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Chapter 1235: The Approaching Battle

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As the time drew near, every conversation revolved around the battle that was about to take place in the Western Kingdom Continent. The top forces from all of the parties would pledge their allegiances to the Western Kingdom War Temple and be their subordinates, while those Sovereigns who were from well-known towns would decide to rely on the help of the Western Kingdom War Temple.

Aside from their wishes of obtaining protection from the Western Kingdom War Temple, the main reason for their arrivals was in order to obtain the title of the Western Kingdom Continent’s Child of the Continent! This was a fatal attraction for every single Earthly Sovereign.

Just by mentioning it, countless Earthly Sovereigns would go into a frenzy. With that sort of existence, even every single word and movement of theirs would surprise The Great Thousand World. As such, the most important thing was to obtain the qualification to battle in order to be named the Child of the Continent!

Western Kingdom Battle City.

For the Western Kingdom Continent, this city was undoubtedly a holy city which could not be invaded. In fact, aside from certain special days, the top forces and Sovereigns from each party of the Western Kingdom Continent would not come to this city often.

This was because they could consider themselves as lords in other places, completely indulging in the praises of the people, but the moment they arrived in the Western Kingdom Battle City, things were much different. The reason for this was because there was a Great Ruler from the Western Kingdom Continent in this city. This ruler was the West Heaven War Emperor, who was a greatly renowned Heavenly Sovereign!

For the past few days, this Western Kingdom Battle City had undoubtedly become the Western Kingdom Continent’s main attraction. After all, this place would be the battlefield for the battle that would name the Child of the Continent!

This had also caused the Western Kingdom Battle City to become much more lively than usual, with many top forces from various parties converging here. It seemed as if all those forces and Sovereigns from the whole of the Western Kingdom Continent had gathered all at once.

Aside from the Western Kingdom Continent’s local forces, even a few top forces from beyond the Western Kingdom Battle City had come flooding in. Although they did not have the qualifications to participate, they could still watch. Thus, the current line-up was extremely magnificent.

The usually aloof and remote Earthly Sovereigns could now be seen everywhere within this Western Kingdom Battle City. This caused the other forces who had come to watch the battle to be continuously amazed.

At the same time, the anticipation for the battle was gradually increasing. This was because from the very moment a person became the Child of the Continent, their reputation would rapidly spread across the Great Thousand World.

At the center of the Western Kingdom Battle City, there were extensive halls. The halls stood at the top of a tall mountain. By looking down from them, one would be able to see the whole city. Naturally, the grandest hall was where the Western Kingdom War Temple was located.

At the center of that land stood a towering main hall. At this moment, there was no sound within that main hall, as four silhouettes got down on one knee respectfully.

A shadow was sitting casually on the throne, which was situated at the upper area of the hall. The majestic pressure that was being emitted from that person’s body caused the four silhouettes to be afraid.

This shadow with a majestic and expansive aura naturally belonged to the West Heaven War Emperor. His eyes were slightly closed, as if he was in repose. As for the four silhouettes at the lower area, although they were of noble birth, they did not dare to even make the slightest sound for fear of disturbing him.

“Ling Zhanzi, Ling Jianzi, and Ling Longzi…” The West Heaven War Emperor finally opened his eyes slowly and said their names. His faint voice was filled with majesty as it resounded within the main hall.

“Your disciples are here!” Three of the four immediately raised their heads and replied respectfully in unison.

The three of them were led by one man who was dressed in black. His features were ordinary, but the passionate flame of his fighting spirit was constantly burning in his eyes.

Behind him was a handsome man, who carried a long sword on his back. This person’s body was slender and his eyes were big and dazzling, like stars.

Behind those two was a person with a burly figure. He was like a iron tower, his tall shadow completely enveloping those of the two before him.

On the surface of his body, it seemed as if there were pieces of dragon scales, all of which were placed extremely close together. Faintly, it was as if violent roars of dragons could be heard from within his body, which caused him to look like an exceptional and fierce dragon.

These three men were the current West Heaven War Emperor’s Four Holy Sons. At present, they were being unusually obedient and respectful before the West Heaven War Emperor.

The West Heaven War Emperor took a glance at them and slowly said, “The three of you will be participating in the battle between the Upper Earthly Sovereigns in order to obtain the one and only title. I don’t care which one of you will have the last laugh, but I just want to tell you that this title can only fall into the hands of the Western Kingdom Battle City. Do you understand?”

Upon hearing this, Ling Zhanzi, Ling Jianzi, and Ling Longzi each gave a heavy nod.

