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Chapter 1914 - Unable to Cultivate

Universal Large World had ten gobbledegook s.

Each one is different.

The stars in the sky, the demon god of the human beast, the dao, the Buddha.

There were three stars.

Tao and Buddha were rather special existences.

Especially Buddha!

If the star book s could be said to be the most mysterious, then the holy buddha s who were ranked tenth were the most special existences.

It even lasted longer than the star book.

Since his first master, he had never appeared again. Who would have thought … He actually appeared in the holy buddhahood, and in a trash heap at that?

Long Fei looked at the four words' holy buddha gobbledegook 'and felt the remnant souls of the tai tan king and the Sleeping Beauty's sudden awakening. He could not help but ask, "Is this one of the ten great gobbledegook s?"

The sleeping beauty immediately said, "Open."

Long Fei gently flipped through the pages. The words inside were the same as the others, they were all tadpoles like commas, and his mind was in a mess.

He didn't understand.

However …

The Sleeping Beauty said affirmatively, "It is a holy buddha gobbledegook, a Buddha among the ten great gobbledegook."

"Are you lucky?" Long Fei's eyes flashed with a light, he had randomly picked up a book of gobbledegook, his luck was good, but Long Fei had a relationship with cultivation, "Girl, how do we cultivate this?"

He had only comprehended the beginning of the star book.

He had merged with a death star.

Because of time constraints, Long Fei did not have much time to cultivate his star book.

However …

The power of the planet bombing was very strong, it could be considered a type of super group injury cultivation technique.

What kind of power would the holy buddha gobbledegook be hiding?

The sleeping beauty shook her head: "The primordial ten great gobbledegook, every single one of them have their own special characteristics. Although the holy buddha gobbledegook is ranked tenth, it is still the most special existence, and only one master knows of its cultivation method. The star book can only cultivate after fusing with the stars, this holy buddha gobbledegook … I don't know. "

Long Fei asked: "tai tan king, what about you? Do you know? "

The tai tan king within the devil sword also shook his head: "I have only heard of the existence of the holy buddha's gobbledegook, and have never seen it before. There are very few legends about the holy buddha's gobbledegook."

"I'm afraid no one in the entire Universal Large World knows how to cultivate the holy buddha's gobbledegook."

"Holy sh * t!" Long Fei was depressed, "I got my hands on a powerful gobbledegook, but I don't know how to cultivate it.

The Sleeping Beauty said: "Master, the appearance of every gobbledegook is an opportunity. If you discover the holy buddha's gobbledegook, then you will definitely find a way to cultivate it in the holy buddhahood."

"Maybe... You need to become a son of god, or a Buddha to be able to comprehend this. "

Long Fei:...

He was somewhat speechless.

He did not know a thing about Buddhism, if he could not even make it through the first round, how could he become a son of god?

He still wanted to comprehend the holy buddha's gobbledegook to face tomorrow's examination, but the gobbledegook was still a gobbledegook, an existence that he could not understand at all.

As for becoming a son of god?

That was why Long Fei wanted to obtain the Buddha Root.



How could someone like him, whose hands were filled with blood, become a Buddha?

Long Fei smiled bitterly and said: "I will pay attention."

The holy buddha gobbledegook was taken back into the Space Ring.

It was also at this time.

Long Fei himself did not sense it. The three holy buddha s in his body trembled for a moment, and then a beam of holy buddha light directly fell into the midst of the holy buddha's gobbledegook.

A ray of light appeared on the gobbledegook and it instantly quieted down.

Nothing happened.

Long Fei also did not discover anything.

Not long later.

Bick brought some food back to the ruins and said apologetically: "The restaurants don't have much to eat, just a few steamed buns, don't mind it."

The steamed bun felt cold and hard, so Long Fei didn't mind, he peeled off the skin on the outside and started to eat.

Bick asked: "Head chef, what do you think?"

Long Fei's eyes stared straight at Bick.

Bick scratched his bald head and laughed, "I thought you were really son of god, but it turns out you can't understand it just like me. I heard that teleporting son of god can understand any buddhist scripture, so you really aren't son of god."

"Are you kidding me?"

Long Fei cursed angrily.


He had struck gold and found a book on gobbledegook. This was a Buddha Root, a super treasure that even son of god could not compare to by tens of thousands of times, even though he did not know how to cultivate it yet.

He estimated that …

Once he completely comprehended the holy buddha's gobbledegook, he would be the buddhist disciple that ruled over the entire world. He would be Tathagata, the Lord of Buddha!

However …

Long Fei did not say this, so no one could say it.

Bick chuckled, and said: "Don't be discouraged, aren't you worried about tomorrow's buddhist examinations? "Don't worry, just hold on to me."

He looked extremely confident.

Long Fei asked: What method do you have?

The Bick said: "The mountain man has his own brilliant plan, just you wait."

"Heh heh …"

He didn't know anything about Buddhism.

From the first day he was abandoned here, he swore to himself that nothing would be important to him since he started cultivating. He wanted to cultivate and become a martial buddha.

That was his goal.

After eating his fill, Long Fei searched through the ruins again, but didn't find anything that could be devoured by the profound secret Blasting fist. Bick on the other side, however, had fallen into a deep sleep.

It seemed.

He really wasn't worried about the buddhist cultivation exam tomorrow at all.

… ….

The next morning.

The plaza of the Buddha City's Extreme Temple was packed with people, hundreds of thousands of people were participating in the examination.

All sorts of things.

There were all sorts of things.

Long Fei squeezed into the crowd, his eyebrows knitted, he did not have the slightest confidence in the buddhist examinations.

The Buddhist Cultivation Assessment was the first stage.

It was also the most basic hurdle.

Furthermore... To the people of holy buddhahood, the Buddhist Cultivation Assessment was the simplest stage.

However, to Long Fei, who was a buddhist cultivator who knew nothing at all, it was too difficult.


The crowd was in an uproar.

"Thief, you're courting death!"

"You dare to steal from me?"

"Beat him up! Beat him up! Beat him to death!"

"Bang, bang …"

… ….

A thief was surrounded by five strong men and was being beaten on the ground. A group of people were surrounding the thief.

Long Fei looked over and realised that the person pressed down on the ground was none other than the 'Great Demon King of Bick'!


Long Fei released his strength, instantly forcing everyone around him to retreat, and quickly rushed towards that group of people.

When he got closer.

The Bick kept winking at him, telling him not to attack.

The young master fiercely kicked Bick in the chest and shouted: "Kid, why didn't you ask who I am? "How dare you steal my things, I'll bore you!"

Bick looked to be in a sorry state, covered in mud, but there were no injuries on his body at all.

Those people's punches and kicks were as if they were scratching an itch.

Bick grabbed onto that person's hand and said: "I don't dare, I don't dare, I don't dare anymore."


With a fierce smash, Bick was thrown into a trash heap not far away. He laughed complacently: "Today, this old man will be happy and I'll spare your life."

Long Fei immediately followed, looking at the blood at the corner of Bick's mouth, he asked excitedly: "What are you doing?"

The Bick held a piece of paper in his hand and said: "The answer to the Buddhist test!"

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