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Chapter 98: Suspects

After helping Mu Mingcheng snack on fruits and some water, she wondered if she should also feed him a bowl of congee. Gu Jin warned herself not to hold the bowl of porridge too close in case she accidentally drops it on him. What would she do if his injuries were exacerbated?

When the bowl of congee was emptied, the doorbell rang once again.

Instead of going to the door, Gu Jin shouted, "Please come in."

"Boss." The driver, Old Liu, came in and nodded towards Gu Jin before facing Mu Mingcheng.

"Did you find out who did it?" Mu Mingcheng glanced coldly at Assistant Fang and asked. It's been a long time since he had suffered a loss this big.

The opposing party concealed their tracks very well, so we weren't able to find out." Old Liu stood upright and reported dutifully: "But it's certain that one of them is a professional killer."

This man didn't behave like an ordinary driver at all.

Gu Jin wasn't surprised. Ever since that day when Old Liu drove her to the Jing Banquet under Mu Mingcheng's arrangements, Gu Jin had already guessed that his identity wasn't simple.

He said that he had been working for Mu Mingcheng for five years while Mr. Mu himself had inherited the Mu company only three years ago. For those extra two years, Mu Mingcheng was still making contributions towards the country.

And when Mu Mingcheng was rescued from danger and brought to the hospital, Old Liu asked her many questions about the situation at that time.

His thorough questions and attention to detail are certainly beyond what an ordinary driver would consider. Because he was present during that difficult time, Gu Jin felt assured about their safety.

But when she heard him report about a professional killer, her heart remained in a state of awe.

If she recalled it correctly, Mu Mingcheng shielded her from the gunshot. Otherwise, the one lying in this hospital bed would have been her.

Or she might have served tea to Yan Wang yesterday instead.

(T/N: Yan Wang–Chinese God of Death)

So someone purposely plotted to assassinate her?

This guess caused Gu Jin's feet to turn cold. She had unconsciously created a fierce enemy for herself.

Was it Shao Chong? Cheng Xin? Or perhaps Jing Hao?

No, that's impossible.

Shao Chong was born again and still had delusions of pursuing the original host, so he wouldn't be responsible. Cheng Xin doesn't have the resources to stage an assassination.

As for Jing Hao…

Gu Jin guessed his names a few times but eventually excluded him from her list. Although she had humiliated Jing Hao, he was still a man who was proud and conceited. If he wanted to retaliate, he will choose to do it openly in front of the person. He certainly wouldn't strike back in the shadows.

So who was the enemy behind the scenes?

The original novel revolved around the male and female protagonists, but there were a few supporting roles around them. Mu Mingcheng went abroad during this period, but whether he was assassinated or not in the book remained unknown.

Moreover, since she crossed over to this world and Shao Chong had a rebirth, the original novel had already long lost its value as a reference.

While Gu Jin contemplated, Mu Mingcheng was already relaying his orders: "There are two suspects. One of the killers must be 'K'. Go arrange someone to check what recent task he just received."

"Yes." Old Liu left afterwards.

"Ah," Mu Mingcheng made a low laugh. His face revealed a chilling aura that couldn't be erased.

It seems that he's been away from Jiang Hu for too long. Some people have forgotten who he was exactly and even dared to lift a finger against him.

Upon seeing his expression, Gu Jin had some guesses. Although Mu Mingcheng didn't say who the culprit was, both of them had a particular person in mind.

"Mr. Mu, would you like to inform your parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mu?" Assistant Fang asked.

"Alright," Mu Mingcheng replied, "I want them to be prepared for what's to come." His gaze turned to Gu Jin.

Author's Afterword:

Man: I'm thirsty. I want to eat fruit. I'm hungry. I–

Woman: Get out of here.


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