also been snatched away. However, that time, the 'Secluded Night Divine Palace' suffered heavy losses and was ambushed and killed outside the city. The map was stolen by many people. "

Ou Xie snorted, "The assassination attempt more than twenty years ago was also for the 'Divine Weapon Catalogue'. After your grandfather and Shan Guo were killed, all of the four page maps that were originally stored in the Glory Sacred Temple had disappeared. Of the four pages, two of them have disappeared due to your grandmother's failure. The remaining two pages are the 'Heaven Splitting Axe' and 'Orange Hammer' that Shan Shan gave you. "

"I have killed the's Palace Master's enbodiment before, he should not let this go, and might even come knocking on my door again. As long as he dares to come again, I am confident that I can find his lair. At that time, I will have to capture all of Secluded Night Divine Palace and destroy him completely. " Killing intent surfaced in Tang Huan's eyes.

"Don't forget me when the time comes." Ou Xie nodded, and could not help but ask, "Brat, you asked so many questions, and you don't want to ask your father about Shan Shi's situation?"

"Yes, old man, he. Where is my father now? "

Tang Huan subconsciously asked.

The youth, Tang Huan, had always thought that his father was Tang Tianren. He did not know that his father was a mountain rock, and did not even know that there was a mountain rock. Tang Huan had merged with the youth's memories, and also inherited his various emotions. This also caused him to not be called fatherly or fatherly towards the mountain rocks.

"He is no longer alive."

Ou Xie sighed, "Your parents originally lived in Phoenix City, and I live in there. By the time your mother became pregnant, she was aware of the danger she was about to face, and your father sent me a letter. I immediately went to help, but unfortunately, I was too late. By the time I rushed to Phoenix City, your father was already killed, and your mother had already disappeared without a trace. It wasn't until many days later that I found your mother in Furious Waves City. Later on, I asked your mother about it. Only then did I find out that your father used a secret method passed down by the His Sacred Emperor Majesty to kill both your mother and his strongest enemy.

"Forging God Great World and the rest are too much of a coincidence. Your mother was much stronger than your father. Perhaps it was because her cultivation method was very strange, but when she was pregnant, she was very weak, so her strength dropped greatly. Otherwise, your mother could kill them all by herself. I was entrusted by the His Sacred Emperor Majesty to take care of his descendants, but I actually died in succession in the mountains and forests … " Saying that, Ou Xie's face became bitter.

"So that's how it is."

Even though Tang Huan didn't have much feelings towards the mountain stone, hearing Ou Xie's words, he also felt sad in his heart. The mountain stone had actually died to protect his mother, "Master, don't be too sad.

After a long while, Ou Xie's mood finally started to improve a little, "Little Tang, after you were born, many people thought that you were Tang Tianren's son. Your mother was worried that some of the people from the Forging God Great World were still alive, so to avoid drawing attention, she decided to just call you 'Tang Huan'. Now that you do not need to worry like that anymore, have you thought of changing your name? "

"Master, all these years, I have been called 'Tang Huan' and have gotten used to this name. I will just call him 'Tang Huan'." After pondering for a moment, Tang Huan shook his head.


Ou Xie did not force it, "But, that Glory Sacred Temple, you have to go. There is something there that the His Sacred Emperor Majesty left behind that might be of some help to you. "


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