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Luo De cried out in alarm, causing him to jump in fright.

What, Old Lord Taishang?

F * ck me, no way.

This person that he had just heard of actually appeared in front of Qin Chao and started refining pills in the small house.

Oh, Reddy Gaga.

Qin Chao was extremely shocked.

Just as he finished the furnace, Old Lord Taishang's eyes flashed with a hint of sternness. He seemed to have noticed something and shouted.

"What monster, why are you still not showing yourself?"

As he spoke, he waved the fan in his hand.

Immediately, Qin Chao felt a gale formed from Immortal Energy attacking his body.

The Invisibility Spell that was formed was broken in an instant.

What a fellow. In the end, he was still a character of the Golden Immortal Stage and had mastered it.

"Qin Chao, run!"

Without hesitation, Luo De immediately reminded Qin Chao, "You are not his opponent."

Unless Qin Chao used the Big Idiodynamic Method, the Golden Immortal who had the control of the Immortal Energy would have no chance of winning.

When the Fairy Yaochi had appeared, he had only used his immature strength of God to delay them for a while. If not for the appearance of the Ninth Heaven Fairy later on, he would have been dead for sure.

Thus, after hearing Luo De's words, Qin Chao did not hesitate and immediately released the three thousand of ghost army.

The three thousand of ghost army turned into a large number of Qin Chao's clones and pounced towards Old Lord Taishang.

Old Lord Taishang was furious and reached out the gourd in his hand.

"Collect them all."

All of a sudden, the three thousand of ghost army moaned as they were sucked into the gourd.

Qin Chao did not care about the pain anymore, after all, Luo Sha and the Ghost could continue to train, but that was the only life he had.

While Old Lord Taishang was focused on dealing with Rakshasi, he took the chance to reveal his own Sumeru Ring and swept his gaze over it.

Instantly, the high lord's ever forgetting furnace entered his ring.

"I's high lord's ever forgetting furnace."

Old Lord Taishang instantly exclaimed, the fan in his hands swiped towards Qin Chao's back.

The enormous Immortal Energy instantly crashed onto Qin Chao's back, shaking his internal organs until they were a mess as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The Immortal Energy was indeed overbearing, even the Diamond Sutra was unable to withstand it.

Qin Chao did not dare delay any longer, borrowing the impact of the attack, he instantly jumped out of the small hut and went outside.

There was still a large group of Rakshasi in front of Old Lord Taishang blocking his line of sight.

"Stop him, stop him!"

He could only shout out, hoping that the two women outside could stop Qin Chao.

"Who dares trespass into my Misty Mount?!"

Seeing a figure rushing out of the hut, Dongfang Ying was also shocked.

This was Misty Mount, his own territory.

If a thief had appeared on my territory, Lord immortal envoy would definitely blame him.

Just as she was about to unleash her full strength and attack, she saw the man's face and was instantly stunned.

Qin Chao.

It was actually him.

How did he get here?

"The thief has left."

Ji Yuanyuan was also startled, but she quickly reacted.

If he let this person go, Lord immortal envoy would definitely vent her anger on him.

Thus, she opened her mouth, aimed straight at Qin Chao who was flying out, and blew out a crystal clear whistling wind made of ice and snow.

Wherever the wind blew the snow, it would freeze.


Qin Chao, who was in the air, was fearless facing a strike of ice and snow from a Golden Body Level 9 expert.

He stretched out his left hand and struck with it.

Nine You Devil Palm.

A black palm print instantly pressed down on the ice and snow, and then smashed onto Ji Yuanyuan's body.


Ji Yuanyuan spat out black blood and retreated seven or eight steps before he managed to stabilize his body.

If Qin Chao had not acted in a hurry, with his full strength and one palm, Ji Yuanyuan would have been dead on the spot.

Even Ji Yuanyuan was not his opponent. Dongfang Ying hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he still made his move.

After all, if he did not make a move, Lord immortal envoy would not spare her.

"Five Thunder Righteous Method, Destroy Evil."

A lightning pillar fell towards Qin Chao.

Honestly speaking, with Qin Chao's current cultivation level, this kind of lightning could not even harm him.

However, the biggest enemy right now wasn't these two girls, but Old Lord Taishang.

Therefore, Qin Chao did not resist the lightning pillar. Instead, he directly used the power of the Nine You Poisonous Spider, teleporting through space in an instant and disappearing above the Misty Mount.


The lightning descended without any hindrance, striking the ground in front of the two.

Old Lord Taishang's figure coincidentally rushed out and nearly crashed into the lightning.

"Where is he?"

As soon as he came out, he could feel that the obnoxious aura was gone.

"Lord immortal envoy... I, we did our best... "

Dongfang Ying and Ji Yuanyuan's face were ashen. They knew that Qin Chao had definitely run away.

"Damn it, damn it, all of them!"

Old Lord Taishang was so angry that he was about to explode.

The high lord's ever forgetting furnace.

The treasure furnace that had followed him for thousands of years.

And that cauldron of Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill, damn it, had all been snatched away.

The date of the delivery of the pill was about to arrive. If the higher-ups blamed him, how could he bear it?

