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Chapter 1791 - Mushroom Formation, Blast the Sky

"Everyone is tied down."

"Escape the god rare sect? Hmph, let's see if the person beside you is that lucky! " Luo Wanhong laughed sinisterly.

He had to do things recklessly.

As long as the result was the same, he would not ask about the process.

As long as the result was satisfactory.

Zhang Sanqian did not hesitate to start a war with someone he wanted to protect, so he must kill that person!

He was very clear what kind of person Zhang Sanqian was. To be able to get him to desperately protect her, it could be seen that Long Fei was definitely not a simple person.

"Long Fei, what exactly are you hiding?" Luo Wanhong squinted.

… ….

Hu hu hu hu ….

Hu hu hu hu ….

Hu hu hu hu ….

… ….

Long Fei panted heavily. Ever since he left the gates of the god rare sect, he tried his best to run.

He was very clear in his heart that Zhang Sanqian was protecting him.

The more Zhang Sanqian protected him, the more power that Boss would not let him go, so he had to use all of his power to break out of the god rare sect's area of influence.

Because only by doing this could he keep his life!

Before leaving the god rare sect, he did not even come in time to inform the Bawang Hua about his whereabouts, and did not even manage to find out where Mu Bing, Lu Qin, Lei Jiu and the others were.

Looking at the god rare sect in the distance, Long Fei clenched his fists tightly, "I will come back!"


There was a slight commotion in the distant forest.

Desperate Man slightly said: "Someone is chasing after us!"

Long Fei's heart tightened, "Such a fast speed!"

"Then let's see how fast you are."

The idea moved.

Long Fei planted a 'mushroom', and then shouted out, "I am here!"

Desperate Man did not understand.

They were even more unable to understand why Long Fei would suddenly plant a mushroom that was half the height of a human.

He couldn't understand it at all.

Long Fei was also shocked by the gigantic mushroom. He never thought that mushrooms could be this big, is this still called mushroom? This is a super giant mushroom.

"If I plant this in a LOL game, I'll f * * king blow up the computer screen." Long Fei's heart still had lingering fear.

At this moment.

One or four people rushed out of the woods.

Looking at Long Fei who was not far away, one of them immediately shouted, "That's Long Fei!"


"Let's see where you can run to!"

While they were talking …

The four of them rushed towards Long Fei at the same time.

Long Fei stood in place and ridiculed: "You fools want to kill this daddy? With your speed, isn't it too slow? "Damn trash, scram to the side."

Closer and closer.

Closer and closer.

Moreover, the four of them were all the elite disciples of the inner sect.

His cultivation wasn't weak.

As the pressure of four people pressed on him at the same time, Long Fei's body slightly sank. Long Fei cursed in his heart, but he did not retreat.

The space between Desperate Man's eyebrows tightened, and said: "Dangerous!"

Long Fei waved his hand: "Don't worry!"

Just as the four of them were in front of Long Fei.


The earth quaked and the mountains shook.

An earth-shaking explosion.

Was this the fucking explosion of a mushroom?

This was simply a Sky Cannon, a dry heavenly thunder!

What a complete mess.

At the same time, the speed of the four of them instantly became like that of an ant. Moreover, the gouges of blood on the top of their heads quickly revealed the bottom of their bodies. Their bodies were suffused with a poisonous green light.

Three seconds later.


"Ahh …"

Several screams rang out.

All four of them fell to the ground and burped as the system sounded out four consecutive notifications.

"Ding, ding, ding …"

Desperate Man was completely dumbfounded.

Both of his eyes were dazed as he stared at Long Fei who had a sinister smile on his face, he himself was in a state of shock.

At this moment.

Long Fei did not leave, but directly planted another mushroom beside the four corpses. The corners of his mouth curled up, and he laughed sinisterly: "I will not kill you if I explode, hahaha …"

Following that …

Long Fei slowly left.

Desperate Man stood in his original position for a long time before he recovered his wits. He couldn't help but ask Long Fei, "What is that?"

Long Fei laughed sinisterly: "Good stuff!"

Ten minutes later.


Another loud sound rang to the sky.

A few seconds later.



The system once again sounded out a series of notifications, causing Long Fei's Experience Points to increase by quite a bit, "This feeling is really pleasing, hahaha …"

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Bitch with coquetry!

It was impossible to guard against!

The next day, from time to time, the sound of an explosion could be heard in the forest.

How would they know about mushrooms?


They did not have eyes, nor did they have a scan. As long as they touched it, they would be dead.

He was invincible!

In just a short day, Long Fei's Experience Points had directly risen by more than half, but... Only one mushroom remained.

This was what made Long Fei's heart ache the most.

However …

The people who were chasing after Long Fei no longer chased after him.

Every step they took was now extremely careful. Two days later, they would directly lose track of Long Fei, and the only people left standing would be those who had no choice but to return to the god rare sect.

The situation in god rare sect was different.

Bawang Hua clearly felt that he was being watched.

Not just her.

On the other side, Mu Bing, Lu Qin and the others were all being watched.

The Great Elder was not in a hurry to make a move against them. Instead, he was waiting!

Since he did not capture Long Fei, he would come back sooner or later. At that time …

… ….


"Mushroom Formation is really too cool, it's just that there are too few mushrooms. If you gave me a thousand mushrooms, I would explode to the point where I wouldn't even recognize your mother." Long Fei muttered in his heart.

After three days and three nights of dashing, Long Fei had already reached the depths of the mountain range.

A place I didn't even know about.

The only advantage he had was that he could clearly feel the auras of the demon beast in his surroundings.


"It's time to level up!"

"I hope I'll be rewarded with some mushrooms after levelling up. That'll be great." Long Fei said slightly: "Desperate Man, I need your help next."

Desperate Man said: "Go ahead."

Anyway, he couldn't leave Long Fei, the idea in his mind wouldn't let him leave.

Being idle was also boredom.

I might as well exercise for a while.


He discovered that there were too many unknowns and too many secrets on Long Fei's body. He kept having the feeling that there was an extremely strong connection between him and all of these.

Regarding his identity, the control idea in his mind, he wanted to know with all his heart, and the only person who could give him the answer in this world, was probably Long Fei.

"Right now, I need to hunt demon beast."

"I need to quickly hunt them down."

"Besides, when I don't say I'm going to help, I just want you to watch." Long Fei said, he wanted to rely on his own strength.

While he hunted, his strength, speed, and reaction all needed to be improved through this process.

Practical experience was very important!

Desperate Man nodded, "Understood."

Long Fei said: Alright, now go attract the demon beast for me, I'm going to kill them, I'm going to go on a rampage!

"Two and a half months!"

"god rare sect, Big Boss, I will definitely return. Wait!"

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