The West Heaven War Emperor then said faintly, “However, you must not be too careless. Although your capabilities are considered as rather good, you can still be beaten if you are not mindful.”

He then added, “Especially watch out for Liu Xingchen, Sword Deity Lang Ya, and Ba Dao. They have prepared for this for many years and will most certainly be your rivals.”

Ling Zhanzi gave a silent nod. As for Ling Jianzi, he smiled faintly and said, “I’ve always wanted to meet Sword Deity Lang Ya. I think that after our meeting, he shall no longer have the courage to use a Sword Deity as part of his name.”

Ling Longzi smiled widely. Then, with a ferocious look, he said, “Rest assured, hall master. If we ever meet, I will let them know that they ought to obediently submit to the Western Kingdom Battle City!”

The West Heaven War Emperor nodded lightly. “There is also that brat called Mu Chen. Since the Flame Emperor has allowed him to participate in the battle between the Upper Earthly Sovereigns, he must have some capabilities. So, you best take note if you ever meet him.”

When the three Holy Sons heard what the West Heaven War Emperor said, there was a slight flash in their eyes. By now, they were aware of what happened a few days ago with the Luo God Clan. That brat called Mu Chen had actually caused their hall master to return in low spirits!

According to their understanding of the West Heaven War Emperor, it may be that he still had a knot in his heart regarding this matter. However, due to his status, he was unable to do anything. Thus, they understood the meaning behind the West Heaven War Emperor’s earlier words.

Upon seeing their expressions, the West Heaven War Emperor did not say anything more, but turned his attention to the final of the four Holy Sons and said, “Ling Feizi, you ought to work hard as well, considering how you are participating in the battle between the Lower Earthly Sovereigns.”

The last of the four Holy Sons was actually an enchanting girl! Her petite body was charming and exquisite, while her curves were quite enticing.

There was also a special feature around her eyes. It was a rather apparent mole that was underneath her eye, which added a flirtatious aura around her. She was truly a beauty of the highest grade.

This girl was known as Ling Feizi. However, the period of her cultivation was lesser as compared to Ling Zhanzi and the rest. Thus, she was now only a Lower Earthly Sovereign. That was the reason that she was participating in the battle between the Lower Earthly Sovereigns.

Ling Feizi raised her small face and looked at the War Emperor with her bright and beautiful eyes. In the depths of her gaze was a trace of admiration.

Then, she spoke with a sweet voice, “Rest assured, hall master, the title of the Child of the Continent from the battle between the Lower Earthly Sovereigns will be mine.”

When the West Heaven War Emperor heard this, he smiled and said, “Originally, you should have been able to easily win in the battle between the Lower Earthly Sovereigns. But, now there have been some changes, as Luo Li has managed to cultivate the Luo God Celestial Body. Thus, you must not underestimate her.”

When the West Heaven War Emperor was speaking about Luo Li, his voice sounded slightly unnatural. This tiny change was immediately noticed by the sensitive Ling Feizi, and at that moment, a hint of jealousy flashed across her beautiful eyes.

Then, she nodded lightly and said, “Your disciple will remember this.”

The West Heaven War Emperor nodded and and gave a few more instructions, then requested that the four leave. The four of them walked out of the hall respectfully, and when they were far enough away, only then did Ling Jianzi speak.

“I heard that Luo Li is extremely beautiful. I’m afraid that, in time, she will become the second Luo God. It’s no wonder that even the hall master returned in low spirits,” he said.

Upon hearing this, even Ling Longzi, who never used to pay any attention to female charms, nodded. They were all aware of their own hall master’s exceptionally distinguished and admirable demeanor and charm. Yet, they did not expect him to have allowed himself to be completely deflated in front of Luo Li!

“If my two fellow senior apprentices are interested in her, you should try your luck with her. Who knows if one of you might be her cup of tea?” A sweet voice could be heard from beside them, and it seemed to have been Ling Feizi who spoke.

When Ling Jianzi made eye contact with her, he gave a dry laugh. He did not dare to linger on this topic any longer, so he quickly changed the topic. “He he, our Ling Feizi is actually not bad either. I’m afraid the both of you will have to battle each other eventually.”

The corners of Ling Feizi’s lips curled up and she said with a smile, “But I really want to meet her. I’m just wondering how many people will bear a grudge against me if I accidentally ruin that pretty little face when the time comes for us to fight!”

When Ling Jianzi and the rest saw how she smiled sweetly, but spoke with a tone that was similar to a hissing poisonous snake, all of them secretly shivered. The jealousy that existed between women was truly a scary thing to behold!

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