"Trash, you are all trash."

He was furious, he swung his wide sleeves and instantly, the cold Immortal Energy struck Ji Yuanyuan and Dongfang Ying's bodies, causing the two of them to be severely injured, spitting out black blood as they kneeled on the ground.

"Calm down Lord immortal envoy, calm down …"

Dongfang Ying hated Qin Chao to death and advised him weakly.

"Calm your anger, I, how can you calm your anger? A pot of Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill was stolen away just like that, what does I have to deal with the Sky Emperor? Do you want the I to refine your nascent soul?"

"Don't, Lord immortal envoy don't kill me, I'm still useful to you …"

Dongfang Ying was scared silly.

Damn it, why is this Qin Chao bastard so ruthless, snatching the Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill away? Bastard, wasn't he trying to kill me?

"This is forcing I to take action, I needs a nascent soul now, an expert's nascent soul, Qin Chao, that person is Qin Chao, once I comes out of seclusion, the first thing I will do is to refine his nascent soul, ahhhh."

Old Lord Taishang really wanted to kill someone.

"Go get the herbs for the I first, and then collect the Nascent Soul. We cannot delay the refining of the Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill."

The Heavenly Emperor's mission was more important. Although Old Lord Taishang gritted his teeth in hatred, he still had to hurry up and refine the Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill.

"Yes, yes. I will do it right away."

Just as Dongfang Ying was about to go to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion in Nangong again, a disciple suddenly ran to the entrance of the small hut in a fluster.

"Sect Leader, this is bad. Nangong has been stolen. All of the medicinal herbs inside have been plundered …"


Dongfang Ying's gaze sharpened as thunder clouds billowed in the sky.

Needless to say, it must have been Qin Chao's doing.

"Abominable Qin Chao, I want you dead!"

As for Qin Chao, he did not care about Old Lord Taishang and Dongfang Ying at all.

Putting aside the large amount of medicinal ingredients, he casually snatched a furnace over.

This furnace was no ordinary item. It was beyond the Human and Earth grade, so it should be a celestial item.

The most important thing was that the furnace was filled with the fragrance of Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill s that were surrounded by immortal qi.

F * ck me.

What an unexpected harvest.

This time, everything was worth it.

Although they had lost more than a thousand Rakshasi, their gains had far more than made up for their losses.

He had made a huge profit.

He also found out about the plot of the Misty Mount.

"bloke Qin, you've struck it rich this time."

Luo De was also very excited, "With so many Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill, your devil puppet s are all lucky, even your little fox can recreate its own human form, but to give the little fox a chance to regain its true form, it will need to choose a special day, because fox spirits are things that can absorb the essence of heaven and earth to grow."

"So it's like this … "Can it help you recover your physical body? This thing …"

Qin Chao asked.

"No, although this thing is good, it is a pill for the Nascent Soul stage. I have lost my physical body, so only with Reshaping Pill can I help me, just like those armed roaming immortal. Although the Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill is a good thing, it is useless for them."

"So it's like that. Then I'll keep it first, and in the future, those devil puppet will be used by me. They'll be like Ai Xiaoxue, senior sister, Liu Ying, and all of them will be free."

"I don't recommend you give it all to me."

However, Luo De advised, "The devil puppet is your tool, if you lose control over them, it will only harm you."

"Don't say that, I wasn't trying to control them."

"Kid, you are too naive."

Luo De was so angry that his teeth started to itch.

"Alright, alright. Let's not talk about this first."

Qin Chao was in his sect's secret room, looking at the gigantic pill furnace, "Aren't you going to teach me how to refine pills?

"You sure are impatient."

However, Luo De started to laugh, "Do you think that the high lord's ever forgetting furnace was controlled just because you said so? Firstly, it is Old Lord Taishang's immortal equipment. If you want to take it down, you must first subdue it."

"What should I use to conquer it?"

"Idiot, I'm naturally using your strength."

Luo De shouted, "Use your power to wash off the mark Old Lord Taishang left on it, and then instill it into you.

"Oh, it's that simple..."

Qin Chao thought it would be very difficult, so he immediately pressed his palm on the high lord's ever forgetting furnace's furnace wall and started to channel Qi inside, "Is that so …"

"Idiot, I'm not done yet …"

Luo De cried out in alarm. And at this time, Qin Chao also sensed that something was wrong.

He felt that the high lord's ever forgetting furnace seemed to be a hungry wild beast. After he sent his Essence into it, it was like he had entered a bottomless pit, constantly being sucked in.

F * ck me, what's going on?

If this went on, he would be sucked dry.

"You idiot, this high lord's ever forgetting furnace was refined from the Immortal Energy, it was above you, and you also imbued Luo Qinglin with God's power previously, so your strength was lacking, and now you want to subdue this immortal equipment, isn't that just courting death?"

"I, I don't know either..."

Qin Chao wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

"Master, let's help you!"

But at this moment, the Nine-dragons Ring on his wrist lit up with a rainbow light.

Following that, Li Yin and the others appeared one after another behind Qin Chao, their palms pressing down on his body.

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