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"Feng, why are you so careless? I already gave you the Black Wind Sword's chant the night before yesterday, but you still haven't memorized it. Your uncle did not entrust you to me to play with me. "

At the edge of a vault in the sky, a middle-aged man in yellow robes was trying his best to teach a six or seven year old child a lesson.

"Uncle Huang, don't blame me. I've been memorizing the Five Thunder Heart Mantra for the past two days." A six or seven year old child giggled with a mischievous look on his face.

The middle-aged man in yellow robe straightened his face and was about to say something when his expression suddenly changed and he became completely speechless from shock. Uncle Huang, what's wrong! What's wrong with the sky! " The six or seven year old child beside him also cried out in shock.

Like a piece of ice that had suddenly cracked, numerous cracks spread out in the sky to the left of the two of them. Like a piece of ice that had suddenly split apart, numerous cracks spread out to the left of the sky to the left of the two men.

In the wilderness far away from the dome of heaven, the faint sounds of countless beast roars could be heard.

"Senior, since you like Miss Zhong so much, why didn't you tell her? We men will always have to tell her about this."

On a hillside, two young cultivators of the Heavenly Axis Realm were lying in the grass. Both of them had a blade of grass in their mouths as they lazily basked in the sun.

"Never mind, I'll tell her later." One of the black-cloaked young men with thick eyebrows and big eyes thought for a while, then said to the other black-clothed young man who advised him, "Didn't she always want a White Snow feathered crane as a mount? I want to help her hunt one." "It's not like I'm in a hurry anyway …"

Speaking to this, the two young men's faces suddenly changed and they jumped up.

"Crack!" "Crack!"

A series of explosions rang out from afar. From the far distance, the faintly discernible milky white light was quickly disappearing.

"Miss Zhong, please be my beloved …" On the peak of a mountain, an oily and oily faced young man clad in brocade robes pointed at a distant sky as he spoke to a female cultivator.

"Thank you for your good intentions, Fellow Daoist Zhao. However, I have no intention of becoming Dao-companions with you." The female cultivator tactfully rejected as she could see the disgust in the young man's eyes.

"Miss Zhong, I am truly sincere to you. You must know that I love you very much. This dome of heaven represents my heart. As long as this dome of heaven is here, I promise I will love you for one day." The oily and powdery youth continued to laugh, but at this moment, his eyes suddenly widened, bulging out like a dead fish.

Not far away, huge rifts suddenly appeared in the sky. After which, large areas of the sky all collapsed and disappeared before the eyes of the female cultivator and him!


The group of cultivators on the edge of the dome of heaven cried out in horror. In a split-second, these cultivators were torn to pieces by all sorts of demonic beasts and were completely submerged in the tide of beasts.

The sky behind the group of Cultivators had completely split open, and endless waves of beasts were forming. Everything was boiling over.

… ….

This scene played out in many corners of the Tianqiong Continent.

"Sky Cracking …" "The sky has actually completely collapsed …"

Countless cultivators could be seen in countless places across the continent. Their faces were pale, their breathing halted, and they couldn't even stand properly.

No one could believe their eyes when they saw it. The sky that had existed since the ancient times had actually completely collapsed.

"So this is how the vault of heaven was formed."

Wei Suo and Ling Tian stood in the void, watching as the sky disappeared in front of them. Although they knew that such a day was coming, the shock in their hearts still left them unable to control themselves.

A cultivator with a heaven-defying cultivation and absolute power had gathered almost all of the precious treasures in the world. He wanted to control the entire world and make himself his god, but that white-clothed cultivator had completely thrown him down the altar.

I am just a mere mortal. Even if you are a god, I will still kill you!

The unstoppable willpower of the white-robed cultivator caused Wei Suo to be filled with reverence, and a strong resonance arose in his heart.

Wei Suo also never thought of himself as a great character, but when the small rogue cultivator from Spirit Mountain City started his business, when he went to kill Lin Taixu, he had the attitude that even if it was the small rogue cultivator, he would still try to pull you down.

As for the final scene, although he could not see it clearly, he could still see that the white robed cultivator and another cultivator from the far north had sacrificed countless divine abilities and cultivation bases in order to protect all those that survived.


All of a sudden, Wei Suo used the Void Penetration Steps to lead the Exquisite Sky to cross the void.

A large swath of golden divine power smashed down upon the spot where Wei Suo had just disappeared, blossoming into countless golden lotus petals.

In this instant, it was the Sect Master and several experts of the Merit Sect who launched an attack, ambushing Wei Suo.

"Even the heavens have crumbled from your actions, and at a time like this, you still don't know how to revere! How dare you sneak attack me!" Wei Suo dodged this attack. Suddenly, he felt an inexplicable rage. He angrily yelled out a sentence that even he could not understand.

"Pfft!" The body of one of the True Disciples of the Gongde Sect, who had just launched an attack, was immediately blasted into a cloud of bloody mist; his soul had been annihilated!

"We don't know how to respect you. "Don't forget, you were the one who sneaked into our Sect, stole my sect's treasure, and killed our cultivators first!" The leader of the Gongde Sect roared. Countless golden Divine Symbols appeared around his body, completely ignoring his wear and tear. Countless Divine Buddha, magical artifacts, divine mountains, and magical lotuses formed around him.

