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Chapter 1801 - Experience Baby

"How dare you destroy my clone!"



Mournful and furious roars continuously sounded out from above the Ghost King City.

The Spirit King was furious.

The entire Ghost King City was in an uproar.

In that instant, countless doors opened.

The Ghost King City was a huge graveyard, and the people buried there didn't even enter the Underworld but became the guardians of the Underworld.

They were a special existence.

They wanted to build their own world.

It wasn't the Underworld or the mortal world, but their own world.

I almost succeeded last time.


In such a critical moment, he was nearly scared to death by this woman. His body completely shattered, and after a thousand years he finally rose once again. But who would have thought that his clone would be broken by a single fist.

This had a huge impact on his body's remodeling.

"Damn thing!"

"You must kill him for me!"

… ….

Long Fei grabbed Nie Lin and ran out of Ghost King City.

Now, he had to wait for the cooldown of the Blasting fist.

Nie Lin followed behind Long Fei. In her mind, she had been thinking about that fist strike that Long Fei had released, it was even stronger than the one she had released last time on the back of the Xiao Yao palace's iron hand eagle.


After using his fist, Long Fei was very confident.

It was as though they knew beforehand that he was going to die. This was a type of confidence!

Nie Lin said: "Why do you want to escape, your cultivation technique is so strong, you can just kill them instantly."

Long Fei said: "Do you think I can release it every time? Young miss, it's very harmful."

"Now, just follow me."

"If we get caught, he'll eat us both." Long Fei did not want to explain to Nie Lin, but. The weakness of the Blasting fist was too obvious, it was seen through when they were in the Lan Clan.

It was just that at that time, it was just a simple Blasting fist.

It's upgraded now.

To not let others see through his weakness, he had to level up even faster. The Blasting fist was currently only at the third level!

It still needed to be upgraded to a stronger realm!

… ….

Then there was the Desperate Man.

The world he entered was completely different.

One side was Ghost City.

In an Immortal City.

Long Fei and Nie Lin were captured and he was chased inside.

He also passed through a series of dark spaces, and when he woke up again, he found himself in a world of immortal clouds and mountains.

This place was like a paradise.

It was just like how the legends described the world where immortals lived.

Desperate Man stood there and felt everything that was happening in the immortal world. His consciousness seemed to have awakened a little as he muttered to himself, "This place … Have I been here? "Why, why is it so familiar?"

Looking at the palace floating in the clouds far away, the Desperate Man moved on his sword and flew to the sky palace.

Who the hell was he?

Why did he vow to protect Long Fei?

He really wanted to know!

… ….

"Ghost King City is in a state of turmoil?"

"It seems like outsiders have come again."

Beneath the black robe, Zhan Wushuang revealed a cold, contemptuous smile.

Beside him, an elder bent his knees and said lightly: "Sir Envoy, no matter what happens in the Ghost King City, that thing will always be yours."

Zhan Wushuang smiled slightly and said: "Of course."

"I came for it."

"My fleshly body is gone!"

"I want to rebuild my body. After I reconstruct my body, I want to trample over every corner of ancient holy battlefield. I want to make Long Fei pay the price of his life."

"And Xuanyuan Li Er!"

"Just you wait!"

Zhan Wushuang said as he gnashed his teeth.

The old man holding the staff, who had a strange lantern hanging from him, was like a dead guide who slowly walked forward, bringing Zhan Wushuang to the deepest part of Ghost King City.

During this time, he, who did not have any physical body, was searching everywhere.

Finally, under the guidance of the Destiny God, they entered the Devil Island's Immortal Underground Palace.

He wanted that treasure to rebuild his fleshly body.

This treasure was extremely important.

… ….

Hu hu hu hu ….

Hu hu hu hu ….

Long Fei held onto a tree of death, and panted heavily, "F * ck, I finally escaped."

Nie Lin's breathing was stable, this kind of speed had no effect on her at all. If it wasn't for Long Fei holding her hand, she could run even faster.

Nie Lin looked at Long Fei and said: "He seems to know you, you have been here before?"

Long Fei replied: "What the hell, if I had come here before, then this would have been a flat ground a long time ago."

"Making an avatar, that's too f * cking amazing!"

Long Fei was extremely unhappy.

However …

Nie Lin's words made him secretly think, "The Ghost King said her, could she be his mother? Mother seems to have been here before. "


"Didn't you say that this is the Immortal Underground Palace?"

"How did you become a Ghost King City?"

Long Fei was puzzled.

However, since he was here, since he had discovered the Boss, he had to go and kill it or else he would not be called Long Fei.

And then …

Long Fei said: "Rest well for one day, we'll fight again tomorrow!"

Nie Lin looked at Long Fei. She felt that Long Fei had too many secrets.

It was very obvious that Long Fei had not come to this underground palace, but why did that Spirit King suddenly get angry when he saw him? Moreover, his cultivation technique was able to kill him with a single move.

That scene …

She was a meticulous woman. She was seriously considering every detail.

However …

Long Fei fell into a deep sleep.

Rest was of utmost importance at this time.

Time passed by very quickly. In the blink of an eye, a day had gone by.


"Time Cooldown ended!"

Hearing the notification sound, Long Fei's eyes suddenly opened wide, the corners of his mouth lifted, and he said excitedly: "Hehe … It's my turn! "

"Let's go!"

"Go to Ghost King City!"

"About that."

"You can stay here. I'll go alone." Long Fei did not want Nie Lin to suffer too.

Nie Lin said: "I want to follow you."

"Are you sure?" Long Fei looked at her.

Nie Lin said: "At least someone must retrieve your corpse!"

Long Fei said: "Can't you just say something good?"

Nie Lin smiled lightly and walked out in large strides.

At the entrance of Ghost King City.

Long Fei cursed loudly, "Ghost King, you son of a b * tch, if you have the guts come out and fight him for three hundred rounds? Come on! "

"You're courting death!"

The moment Long Fei's voice fell, from the depths of Ghost King City, a streak of red light flew out and landed atop the city gate.


Long Fei could clearly feel that rage.

Long Fei muttered in his heart, "What did my mother do to you all those years ago?"

Long Fei placed both of his hands on his hips and said: "Turtle grandchild, come, come down and bite me."


The moment the Spirit King charged forward, it descended like lightning. The strong force completely crushed Long Fei's body, causing his body to sink down, and his legs could not even stand properly.

Nie Lin moved his sword.


A bright light exploded, but she also instantly retreated.

However …

He gave Long Fei a chance to catch his breath, his fists moved, "Blasting fist, go and f * ck yourself!"

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