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Chapter 1956 - Combat Strength Test

The god's commercial alliances was incomparably powerful.

Every part of it showed the depth of its foundation.

Long Fei could be considered to be someone who had experienced many realms.

He had never seen a Merchant Union that was this strong.

Long Fei walked forward.

At this time.

Just as he was about to take the test, four people walked in.

He instantly pushed Long Fei to the side and shouted: "We, the young master, will test our fighting strength. All of you, move to the side."

The four of them had a very strong aura about their cultivation bases.

However, Long Fei was not in a good mood.

When the waiter saw the man who walked in, he immediately pulled on Long Fei's sleeves and said softly: "Young City Lord of Spirit Mountain City, his cultivation is at the lower god."

His appearance caused the people in the training hall to tense up.

"It's the young master of Spirit Mountain City, Lin Cheng."

"lower god realm!"

"Why is he here? Could it be that he was also here to participate in this martial arts competition? But he is a lower god Cultivator, is there a need to participate in the competition? "

"Haven't you heard? The competition this year will be different from the previous ones. Whoever wins first place will receive a great treasure bestowed by the main temple. "

"Who doesn't want the main temple's rewards?"

"Forget about lower god, I'm afraid even middle god would appear in this year's competition."

"Furthermore, the competition for the Divine Ranking is even more intense."

… ….

Long Fei didn't care whether he was a lower god or a young city lord, and said: "Everything needs to be paid attention to first come first serve. If you want to take the test, then line up at the back."

Long Fei pushed the person blocking his way aside and walked to the side of the testing machine.

Lin Cheng's forehead turned sinister.


The four servants encircled Long Fei, and one of them said: "Brat, why don't you see who our Young Master is? Ask our Young Lord to line up? Who do you think you are? "

Long Fei laughed: "It's the rule. It's not good to break the rule."


"I want to test my fighting strength, so I'll have to trouble you to scram to the side. Otherwise, it'll be bad if you get injured by me."

Long Fei's body slightly shook.

The four servants immediately snorted coldly and shouted, "You ignorant brat, you want to hurt us?"

"Why don't you take a piss instead of trying your best..."

Not waiting for him to finish.

Long Fei's right hand moved, his right hand striking the battle machine.

At this moment.

The four servants started to move at the same time, "Brat, I think you're tired of living."

"You want to die?"

He attacked at the same time.

Four powerful strikes came crashing down heavily, as though four savage beasts wreaking havoc in the wilderness.

Everyone's face changed.

"Crap, that kid is going to die."

"Is he crazy?" He dared to fight against the Spirit Mountain Four Beasts? They are all abnormal powerhouse with a fighting strength of over ten million, and they are all beast races. "

"It's over, it's over."

At this moment.

In the distant training hall, a white haired old man opened his eyes slightly.


The white robe blurred and instantly appeared in front of Long Fei. The Supreme Force around his body burst out like a shield and formed a shield.

"Buzz, buzz, buzz …"

The power of the four servants struck the shield and it exploded, but the white-haired old man remained motionless. His power was completely blocked by the shield and he was not hurt at all.

The defense of this shield …

It had to be said!

It was extremely thick and powerful.

Inside Long Fei's astral shield, he could clearly feel this kind of power, it was even stronger than the defenses of his holy spirit defence.

"So fierce!"

Long Fei was secretly shocked in his heart.

The aura of the white-haired master disappeared.

The expression of the four servants changed as they looked towards their master, Lin Cheng, at the same time.

The old man said: "You have to pay attention to the rules."

Lin Cheng smiled slightly: "Master is right, we have to listen to the rules, just now when this brat attacked my family servant, he already broke the god's commercial alliances's rules."

Long Fei laughed.

Lin Cheng disdainfully said: "Master, I'm not wrong, right?"

Take the initiative.


Long Fei was indeed the one who made the first move, but his target was the machine, and just happened to be blocked by four servants in front of him.

The white-haired master said, "Sir Lin, please first."

"Hahaha …"

Lin Cheng began to laugh loudly, and said: "I like this point of your god's commercial alliances, as long as you follow the rules."

As he spoke, he looked at Long Fei and disdainfully sneered.

"Kid, learn to be smarter in the future."

"Everyone has to follow the rules, but …" Sometimes, there are places that are unruly. At that time … "People will die." Lin Cheng walked to Long Fei's side and deliberately put on his shoulder.

And then …

Lin Cheng said: "Only someone like you could survive in god's commercial alliances, and already died eighteen times outside."

"You still want to test your combat strength?"


While they were talking …

Lin Cheng's body suddenly moved, "Weng!"

lower god's power exploded.

Powerful energy wreaked havoc everywhere, and the entire training hall was shaking. The tables, tables, and all kinds of furniture were falling apart.

This was Lin Cheng's intention.

At this moment.

Streams of strong pressure pressed down onto Long Fei's body.

The white-haired old man frowned. He wanted to help Long Fei block it, but he realized … Long Fei remained completely unmoved, as if he did not receive the slightest bit of pressure.


The might of the lower god?

What a joke.

The coercion of the main temple s were useless against him, how could a mere lower god's coercion cause the slightest bit of damage to Long Fei?

The white haired old man was shocked, "I didn't see that, his cultivation is actually not lower than the lower god."

However …

From Lin Cheng's point of view, it was the white haired master protecting Long Fei. Otherwise, Long Fei would have died a long time ago.

"Country bumpkin, open your eyes wide and take a good look."

"I'll show you what fighting strength is!"

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He took a step forward and his holy power value surged. All the strength in his body gathered onto his fist and he punched the combat strength machine. The number on the machine rose crazily.

"9 million points."

"10 million points."

"17 million."

"20 million."

"28 million."

The final number was 28 million.

The entire audience was shocked.

"28 million battle strength!"

"Peak of the first level of lower god."

"Oh my god, isn't this too fierce?"

The lower god had a fighting strength of about 20 million, and 28 million was equivalent to a first stage lower god.

A fierce competition.

A pleased smile surfaced on Lin Cheng's face as he turned around to look at Long Fei and said: "Did you see it clearly, country bumpkin?"

"Are you convinced?"


Lin Cheng ridiculed: "Next, I would like to invite us country bumpkins to test our fighting strength. Come, let us experience your fighting strength."

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

Many people began to laugh.

Long Fei's clothes were a little different, and adding on her silvery-white hair, she looked just like a different person.

"Come on!"

"Didn't you want to test your combat strength?"

"The test."

"Did you see my fighting strength tremble?" Lin Cheng fiercely stepped on Long Fei.

Long Fei laughed, and then walked straight to the fighting machine, his left hand slightly sticking to it, power of Buddha flowing out …

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