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Chapter 1597 - The One Line From Hundreds of Years Ago

Back when Wang Lin unconsciously blasted away the storm, Dun Tian's senior brother felt something. He then spent a large amount of life force to divinate nine times.

He was going to find the future of the Soul Refining Sect. He was going to find the Soul Refining Sect a path to survival!

The nine divinations all gave him an extremely absurd conclusion. He didn't believe it at first, but after coming to the same result nine times, he had to believe it.

All the divinations pointed to the country of Zhao. They pointed toward a specific country and a scholar inside that county!

As a result, he came with his expectations high along with a feeling of absurdity. After arriving in this country, he spent a few days questioning almost every single scholar, but he didn't get a satisfactory answer.

Those scholars were only mortals; how could they answer this question? With the middle-aged man's cultivation level, forget the country of Zhao, he was considered extremely powerful across the entire planet. Soul Transformation, Soul Transformation, just one step from Ascendant!

The middle-aged man rolled up his sleeves and the black wind roared. Endless ghosts roared inside, surrounding Wang Lin and Big Fortune. This caused this area to separate from the world and become blurry.

Big Fortunate was still sleeping. His snores echoed and seemed to be out of place. Wang Lin turned around and looked at the man that had walked out from the dark world.

This person was an immortal, Wang Lin understood this, but he wasn't afraid at all. He could see that while the middle-aged man seemed powerful, he was in fact extremely weak.

Wang Lin didn't understand why. It seemed that ever since that voice had appeared in his mind during that rainy night, a strange change had happened to his body.

This change was an inexplicable feeling, and it became even more apparent just after he finished writing the answer to the test!

He calmly looked at the middle-aged man that walked over and slowly said,


The middle-aged man was surprised. He stood several feet from Wang Lin and carefully looked at Wang Lin. In his eyes, Wang Lin was very ordinary, a true mortal and not a cultivator.

However, Wang Lin's calm expression allowed the middle-aged man to see something extraordinary. All the scholars he had encountered had crumbled before him. The fear and terror they felt required him to use a spell to sooth them before they could speak.

Wang Lin was the first person he had met that was so calm.   

This couldn't even be described as calm. From what the middle-aged man saw, Wang Lin seemed to not care about his presence at all. It was as if Wang Lin didn't think of him as an immortal but as a mortal.

It has to be said that with his cultivation level, even mortal emperors would have to tremble in fear and treat him like an ancestor. The invisible pressure around him wasn't something a mortal could resist; even cultivators would be suppressed with fear.

This middle-aged man had only encountered something like this twice in his life. Both of the mortals that he met that were this calm were the greatest scholars on planet Suzaku.

These great scholars had comprehended the heavens and could see through the world. They had powerful auras and were not afraid of ghosts or the supernatural. Although even a Qi Condensation cultivator could kill them, the higher one's cultivation level, the more they would feel an aura similar to that of a cultivator within the scholars.

If someone like this were to cultivate, they would be a natural.

Wang Lin was the third person that gave him this feeling. After pondering for a bit, the middle-aged man clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

"This old man is Soul Refining Sect's sect master, Nian Tian."

"One line to read the heavens. The word 'Nian'[1] covers everything. Good name!" Wang Lin smiled and clasped his hands at the middle-aged man. The aura of a great scholar became even stronger on his body. The howling ghosts slowly retreated as if they were afraid to get close. Even the howling weakened until it disappeared completely.

This shocked the middle-aged man. He took a deep breath and hope appeared in his eyes. He faintly felt that he would find his answer from his person. It was likely that his nine divinations all pointed to this person!

"This old man wants to ask if my Soul Refining Sect has a path to survival! I hope you can resolve this old man's hundred-year question!" Nian Tian looked sincere and clasped his hands at Wang Lin again.

The inheritance of his sect was very important, and asking a mortal was very strange. Even Nian Tian himself thought it was absurd, but with nine divinations coming to the same result, he had to believe it. Luckily, Wang Lin's extraordinary calmness allowed him to see hope as he waited for Wang Lin's answer.

After hearing this question, Wang Lin was startled and silently pondered.

"I can't answer it." After a long time, Wang Lin shook his head. He had no idea what the Soul Refining Sect was. He could only roughly guess that it was an immortal sect.

The middle-aged man didn't speak and revealed a bitter expression. He shook his head and let out a sigh. He looked at the sky and felt that his behavior was really unreasonable. He was asking this mortal about the fate of his sect.