"I have come this far because of the good fortune of your super big sects!"

"All of your so-called super sects are under the protection of the heavens, which is why you have such a powerful foundation." All of your so-called super sects are under the protection of the heavens, which is why you have such a powerful foundation. Just kill them and steal their goods! "

"If it wasn't for the Heavenly Sword Sect, I would be alone in Spirit Mountain City!" If it wasn't for the fact that you, Ming De, wanted to kill me, only to be controlled by me in the end and plotted against me, would I have infiltrated your Merit Sect like that? "Even if I get the Sacred Fruit and take something from your Seven Treasures Secret Grounds, after you found out that Mingde and Zhentai Linglan planned to deal with me personally, you can ask me and you can negotiate conditions with me. As a result, you are not greedy for my things, only knowing that profit is everything, only knowing that if you want to deal with me, you can't even punish Mingde for your crimes!"

"Who was it first? In the end, who was the first! The reason I killed the Skysword Sect was to tell all the big sects not to think themselves to be on the top! Today, I can exterminate the Merit Sect as well! "

Wei Suo also let out a series of angry roars, and the two crescent moons attacked the Sect Master at the same time.

"All of us gather in one place and gather everyone's power to fight against him!" The Immortal Seeking Sect's sect head and the other great cultivators all released their divine might to help the Sect Master block the way. At the same time, they took the lead and headed towards the direction of the Sect Master.

"Do you think that if you want to gather your powers, you can do so!"

At this moment, the Golden Cucumber in the sky flashed, and the figure of Zhantai Spiritual Tide appeared once again. It was obvious that the figure also wanted to take note of the situation and come out to deal with Wei Suo, but Wei Suo laughed coldly and suppressed the might of the Great Multiplication Sound on the body of Zhantai Spiritual Tide, which had just appeared out of thin air.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Zhantai Spiritual Tide's body shook violently. His skin cracked and countless blood droplets scattered into the air. They immediately vanished into thin air, no longer daring to show their faces.

At the same time, countless crystals suddenly appeared around the Sect Master's body, forming a magical lotus that pressed down on his body.


A white divine light surged out, even though the sealing divine might around the Sect Master was also instantly shattered. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" However, the Sect Leader of the Immortal Assassin Sect also cried out in shock. Wei Suo's figure had already appeared behind him.


Right at the moment when Wei Suo and Ling Long Tian's attacks were about to hit his back, a white divine light emitted from the Immortal Seeking Sect's Sect Leader's body, rapidly fading away in the air.


It was obvious that the Immortal Seeking Sect was not limited to just one Immortal Ascension Sect. At this moment, under one of Wei Suo's attacks, the Immortal Seeking Sect's Sovereign was so shocked that he activated the treasure and fled.


Without the slightest hesitation, Wei Suo once again traversed across the void, heading towards the Sect Leader of the Merit Sect.

The crescent moons that were left behind by the Lai Que kept clashing against the Sect Leader of the Merit Sect and all the other members of the Merit Sect.

Almost everyone on the Merit Sect side had already gathered at the Sect Leader's side. There were at least sixteen third level of the Aurous Core stage cultivators. Their attacks combined with the power of the Merit Sect Head's attack and even exceeded the full power of Wei Suo's Lai Jianyue.

However, against the remaining might of the collision, he was completely unable to pose even the slightest threat to Wei Suo, who possessed the Clear King's Perception Scripture and the Void Walk of the Cave.

After a continuous series of collisions, the cultivators on the side of the Awakened Sect were unable to endure the tremors caused by the collision of divine might. They coughed out mouthfuls of blood as they were unable to cast any spells.


Suddenly, a series of fragmented crescent moons burst forth with unimaginable power, as though they were a natural domain.

Almost all the cultivators on the side of the Merit Sect were sent flying. Everyone was vomiting blood.

"Do you still want to be my enemy?"

Wei Suo's voice rang out. The Sect Master of the Gongde School flew backwards, his body shaking violently. All of the faint golden light around him was completely shattered, and there were also many cracks appearing on his skin.


The Merit Sect Sovereign violently roared. He wanted to desperately attack, but his body could no longer withstand the surging waves of his true essence and divine might.


The body of the Sect of Contributions once again shattered as blood sprayed out into the air.


A ball of golden light wanted to escape, but Wei Suo's eyes only flashed intensely. The ball of golden light that came from the Master of the Merit Sect's disintegrated flesh was sealed by the Heaven Revolving Mantra.


The power of the Heaven Revolving Magic was shattered by the golden light.

But Wei Suo cast the spell again, and sealed it again!

After three consecutive times, the golden light could no longer break out and was suppressed by Wei Suo!


(From the 21st to the 27th of the next day, I'm going to be shameless again …) Tomorrow afternoon, the plane would arrive at the sea entrance. On the 27th, they would return to Wuxi. During this time, they would be in Hainan … Updates might be unstable... No one had a copy. I know that everyone's going to have to grit their teeth... However, just treat it as an annual leave, an old arm and an old leg. If I don't rest now, I probably won't be able to write for a few more years …)

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