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In the next several days, Li Qiye wasn't in a rush unlike everyone else. People kept on rushing and running across his path. They wanted nothing more than to be the first there in order to seize the blood ginseng.

"Upper Faction's Chen Clan, Sacred Institution's Beijing, and Chu Camp's Chu Qingling." Shengping took note of these people and murmured: "The three great powers in Insane Court are all here, just not the Wang Clan. Is this really a trillion-year-old ginseng?" 

"If there is such a thing, it wouldn't be their turn to have it. Nothing is that easy in this world." Li Qiye chuckled.

"Young Noble, why are you heading there if not for the ginseng?" Shengping finally asked.

"You'll find out when the people from Wang come. If Wang Han doesn't show up, then something big is going on." Li Qiye closed his eyes and said leisurely.

Shengping became afraid with an ominous foreboding.

"Will Her Majesty come?" Shengping felt a chill running down his spine. Though he couldn't grasp the situation in whole, he could still see the surging waves.

"Who knows?" Li Qiye answered: "If she doesn't, it means that she has lost power, that the Wang no longer supports her, so her title will only be in name. If she can come, it shows that she has won the support of the clan and a revolution shall come to the system."

He spoke as if this had nothing to do with him, but this was indeed the case. The Wang Clan's support meant nothing. The result has already been determined the moment he set foot on this land. Otherwise, he wouldn't be going to this mountain range.

His nonchalant attitude scared Yang Shengping. Keep in mind that the old man was betting everything on Wang Han and Li Qiye. If Wang Han were to lose power, it would be terrible for Grand Sword.

It took the group several more days before making it to Ivory Gap. The moment they got to a town right outside, there was already a sea of people waiting.

The campers here were expert cultivators. Most came from the clans or the legions in the system.

This was naturally an awe-inspiring sight. Was it worth it to maneuver so many people just for a single blood ginseng root?

It looked as if a major battle was about to break out. Because of this, the big shots from the last generation could tell that something was amiss - that a storm was brewing.

The legions from the great powers were all here with the exception of the Wang. The other influential clans also sent their armies. This resulted in the majority of the military force in the system being present.

Alas, the Wang that was in control right now of the system was absent. This truly perplexed the crowd.

Shengping knew that a change in power was going to happen after seeing this sight. The three other great powers wouldn't waste their time and energy on anything less.

He spent a while finding an inn for the group. This was a great time of business for them. Cultivators from all over the place were resting and waiting to see the next development.

Though some experts have entered the mountain range to look for the ginseng, the legions and clans were waiting outside. This made the rest a lot more cautious and they decided to stay out as well.

No one knew what was going to happen. If the system were to undergo a revolution right now, the ones inside the mountain range would be trapped with no way of escaping.

The group sat down in an inconspicuous corner, not attracting any attention. Ultimately, they weren't big shots or anything.

As the servers brought food and wine to the table, a group of well-dressed people came into the inn. The leader was a youth that was quite familiar with the group - Peng Weijin.

"Young Lord Peng is here." Many experts recognized him.

Though Weijin was no big deal, his clan was quite famous. Most importantly, it had the backing of Upper Faction. They were also close to the Chen Clan through years of marriage alliances.

The Chen Clan was in control of Upper Faction right now; many sects and powers in this faction were their allies, so one could easily imagine how powerful the Chen was.

Because of this relationship, many knew who Peng Weijin was. Because the Peng was in the royal court, most needed to ask for their help eventually.

"Over here, Young Lord." A few disciples quickly rushed over to try and curry favor.

Weijin was feeling quite good to see these people coming to greet him. It looked like his clan was still influential.

He looked around and finally saw Li Qiye's group in the corner. His expression naturally turned ugly.

The slapping session back in Arrogance Enterprise was the most humiliating event in his life.

Logically, he should be staying the hell away from Li Qiye after the lessons earlier. But now, he didn't try to run but rather took a deep breath and headed for the group.

Why? Because things have changed! Weijin wanted to make the guy pay ten times the humiliation or he would never be rid of this anger.

Shengping was surprised to see this. Weijin should be smart right now and run away. On the contrary, he was audacious enough to come closer.

Weijin looked at the group and sneered: "I'm in a good mood right now and won't make it hard for you. Scram right now, don't appear before me again."

Li Qiye ignored him still and continued to drink.

"Young Lord Peng, please mind your words." Shengping frowned. The guy knew that they had Wang Han as their backing yet still dared to act like this?

"Shut your mouth!" Weijin shouted: "Yang Shengping, you should be praising your fortune that I haven't come to deal with you, but now, you dare to speak to me like this?!"

The sudden outburst attracted everyone's attention. They didn't know why this guy was angry at the other three.

"What do you want then?" Shengping grimaced, realizing that the guy had found some help.

"What do I want?" Weijin smiled: "Shengping, don't think your backing is still around. Haha, you probably haven't heard the news, it's over for you too!"

Weijin was naturally talking about Wang Han because he had heard something from the royal court. The Wang Clan wanted to change their representative.

Shengping's expression changed after hearing this. He felt that something was wrong the moment the Wang Clan was absent from this. It meant that something was changing in that power - perhaps Wang Han has really lost control!

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