"This old man has disturbed you. You are a great scholar, so this old man won't erase your memory. Ah." The old man revealed a wry smile. He waved his sleeves and turned to leave. His figure gave off a sense of depression and confusion as he walked away.

Wang Lin looked at the bleak figure. He could faintly feel an invisible mountain weighing on this person. Under the weight of the mountain, this middle-aged man looked even more miserable.

Wang Lin thought about his dreams. He remembered the voice that echoed in his mind and calmly said, "Take me to see the Soul Refining Sect."

The middle-aged man that was about to leave stopped and turned to look at Wang Lin. After a long time, he nodded and pointed at Wang Lin. The black wind gathered from all directions around Wang Lin. Then the middle-aged man stepped into the sky and disappeared along with Wang Lin.

In the county, no one noticed the spell that was used outside the test area. No mortal could even see the black wind that had appeared. Under the tree, Big Fortune was still snoring. He muttered a bit before continuing his sleep.

Planet Suzaku, in the sky above the Soul Refining Sect, Wang Lin appeared with a pale expression, but he was extremely calm. The black wind surrounded him and allowed him to stand firm.

Beside him was Nian Tian.

"This is my Soul Refining Sect." Nian Tian pointed at the land below and a rumble echoed. The black fog covering the sect scattered and the entire Soul Refining Sect entered Wang Lin's eyes.

Wang Lin looked at the Soul Refining Sect beside him and a familiar feeling appeared from the bottom of his heart. He felt like he had been here before in his dreams, but when he thought about it carefully, he couldn't think of anything.

A moment later, Wang Lin softly said, "I want to go walk around…"

"Good." Nian Tian didn't hesitate. He controlled the wind for Wang Lin, leading him to the Soul Refining Sect. There were many cultivators in the sect, and the opening of the sect attracted their attention. When they walked out, they immediately saw Wang Lin and Nian Tian.

"Greetings, Sect Master."

Voices echoed. The cultivators of the Soul Refining Sect all had strange expressions. They could all see that Wang Lin was a mortal, but they didn't know why the sect master would bring Wang Lin here.

Wang Lin's eyes were filled with confusion as he walked through the Soul Refining Sect. He feel that this place was very familiar, and he even knew ahead of time the dangers that were here. The more he walked, the stronger this feeling became.

Under a mountain peak, Wang Lin stopped. There were many caves in this mountain, and they could be seen from below. The familiar feeling became even stronger; it was as if he had lived here at some unknown time.

Nian Tian still followed Wang Lin and accompanied him as he walked through the Soul Refining Sect. His eyes revealed a mysterious light as he looked at Wang Lin. Most of the day slowly passed, and Wang Lin finally arrived next to the main mountain in the Soul Refining Sect.

Looking at the main mountain, it was surrounded by black fog rings that led into the sky. It was a majestic sight.

At this moment, the sky dimmed. Wang Lin looked at the main peak. Although the familiar feeling was there, it was missing something. After a long time, he shook his head and was about to speak.

A roar came from the main mountain and a figure appeared in the fog at the peak. It stepped toward Wang Lin and Nian Tian.

"Senior Brother, this person is?" As the ancient voice echoed, the black shadow closed in. He was also a middle-aged man, and his gaze swept across Wang Lin.

"Dun Tian, this person is a scholar that I invited here. You are in the middle of fusing with the flag, don't be distracted. Quickly go back into closed door cultivation." There was a complex emotion in Nian Tian's eyes as he spoke.

Dun Tian smiled. Wang Lin was only a mortal in his eyes. Although he had taken a glance, he didn't bother remembering Wang Lin. He turned around and disappeared.

Although he was like this, when Wang Lin saw Dun Tian, his mind rumbled as if he had thought of something. Looking at Dun Tian's retreating figure, two lines of tears started flowing down from the corners of his eyes for some reason.

Just at this moment, a white bird flew across the Soul Refining Sect. It passed by while letting out a series of cries.

"Hundreds of years from now, on the day you die, a man will come here. He will be the path to survival for your Soul Refining Sect!"

Wang Lin murmured as he looked at Dun Tian's back, and even more tears appeared.

Nian Tian trembled. He looked at Wang Lin for a long time and clasped his hands. He didn't believe this completely, but he remembered it in his heart. He didn't tell Dun Tian this. It wouldn't until hundreds of years from now, when he was dying, that the words of that unforgettable scholar would appear in his mind.

1. Mean like read or study

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